Vision given 2020/04/16

Vision, given 2020/04/16 during a long time of worship, prayer and praise This is actually not an open vision but more as a thought that appeared like a vision in my mind I came to the scene where Yeshua was in the garden Getsemane praying while His disciples were...

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2012/08/07 – Zeus

I see Zeus, how he hold his hands over many people (like he guards them virtually under his Hands), that they cannot see nor experience the glory of יהוה (YHWH) . The way how he magically work looks like a image of the glory of יהוהYHWH Elohim, which is actually a...

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2012/03/09 – Earthquake

Earthquake... Note: I got the impression of an Earthquake as I was on the way to fall asleep or when I already were sleeping. Eventually a real Earthquake happened somewhere in the world and I simply sensed it or it is a hint of a real strong earthquake that will...

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