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Vision 2023-03-31 The World and the Wedding

Prophetic Vision, given on 2023-03-31 around 8:30pm during worship

Note/ Info:
I join a group of people who worship together online as we are in several different countries.
Basically one at the time is playing while the others listening and it rotates.
The sessions on Shabat where I join goes on usually for a couple of hours.
It’s either in Hebrew or tongues and occasionally it happens that Prophetic words come, which in my case I will tell in English.

I recorded the audio of my part of the session which you can listen below

I only added a bit reverb or else it would be a bit dry, and also stretched it a bit to the sides, so it appears as some form of stereo though it was recorded only mono with one microphone somewhere in the room.
I am able to boost the vocals, because the piano was simply too loud and the vocals hard to be heard. Still not perfect, but much better.
But beside that I did no editing – just live as it was with all the errors.
An okay, you will hear the keys of an older electric piano where I use.
Some of the keys are rattling noticeable.

About maybe 95% of the piano playing is simply improvisation and my singing is mostly in tongues – only the vision I expressed in English for the others to understand.
In between there are some fractions of different songs.

Beginning of the vision: (mixed with commentaries)

It started out as normal worship first an hour with another brother and then my part.
The first 10-15 minutes is more for warming up my fingers before anything singing, the vision starts then after half an hour into my part.

What I saw first was the world – the earth.
First in a normal way but then more and more I saw the world deteriorating into chaos and that went deeper and deeper into something like a disgusting rotten fruit.
I have this picture of an apple I took several years ago.

Rotten Apple 1

A few days after I bought it I thought to eat it.
Outside it appeared nice and good but then I realized it is completely rotten from the inside.
I think this is a good example how to describe seeing this world we live deteriorating.
Just imagine the world is like this apple, though the earth is not a ball with something that science has named as the core, but according to scripture earth is somehow flat with a deep abyss below.
But never mind, regardless your belief, that’s not important for this vision.

Though it appears physical in various ways but the root is rather spiritual.
In this vision is like the rotten core grew and grew and basically took over the whole world until everything was disgusting an ugly as…. yes, just the brown inside of the apple.

So while playing piano I could not find words but just went through some unusual chord progressions that does not give much of any melody or harmony.

But then the scene switched and I went up to see the heavenly wedding.
I could sense it is extremely close, much closer than many might believe or want.
Well, beside the timing where I don’t know any time-frame, there was something that surprised me.

And actually, the heavenly wedding is above all weddings on earth in every aspect.
It’s not necessarily about numbers.
Sadly there will be not that many as there could be.
Possibly not billions joining – but hard to say.
The wedding is not Revelation 7:9, where a vast multitude from all nations, tongues and tribes will worship before the throne.
Compared to that, the wedding is obviously relatively small.
But still many millions of people who might join that wedding.

And strangely enough in this wedding it is like everyone is close to Yeshua, even those who seem to be in far distance from a human perspective or physical understanding.
And what you expect from a wedding is surely singing and dancing and so on.
Yeshua was dressed in white as all of us, but he was shining, brighter than the sun, yet all could see him without being blinded.

But then Yeshua started to sing for the bride and the angels joined in the choir.
The singing was not like we know of music.
It was so much more, like a cloud – not a cloud like smoke but with colors never seen before, colors so beautiful, that don’t exist on earth.

And Yeshua was also dancing.
Not like Micky Jackson or Hippy hoppy whatever almost naked girly dancers.
No, it was so pure and holy like nothing that can’t be described in human words.
we were singing actually the Song of Songs – the real one – together with Yeshua (He will teach us or we may just know).

Well, partially I had a hard time to play because of my tears – not to water the piano.
However, it went then also into the day of judgment when Yeshua will finally separate the sheep and the goats.
That will be definitely a very, very creepy moment for many.

I also want to mention, that I don’t know when all of this will be and how exactly it might happen or how it will look in the natural, when the world is going down the drain and so on.
But somehow we can see how rotten the world has become already.
Some countries more, others less, but all in all even in my lifetime this small fraction of history I can see how the filth in this world have grown exponentially everywhere like a wild aggressive cancer.
BUT, what can we expect when people live in sin (and follow other gods and the devil).

However, the vision of the wedding was not what I would have expected.
Also when Yeshua will sing and dance for us, His bride.
It was like a shocking surprise, when suddenly he went up and started to dance.

I remember a friend of mine of what he did somewhere maybe 30-35 years ago or so.
He wrote a wedding song for his wife – she did not know.
He asked me to join with playing trumpet – playback music.
So while sitting there with his wife before the altar, suddenly he stood up in a way that his wife thought he is leaving.
She, was completely shocked and even many of the guests.
No-one knew, except me…

But in the vision it was almost similar – possibly even a bigger surprise.
Wondering what surprised Yeshua will have for us at the wedding.

Yes, the scene flips back and forth, also into judgment, the separating of the sheep and goats and back to the wedding.
You can listen (at least the section with the vision)… but generally not too many words anyway.
You need the Holy Spirit to open your spiritual eyes to see the same and all the details.

I don’t know how it will turn out in this life or physical realm and when these things will happen – (no timeline given) also the chronological order.
But I am looking forward for the wedding.
Even without this vision I know it will be beyond description.

I hope to see you all there!
It might be very soon, many people sense that.

The complete Audio to listen (almost exactly one hour)

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