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About 2000 Years ago there was certain man.
And he was asking a question to another man: “what is truth”.
I believe many many people in this world asking the same question and searching for the Truth.
But the funny thing on that, the man who asked the question asked the man who is the way, the life AND the TRUTH!

Eventhough he was standing face to face with the Truth he couldn’t see Who HE is.
Though many people are seeking truth today may haven’t seen HIM physically face to face.
But at least they have heard of HIM and got surely many oppurtunities to respond to HIM

And the TRUTH has a NAME: And HIS name is ישוע (Yeshua),
The one who brought us the eternal good news.

You may ask: What is the good news, the eternal good news?
This is what HE, Yeshua did for us!
HE poured out His blood for you and for me.
HE carried our burden, died for our sins, suffered to heal the broken hearted and came to heal the sick. The lame shall walk, blind can see and the captives shall be free.

And HIS Name is THE NAME above all Names (not hundreds of translated variations).
There are many discussions about what is His true name.
Listen to this music, the lyrics and think about it.
I don’t wanna discuss about theological or historical evidents with all the thousands of opinions.
I only wanna paint some pictures what I See and Believe.

And for me THE NAME is THE TRUTH – it is the one who loves us and his given name is Yeshua who is the Messiah.

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ONE Name ONE Truth