Is there anything to say about Donations?
May you heard already tons of teachings, sermons, begging, pleading, etc.

Scripture say: man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God (YHWH)
Bread 1Bread 2

Yes, yet no gift is given to me to be a teacher, nor a preacher, so  I cannot earn any money with speaking.
So, so cover the cost for living I have to work physically 5 days a week.

Selling of Footages and Images via those online stock agencies gives a little pocket money but it’s a lot of work and anyway not consistent.
Music doesn’t give me any money

I already pray that there might be someone out there who would be willing to support me on long term. And I only need less than 500$ per month to cover everything. The last 15 years I am doing this I hardly ever received a one time donation, so, what I am wasting words to ask for…

With a financial backup I could spend every day to pray non-stop including emergency-prayer-requests and leave the rest behind.

I assume the link goes to the Paypal in German language – not sure if you can change it somewhere along the way but you can also use the following address (very simple).


Another way to donate is to buy some of the footages or music of Bindernowski via
More information about it below

Bindernowski’s Footages and Music are exclusive available at Pond5 (you won’t find them anywhere else)
Below you will find the link to the Pond5 stock market where these things can be found
(a new window will open).

A good way there is to go to the categories, which makes it easier to find specific footages.
The links to most categories of the footages you’ll find on the slider at the front page.
Links for music you will find in the respective album (via the banner at the bottom of the pages).
Or one day on the main page of Music.

I thought once to open my own shop, trying to sell these art-products.
But this will definitely never be accomplished.





If you buy something (that you like) you support the work of Bindernowski and you will get legally licensed material.

Or a tiny bit might return via the affiliate Program at the button below…

Royalty-Free Stock Video at Pond5