The Psalms with music are here!
Basically I am singing the psalms once from beginning til end as they were written.
Only very short psalms or a few sections will be repeated for musical reasons.
However the headlines are skipped in the singing – usually verse 1.
So, the versing can be different, as they are different anyway depending on the translations and languages.

But I will include it as text with the whole Psalm together with the audio player.
Some Psalms come in several versions: Complete and A-Capella, a live version, or whatever. Just look into it from time to time…

If you have good speakers and good ears (or very bad speakers) you might hear a slight strange hissing in all the Psalms. If there is a pause you might hear it definitely…
This is not an error!
All the Psalms are watermarked = I wrote my name into the Audio.
In general it won’t bother much, it’s just a way for identification in this corrupt world.
None of the people who listened have mentioned anything or even did not recognized it at all.

I hope I put up the correct version of the Lyrics in, because I had to make a few changes to fit the melody.
Consider that some words might be less accurate, but the better words were not musical at all or too long…
Above all that, english is not my native language (you may hear that), which makes it not super easy.

Currently only english versions available.

Maybe one day the words/singing will be in Hebrew (time will tell – in this very unpredictable world)

I am working since a while to bring the psalms together with music.
As you see, I managed to get a few recordings of the Psalms finished and uploaded.
By the grace of Yeshua I might be putting up more and more.
Not sure, how many more I might be able to record before Yeshua returns.
But even if I manage to record one Psalm each week it will take around 3 years to get them all done.
For most of them I have not even painted any music yet – a proper translation for a musical flow takes also some time.

But I think it was M.Luther, who said: “Even if I would know that the world would end by tomorrow I would still plant a apple tree today”

In the same way, I say, even if Yeshua return tomorrow I will still praise YHWH with Psalms today and record it.

You’ll find them in the submenu’s

Though typical saying is that the word shall be free according to Mt.10:8
And yes, the Word of Elohim is indeed for free…
But keep in mind, recording music is a lot of work and it’s not for free, even in the own little studio.
Just the investment to get it running and keep it up to date is not really cheap.
So I would appreciate very much if you are able and willing to donate.