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Bindernowski is…
a drummer, singer, artist, musician, handyman, intercessor, prophet, poet, producer, photographer, videographer, builder, individualist, etc. but above all that a תלמיד של ישוע (Talmid/Disciple of Yeshua).

The name “bindernowski” derived as a combination of 3 sources.
It is connected to a real name, a country/area and an ancestry identity.

Bindernowski lives since 2006 by faith in different countries
If the bible as it is written is true, why not proof it by living according to it’s instructions?
Why not proof it to see if this, what is written is really true and YHWH (G-d) cares for us in every aspect?
Is it possible to live by faith and really disconnected to the worldly “system” and stay 100% in faith?
I am testing that all these years and until now I can say I have definitely some concerns… It works, but something seem to be irritating in many ways!
Is there a problem with translation and interpretation or were there too many manipulations and changes over the centuries?
I think since I stepped out I consume more time to cover the very simple living with more hard physical work as being “in the system” instead efficiently building on the kingdom of Elohim (God). Feels a bit frustrating and strange.

Maybe a big reason is, that I have not written a book where I am actually don’t think that will ever happen because of my lack of writing. Also I have not been given a talent of ear-itching speech.

Or maybe another big reason is because I am not on Fakebook, Twitter and YouTooth. (I read the small print of the terms and conditions to join and click “NO”, because I don’t agree with their Marxist policies).

So, all information you will get from me is here through this relative unknown website. Also to support me, you can buy footages, photographs and music, Actually most my music is also available here on this site, yet in a very low quality as for storage and bandwith reasons and watermarked. Full quality of the recordings you’ll find on pond5, to be found in the donation section.