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    This shall be known to you: Bindernowski is not interested to buy anything or fall into your trap of some kind of "supposed" online web-services!

    There is someone who offers you something better as He offered it to me and I accepted it.
    It is Yeshua (Jesus) who offers you eternal life, because about 2000 years ago He died on the cross for the forgiveness of YOUR SIN.
    And this offer is a complete free gift.

    So, instead subitting your request to Bindernowski, submit your whole life into the hands of the living Elohim (God) - by accepting Yeshua as your Lord and Saviour!

    One day you will stand before Him and He will ask you why you didst waste you time here on the Bindernowski's contact form. (not talking to the hundreds of machine bot's but humans)
    And also He will ask you another question concerning your eternal destination: Your decision where you want to be after this life.

    So, instead submitting this contact form by pressing the send button,
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    With all the junk I receive I installed a very strong filter.
    I respond usually within less than a week if you have a legitimate request

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    And if you have a google email account, it eventually disappears even completely - so please try to avoid googlemail if possible.
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