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When did “HUBBLE BUBBLE” begin?
To answer, I will go back all the way……. even before everything began, to where the true Beginning begins.
The Scripture says that we were already in the mind of Elohim (God) before we were born.

The following two verses could be applied to the Hubble Bubble story.
Isaiah 49:1
Listen, isles, to me; and listen, you peoples, from far: (יהוה) Adonai has called me from the womb; from the bowels of my mother has he made mention of my name:
Jeremiah 1:5
Before I formed you in the belly I knew you, and before you came forth out of the womb I sanctified you; I have appointed you a prophet to the nations.
So, it might be that even before I was born יהוה (God) had planned for me to paint this parody, however the vision and inception of the work came only three and a half years ago. In a way, this parody is a distillation of many years of observing life with a childlike expectation and curiosity, and a growing concern and frustration with how things were working out. Maybe you can relate…

ישוע (Yeshua said), “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” (Lk.8:16) Why the little children? Because their innocent hearts are constantly curious asking questions with no hesitation or embarrassment. So, there was a time as a total skeptic when I began to question and investigate everything, much like an extremely curious little child. Everything I learned in school, in the media, picked up in every day life, and a lot of input from church, went into one category, and contrasted sharply with what the Bible says about our reality. The great difference of world view forced me to try to understand the discrepancy in my search for the truth.

How did this universe really begin? Science and my education painted one picture, Scripture, quite a different one; seemingly impossible to reconcile. This discrepancy carried massive implications about cosmology and the origin and purpose of life, with fundamental questions burning in my mind and heart. I finally landed, receiving revelation from God, accepting the Biblical world view based on my encounter with Him and Yeshua the Messiah.

Sometime later, during my time in Israel, a dear brother came on the scene. We talked a lot…and at one point, I mentioned to him that the Earth, according to Scripture, should be flat, or in any case, not a globe. At first, of course, he struggled with it just as I had. The idea that science could be questioned at this level was almost preposterous. But millions of others were also doing that, and evidence was piling up to support the Flat Earth cosmology. Also, at face value, the Bible is a “Flat Earth” Book.
[Ref. Biblical Flat Earth by Rob Skiba; Hebrew scholar, Dr. Michael Heiser]

This brother also questions things like a little child. So he began to research about cosmology, and one day, he discovered something he found on the internet about the HUBBLE telescope: the HUBBLE had found, somewhere in the vast universe up there, a “BUBBLE”; and he was hysterically delighted to identify this phenomenon as, “THE HUBBLE BUBBLE” !!

He told me to go and find it online, maybe with the help of BIG Brothers Googles (the web’s top search engine).
Never mind, but he didn’t know what was happening at the moment he mentioned this little discovery.
While he was still speaking, my spirit and brain were stirring, and something was conceived…
I was making notes; and those newly born ideas were the physical birth of the HUBBLE BUBBLE PARODY !
At that moment I had no idea where this would lead.

But for many years I have followed daily news and world events with my spirit groaning from all the stupidity, vanity and madness of men. And when I look back on my life from early childhood at all the intervening years, especially the past decade, with all its incredible changes, I’m really wondering how things will turn out, though Scripture gives a pretty good picture of the end of this age with amazing explanations and details. Conditions in the world are deteriorating more and more, so it’s clear we’re moving closer to the end of the age. It was interesting to me that things I wrote into the parody 2 or 3 years ago have developed more fully so that this work could even be somewhat “prophetic”.

Of course, as a parody, it’s full of irony. Life in this world has brought me to where it’s hard to take anything seriously anymore. King Solomon said, “Ecc. 1:2” “Vanity of vanities,” says Kohelet; “Vanity of vanities, all is vanity.”
I have begun to understand what he meant. With all the madness and badness (especially including my own mistakes and failures) it has all begun to feel like a sad joke, and I sometimes look up to Heaven and wonder how little God seems to do about it…. how much evil and sorrow there is in this world that He allows. I guess it says something fundamental about our human nature, our human weakness, and some terrible influence from evil powers….It must be that God has His reasons for letting this go on, but the one thing I do know is that Yeshua, His Son carried all of it.

Many people might say this parody is about conspiracy; they would be right. But these days, conspiracies are hardly hidden or unknown, they are pretty much out in the open. There is a Psalm that expresses the heart of all conspiracy,
Psalm 2: “Why do the nations rage and the rulers take counsel together against יהוה (YHVH) and against His Messiah…”; the ultimate conspiracy.

This parody was a long time in the making. It required nearly a lifetime of observation and three and a half years of collaborative work.
It had to be in English, which is not my native language (German). English grammar is challenging, and I’m not the most gifted writer, even in German…There was so much material to cover, and the ideas kept coming; many important choices, hundreds of hours in the jungle of a foreign language and a massive subject.

But that dear brother I mentioned with pretty good English and a love for poetry, a song writer, himself, and a musician, became my team for this extensive work, as we ploughed through my verses and with the help of God it was finally completed at end of 2019. How we laughed and cried through this work, as our friendship grew and the inspiration of God carried us along! And the whole thing happened through the internet (VOIP protocol 😉 [icon name=”volume-control-phone” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]) since we live in different countries.

So, we worked together for two or three hours at a time, usually once a week, with screen sharing, pounding out and juggling the verses, discovering and changing metaphors, symbols, correcting my grammar, editing or rewriting three or four or five verses each time we met. Two hundred and seven verses later, (you do the math) the pieces came together, and seven movements of HUBBLE BUBBLE came to be.

Okay, you may hear my non English accent in the singing, but this is okay for me because we know that’s tolerated in music – even with native English speakers there are times you don’t understand a single word.

So, after all the writing one day, we finished the words and I started on the music which I composed and performed myself.
I am grateful that the Father in Heaven equipped me with a little talent in painting music and playing several instruments.
Also He gave me the skill to use a computer and recording software.

The recording process is an interesting story I want to mention a bit here because it’s where much of the opposition to the project manifested.
The crashes of the software are just one of several very weird symptoms as the project progressed.

If you know Murphys Law, (which is sometimes ridiculously operative) it seemed a constant companion.
After a session of editing, the brother would send me an email with the edited verses.
A couple of times I didn’t receive the emails and once the email somehow completely disappeared.
Also, once I received an email where the letters were totally messed up, like an alphabet-soup-mail.

Other strange things: I wondered if it was just a coincidence that not long after a discussion of “Niburu the Guru”, at least two or three Niburu videos appeared in my Youtube suggestion column. Anybody listening?

Then, there were the strange recording phenomena:
The time during drum recording when the same drum signal appeared on two different channels, which is technically impossible.

The time when everything was correctly connected, yet there was absolute silence on the playback, even though the vu meter showed everything was normally recorded.
The time recording when one of 10 channels suddenly simply dropped out on its own and came back the same way, without me touching a single thing.

Of course, there were also my own errors for which I take full responsibility, like forgetting to plug in a microphone……just do it again…

I knew something really strange was happening, however, when I began editing the last part 7 (Epilog)…
While editing one single track with the software, suddenly, all the other tracks and files were totally scattered all over in pieces!
To describe it visually, picture an artist working on a very small section of a complex painting, when suddenly, someone behind him splashes an entire palette of colors all over the picture.
The software allowed me to undo unlimited steps, but after 380 “undos”, nothing was recovered or restored, but remained scattered all over the place.
Even with all the system saved backups the same chaos appeared. I had to work two whole days to (miraculously) patch the pieces together again.
Another day I simply tried to load the file of “Epilog” when the computer identified it, “file corrupt…”

My practise was to perform one complete backup every day, on a separate drive, and do a weekly backup on two external hard drives, to make sure that even in the worst case I could only lose one day of work. I did this twice with “Epilog”.
But the restoration only allowed me to recover much of the technical editing; unfortunately the creative part was irretrievably lost.
Because of all this, I began to increase the frequency and amount of backups.
But then the problems stopped happening.

It’s clear the devil did his best to interfere, and prevent this project. But, I believe, because it was bathed in prayer and blessed of the Lord, it was finally completed. Listening to this work will produce many thoughts and emotions, and for some will be quite controversial. My prayer is for it to be a learning experience and one which points to our Creator and Redeemer for your benefit and apprehension of truth.

February 2020

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