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Long ago.. I had an cherry tree in our garden.
After a number of years you would expect a fuit tree to bear fruit – so with this.

Well, year after year passed by but nothing of the blossom turned into fruit.
Finally after several years of warning I warned him once more, saying: this will be definitely your very very very last chance to bear fruit.
And if not I will cut you off and throw you into the fire!

This tree possibly heard that warming, because since that year he beared always lots of fruit, no matter if it was a usual good or very bad year for cherrys.

Thousands of years ago there was a man, whose name IrmeYahu (translated to Jeremiah).
One day it happened that YHWH gave him a vision and asked him a question.

I thought: What, if I would ben picking this sweet red fruits from that tree and YHWH will ask me: “What do you see?”
I might say: hey, what a silly question, is it not obvious that I see all around cherrys?”
In the case of IrmeYahu it was a Branch of an Almond Tree and he simply answered what he was shown.
Even he knew that YHWH also knew what it is.

However – here was the Branch of an Almond tree and YHWH responded in the same simple way saying: that He will watch that His Word will be fulfilled.

Yes, He did!

His word became flesh and dwelled among us and brought us life.

When/if we let him prune our life and let His word grow within us, we will be able to produce much fruit.
The cherry tree received a lot of pruning in the years I lived there.
So the last time, before I moved into another country, I was able to pick up the red sweet fruits it gave me 50 Kilos (110lb) of just this one tree.

Are you willing for a (big personal) pruning?
Don’t wait too long!
We don’t know how many more years we still have to bear fruit.
And when you listen to this music, remember, how much He is able to do throgh us if we are ready and willing.
Ready to get pruned, leave our boats to become fisher of man.

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Album The Almond Tree