NOW: All music is online (well, Innocent Blood is still not complete and more songs will arrive sooner or later).
From time to time I will do some fine tuning of the pages and posts.
BUT: at least the basics are done (and this on internet which is one of my least favourite tasks).
So, enjoy listening.

Music is a big business…

for a few people
Yes, that’s the other side of the coin: most artists try to survive – somehow!
And now since the Corona-Plandemic even live events are not possible anymore. And as far as I see, very likely they will never return to the same as it was before. At least not before the return of Yeshua.

The music of this website is from one of those artists who, by the grace of God are able to survive (somehow!).
Yes, I’ve never made any profit from that music. I wish it would be but millions of musicians are doing it for pleasure.
Or like Franz Schubert: (quoting in German, you can translate it in your own way) when he said: “Wer die Musik liebt wird eigentlich nie wirklich unglücklich sein”.
The income of music for me throughout all the past 45 years … maybe… maybe… it would be enough to buy food for the next week or if I stretch it out for 2 weeks. Yep, that’s it. And not balancing off the $$$.$$$ I spent into the music.
Yet, some people smoke their money away, others on motorcycles, or whatever hobbies.

That’s why everything is very slow because I need to do many other things to gain enough income to get through the more and more expensive life. With the Plandemic it get’s even harder. I think many can relate to that. Of course not the billionaires whose wealth increase faster than ever before.
Compared to the investments I put into music it’s like nothing at all.

However, most music I play anyway only for Yeshua and hope he will enjoy (guess some of them not so much)

Nevertheless, most the songs are played and recorded by… Bindernowski (that’s the same as Natula).

If you want to go to the website – I apologize, it is in German language,  (and that website will not be maintained any longer) I only keep it for the name’s sake – does not cost me anyway a penny more.

Most the songs are available at Pond5, the stock marketplace listed in the donation-section or in the slider at the frontpage.
That slider on the frontpage has links to pond5. The links to the music collections are within the Album pages.


Have not been able for a while to continue with the Psalms. The spiritual pressure is at the moment so tense that so much of my energy and time is into prayer.

All music here on this website comes  in a relative low quality (to safe webspace) – What, if you like it in excellent quality? If you know me, ask me, or else, go to Pond 5. This is not the cheapest but you can get all the music in best quality without a watermark that are in these files online.

Important to know:
More than 100 songs are available – these are in sections like as of a CD.
Though I do not have any physical CD’s, and all the songs are bundled individually into several categories like CD’s.
I will include here one day just an overview of what is available.

If you struggle with the dropdownmenu, you can use also the slider below to navigate to the album you want to go.
I have not checked if I included all albums nor if all the links are correct, hope so….
But if not, sll the Albums you can find as well in the main menu