Music is a big business…

for a few people
Yes, that’s the other side of the coin: most artists try to survive – somehow!
And now since the Corona-Plandemic even live events are not possible anymore. And as far as I see, very likely they will never return to the same as it was before. At least not before the return of Yeshua.

The music of this website is from one of those artists who, by the grace of God are able to survive (somehow!).
Yes, I never made any profit from that music. Eventhough I wish sometimes to could get a little bit out of it. I think if I would count all income from music including all donations from the past 40 years together… maybe… maybe… it would be enough to buy food for the next week or if I stretch it out for 2 weeks. Yep, that’s it.

That’s why everything is very slow because I need to do many other things to gain enough income to get through the more and more expensive life. With the Plandemic it get’s even harder. I think many can relate to that. Of course not the billionaires whose wealth increase faster than ever before.

However, most music I play anyway only for Yeshua and hope he will enjoy (guess some of them not so much)

Nevertheless, most the songs are played and recorded by… Bindernowski (that’s the same as Natula).

If you want to go to the website – I apologize, it is in German language,  (and that website will not be maintained anymore and start to suck).

Some of the songs are available Pond5, the stock marketplace listed in the donation-section.
And the slider on the frontpage with links to pond5 covers only a couple of collections with footages, but no music.


Besides the Psalms, I am working to get almost all music uploaded that I’ve ever played – either solo or as part in a band/team. That will come up as History, Productions or whatever I will name them.
Yet this will take some time

All music here on this website comes  in a relative low quality (to safe webspace) – What, if you like it in excellent quality?Well, try to contact me.
I wish you good luck to find your way around the spamfilter, because 99.999 percent of requests are junk and they get kicked away immediately.

Important INFO:
These productions are finished but I have not yet uploaded all the music files.

Natula & now NO Return The Shepherd and the Bride Mashvoteicha
Breaking the Silence Heartbeat The Almond Tree Spuren
My Rose One Name One Truth Listen History