Music is a big business… for a few people
On the other side: most artists try to survive – somehow!
And now since Corona even live events are not possible anymore – and as far as I see might never return to the same as it was before.

The music of this website is from one of those artists who, by the grace of God are able to survive.
Yes, without any profit from that music, eventhough I wish somethimes to could get a little bit out of it.
Nevertheless, most the songs are played by… Bindernowski (that’s the same as Natula)

If you want to go to the website of Natula – I apologize, it is in German language, yet mostly the same songs I will put here (but that website will not be maintained anymore).

Some of the songs are available Pond5, the stock marketplace listed in the donation-section.
There you do not get  only Music and Sounds  but also Photos and Videos (of Bindernowski)

Productions of Bindernowski

Besides the Psalms, I am working to get all songs of the 10 albums uploaded – might take some time

Natula & now
no return
My Shepherd
מחשבתיך – Machshvoteicha
ONE Name ONE Truth
Breaking the Silence
שמע – Listen
The Almond Tree

! The files are in relative low quality – if you want them in excellent quality, contact me…