The Double Shofar

What is a "Double Shofar"? It's not a prophecy nor a dream, not a song, nor really a message, yet it contains somehow a bit of everything. Have you ever seen someone blowing 2 shofar at the same time? I present here a scene that I had once in a dream where I never...

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Let The Fire Fall

Let the Fire fall Do we not have enough fires already in this world? Well, just a week ago we had here a very interesting sunset in pink-purple. It was caused by the fires in Turkey where the smoke traveled a long journey over to where I currently live (stuck). Italy,...

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Repent Repent Repent

Hear the ALARM! “Repent, Repent, Repent! – For the wrath of God is at hand.” It’s time to repent – (the letters cannot be big enough) The news are still full about the Corona Plandemic-hoax – and now the wicked rulers of this world have already poisoned a billion...

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