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The Double Shofar

What is a “Double Shofar”?
It’s not a prophecy nor a dream, not a song, nor really a message, yet it contains somehow a bit of everything.
Have you ever seen someone blowing 2 shofar at the same time?
I present here a scene that I had once in a dream where I never thought it will be possible in reality – even less that it turned out so relatively easy.
Give Praise and thanks to Adonai for He is good and His mercy endures forever.

READ MORE and hear the sound

You may think, oh, this is just faked.
Yes, technically I know how to do it = to mix two shofar together in an audio recording, synchronize it somehow with the video and then, let it appear as if I blew them both together at the same time.
But no, it is real!
If you don’t believe it, come by and I will show you.
Though you need a green pass to enter this country here – maybe with a boat you might be able somehow to sneak in… by night or so.

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