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Succoth has passed… 
Oh, I forgot, according to many Youtooth-Prophets the Christians all should already be raptured.
But don’t worry, there are more prophets, so every week is another chance for another rapture…
enjoy your flight !
And if it does not come so soon, enjoy what’s coming as long as there are still things to enjoy…

Interesting times 2020/10/19

What’s next?

Well, we all know the selection on the US are at the door.
Yes, because of what I see is, that all is planned and staged ahead of time and the voting animals are just fooled to think they can change anything.

However, All media are ramping up and obviously point to Biden as the DemocRats are always their favourite side far on the left.
But what will happen?
Will Biden make it or will Trump run a second term?


I am not American, so I have no influence in that – I also don’t put myself on any side.
It has always been to me a very ridiculous then the American people basically can chose between two parties.
Throughout all the centuries there was never any other than these two – very poor situation for such a country.
Nevertheless, it might be a historical event and in my opinion whoever will win, very likely a lot of chaos and tumult will occur afterwards – in whatever way or form.
I hope it will not end up in a serious civil war that eventually lead into a big world war, when other nations will be blamed that they might have influenced the election.

It is almost certain, that here in the Evil Union many countries will go for another lockdown.
WHY? In my opinion, because the leaders are so scary that their wicked corruption get exposed. SO they try to distract their population as much as possible with their wichcraft called Covid 19.
AND… to install basically Communist-Nazi-Regimes.

Meanwhile, stay safe, meet with people in private as much as possible and have good fellowship with strong prayer.
One day we might see the truth and the house of the wicked that is built on sand (actually quicksand) tumble down even more devastating than Yericho some thousand of years ago.



Go ahead – 2020/10/18

Time to drain the swamp…

this is meant not only political, but also here on the website.
Since I entered the new design, also I want to change a lot of the content.
If you see several pages disappear, don’t worry, they will be back one day.
Currently I process (re-master) all songs and will also include all music I’ve ever been involved – or at least the ones where I have some recordings.
Possibly 99.99% of all music never been recorded.

Maybe there will be a second lockdown this year (here in the EU [Evil Union]).


It appears that the politricktians are commanded by the Pharma Mafia to boost the numbers of Corona-cases to have some (faked) reasons for more draconian Laws.
Rules to oppress all the population AND make sure, the police will enforce it with tyrannical penalties.
For me, personally; with family history who had to deal with German Nazis and Sovjet Communists, all alarm bells are ringing since a couple of months.
Because, from the principle, exactly the same happens at the moment as what happened about 90 years ago when a small group of wicked people want to take over and install a dictatorship.
It sounds all like conspiracy but let time pass and you will see.
If Yeshua will not intervene in a real way, all will end up in a worldwide totalitarian regime very soon.
May the LORD will grant us a bit more time to repent and share the Good News until it will come.

However, away from politricks…
all content on this page will be basically updated little by little – most actually music.
I have until now about 170 songs re-mastered and have guess another 50 to go.
As soon I see the end of the tunnel, I will start uploading.


New design

May those who visit this page every now and then notice a little change in the design.
Looks small, but in the background it is not a little change, it’s a major update.
Basically the whole design got re-worked from the scratch.


With the changes I hope to bring more artistic content in it – yet everything takes some time.
While this was in construction the progress of new Psalms were a bit behind.
But also because old songs were re-mixed – most of them just polished up, but some of them had to go into a thorough surgery.

Little by little I will now fill the music section with these songs
You find several Albums already posted since years yet never filled with any content – I will change that.
Surely the audio quality of these songs will be fairly low to safe web-space.
But there might be ways to purchase them in CD quality – will try to figure out how.
Either each song or a whole album