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Chag Sameach, Succoth is at the door

Succoth 5781 (2020)

I just want so start with some sentences that are not relate to Succoth, so you can skip it if you don’t want to hear that anymore. Sorry for that. I hope soon I don’t have to mention that anymore.
I would possibly do so…


Corona, Covid 19 or however you name it, is basically gone. (I will write that stuff now in smaller letters)
You can believe it or not. I don’t know personally anyone who died the last 3 months from that so-called virus. Nor do I know anyone who has or had any symptoms or in hospital because of that.
But yes, we still have to wear the muzzle; and most people don’t have enough money to pay every time a high penalty when we go to places where it is mandatory.
What is going on now is all against any scientific evidence and accurate statistics.
Anyone can blow up the numbers of cases – if you test like crazy or if you manipulate them as desired.
It’s now a Casedemic and not a Plandemic anymore.
If anyone would build a house in such a way will surely see the building collapse at the slightest wind.
And I pray that this wicked building will fall apart with the ones inside who did the construction that is built on sand.

However, Israel got hit very hard now with the second lockdown.
And people would have loved to meet in their Succahs but are not permitted by the wicked Gouvernment.

But Now:

Succoth is at the door (as already mentioned and I wish anyone who celebrate it a great time with joy in Adonai regardless of any circumstances.
I passed by at a place some months ago where I thought, this is the perfect Succah.
Out in nowhere.
The one who built it surely have not considered it as a Succah rather to have a shelter with some shade in the hot summer.
But when I saw it, I thought to take a picture.
Stupid, I only had the long tele-lens with me, considering to capture animals.
That’s why this is not the perfect picture, but I think you can see the basics.

Chag Sameach



New design

May those who visit this page every now and then notice a little change in the design.
Looks small, but in the background it is not a little change, it’s a major update.
Basically the whole design got re-worked from the scratch.


With the changes I hope to bring more artistic content in it – yet everything takes some time.
While this was in construction the progress of new Psalms were a bit behind.
But also because old songs were re-mixed – most of them just polished up, but some of them had to go into a thorough surgery.

Little by little I will now fill the music section with these songs
You find several Albums already posted since years yet never filled with any content – I will change that.
Surely the audio quality of these songs will be fairly low to safe web-space.
But there might be ways to purchase them in CD quality – will try to figure out how.
Either each song or a whole album



Corona Test

As the Covid 19 may not come to an end, even many prophets have told that. According to Rockefeller’s “LOCK STEP” Plan and other Bilderberger-Illuminati-Freemason-and other wicked organisations, it will rather go worse than better.

But for those who trust in Yeshua, there is nothing to worry in long term. All wicked people will not be part in His long term plan. Scripture is clear with that: 1 Corinthians 6: 9-10 and Revelation 21:7-9


I heard a lot of reports from people experiencing the reliability of the corona tests.
For example people who had an appointment at the hospital or doctor but for some reasons o could not make it…
Then a few days later they received a note that they were tested positive on C19.
Creates a lot of questions.
Finally I decided to do my own test, cheap, simple fast and maybe even more reliable as the official corona tests.


I heard from a nurse who is working in a lab with the tests and she mentioned that she once tested 30 pieces, each swab right out of it’s single aseptic package without touching any person at all and all of them came out as positive. So I am wondering if the tests are there to spread the Virus. Maybe hardly anyone ever asked that question.

Anyway, here my personal test (not for official use as gvt. will surely not accept it)
Here it is:

Personal test
I take 2 dice and roll them…
According to the risc group I decided, if the dice show above the age group I am positive and if below I am fine…
One way to categorize it would be like this (other variations possible):
0-20 years: 12
Age 20-40: 11 or 12
Age 40-60: 10-12
Age 60-80: 9-12
Age 80-100: 8-12
Age 100-120: 7-12
Age above 120: out of range (Genesis 6:3)
So this here was my last test and the result shows that I am not infected.
The good part is, that if I repeat it and once got positive, I can repeat it again and the virus will be gone.

It is very similar to some countries where they let the people vote so many times, until the elite is pleased with the result.

Even though I am not agree with the mask of the beast I need to wear it in some places like supermarkets.
Yet when shopping I am running through as fast as possible.
And whenever I bump into someone with the trolley or like lately to hit something in the shelves that will then drop down and crash, now, there is always the excuse that the mask slipped over the eyes…

Wearing a mask as almost all people do is in my opinion anyway completely nonsense.
But I am possibly one of the very few who sees it that way (I don’t believe the MSM).
To wear a mask to be efficient we would have to change the mask maybe every 15 minutes.
Doctors, depending what they do sometimes change it every 4 minutes according to a friend who was a doctor.
People change the mask maybe once a day or once a week or even keep them until they fall apart.
Let scientists explain the benefit – the MSM surely would make the lie true that it is still good.

Calculate this:

If 15% of the world population have to wear a mask in average 5 hours changing it every 15 minutes…
And each mask has a weight of 3 grams
Calculate how much rubbish would pile up per day
It’s horrendous
Meanwhile we could have millions of tons already piled up
And let there be 1% end up in the ocean, that would be thousands of tons pollutiong the water.
I have seen already face masks floating in the ocean.
But, who cares…
This world soon will fall apart anyway when Yeshua will clean up and truly drain the swamp, and He will not drain the swamp like D.Trump will do (at least as he claimed). When Yeshua does somthing, He will do it properly and in righteousness and justice.