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It was long overdue to change the welcome writing, that has been here since, oh way too long.

You are welcome to scroll through the website and listen to the music.
You are welcome to read the messages and prophetic words, dreams and visions.
You are welcome to watch these messages and a couple of other videos.
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Maybe one day I will design a new front page image/ movie.
Though as the Lord is the potter and I am the clay, at least that part will remain.
He is not yet finished to shape me to be ready to be welcomed home in heaven.
I welcome you to surrender your life to Yeshua if you have not already.
He want to welcome you to live with Him in paradise/ heaven forever.

When I launched this website many years ago, the world was very different as it is now.
Yes, the governments with dark background players has worked hard since decades to bring us to the edge of the cliff.
They work more or less hand in hand with the devil who only wants to kill, steal and destroy.

Looking back, I could see a big shift with the fall of the Berlin wall.
Not that this wall was good but it paved the way which made it possible that German tanks again stand at the Russian borders.
People never learn from history and because of this it will be repeated over and over again.
Not to say the Russian government is good, but nor are the NATO and it’s allies.

With 9/11 I could see how governments started to use terrorism, fake or real to use as a platform for rule against their own people.
Regardless of the oath they make when they get elected, not one of them keep it.
They serve their own and their sponsors interest but not the people of their nation.

9/11 also gave them a basic foundation for the next steps (pre-lockstep).
One of them is the fabricated war in Syria with myriads of false flag operations.
People need to be bound in fear and the mainstream media does everything to carry the orders from their background players to the people.
Also this is nothing new under the sun.

But this war (beside other so-called wars on terrorism) opened the floodgates of migration.
Still today the political media conglomerate claims that we need all these people because they suppose to be all highly educated experts.
Yes, some of them are really experts, but the majority have hardly and education at all and if so then in crime like drug smuggling or human trafficking or whatever.
It’s still being denied by the officials but it is undeniable if one walks through the streets of the cities in Europe.
From very different cultures, unwilling to integrate they take all the benefits from the social systems.
But knowingly the politricktians let it happen and even support it and give illegals some sort of protection.
Anyone who say something against their narrative will get censored.
Not yet to the fullness, but one day, I am sure my words will come true.
If you copy this article and one day my website will be closed down, you know it’s not conspiracy.

Of course there are hackers who want to kill the site.
I have seen in the spirit that the most so-called hackers are secret services paid by governments or better say by taxpayers money.

2020 we all know what happened, how everything changed in no time.
Everything got turned upside down by a complete unscientific narrative.
And they still keep that going.
I assume it will go on until they have killed enough and then establish the next plot.

We don’t need to look into far future.
The climate change and cashless society narrative with the laws they implement give us enough signs and evidence where the train is heading to.
All is written in the Scriptures, the holy bible.
A little push and the world will get kicked down the cliff into destruction.
The final shift will be, when the man of sin, called the Antichrist will come on stage and will force anyone to take the mark of the beast.
How it will look like and who the Antichrist is I don’t know in detail, but it will come because all is prophesied.

With the implementation of the DSA in the Evil Union I am wondering how much longer this website will be up and running.

At the beginning many years ago I only thought to post my music, some images and footages.
Adonai and also some brethren asked me to publish also the prophetic words, dreams and visions I received from Yeshua.

I am almost certain, one day the wicked rulers will take down everything on the Internet that speaks the truth.
Also anything that expose the evil deeds of governments and their puppet players in the background will be removed and definitely all biblical real truth.
With the DSA they laid already the first cornerstone to do it.

I have stored everything locally and in different places.
One day the enforcement troops of these illegal non elected individuals in high places might come and raid my home (wherever it will be at that time) and then confiscate my computers and electronic devices.
And when they do ″their″ research I would not wonder if they install really bad illegal stuff on my devices to have enough to charge against me.
But I can tell you, if you are one of them, I have copies in heaven.
And you will not be able to enter unless you repent.

Adonai Yeshua will be on my side.
Copies in heaven is actually not the proper word.
The original truth sits in heaven on the throne and this is Yeshua Himself.

One day all the crooked liars in politics, finance, industry, media, secret services, medicine, science and wherever will stand before Yeshua.
Within a twinkling of an eye the presence of Truth will remind them of all their wicked and lawless deeds.
Too late, too late it will be for them to repent from their evil ways.
Not one of them is able to escape, NOT ONE!

Most the words or visions Yeshua gives me is a call for repentance, yes, deep honest repentance.
I am not sure, if anyone in those above mentioned groups will read anything on my website, or if they will watch any of the videos on different platforms.

But if you are one of them and read this article, let this known to you:
The day will come and is guaranteed, that you will stand before the Lord face to shame.
And if you have not repented of your sins, lies and wicked deeds, you will suffer eternally the consequences.
The place where you will be cast is commonly named as hell.
There you will receive eternal punishment beyond imagination.

Of course I am very cautious what I say and write, but I don’t hold back of what I know and don’t fear man,
The only one I fear is YHWH, the Elohim of Avraham, Yzchak and Yaacov.
Yes, I also will one day stand before the living God and have to give account of what I have said and done.
Not one person will have a lawyer who might twist and turn man made laws, but we all stand before Him alone and stripped of any cover that tries to hide lies or crime.

I will stand there with my daily repentance and requests to forgive my sins and I trust that He who is faithful and true will invite me into His Kingdom.
Yeshua himself made it possible by His death and resurrection that I can have access to his Father who is in heaven..
And there we will be forever and ever.

There in heaven/ paradise no liars, thieves, murderer or any other offender of His words will be there.
But there will be love and joy and beauty beyond comprehension.
No sorrow nor pain will be and He will wipe all our tears away.

I look forward to meet Him and hear the words:
Welcome Home!



Message 14/2024 (Month 06) – When you die…

Message 14 in the year 2024, month 06 – When you die…

Usually messages tend to be long – or relatively long but this might be not too long.

Actually, I got inspired to make this message after I spoke with someone about different things, also related to the bible.
Somewhere along the conversation I realized the person doesn’t understand my viewpoint of life, how I live and work, serve and do things.
Maybe you can name it ″philosophy of life″ or whatever, but I’m staying out of Babylon (as much as possible).
Perhaps you had also experiences, when you feel like talking to a wall and the conversation becomes somehow pointless.

Message 2024-14 Month 06 When you die


… after the talk I went back to work – yes, though I am not in the system anymore but I work to help other people.
As this mostly doesn’t require my mouth to be used, so I am able to do a bit multitasking.
I’m surely not an expert in speech, but doing physically certain things where Adonai has talented and skilled me, using with my hands, and parallel I often think about the Lord or something completely different.

So I thought about the conversation which was a lot about money (or no money), and the Holy Spirit reminded me about things I experienced that appeared somehow not related to it, but they just came.

And that was:
If you die, you realize, life is not in your hand.
When you die a second time, you realize money becomes insignificant.
And when you die the third time, you realize the system doesn’t save your life.
And when you die the forth time you realize, life is (somehow) a ″joke″.

May some people say, that’s a bit too much black and white thinking.
And… we need money to get what we need for our lives, like food, shelter and clothing or even to fulfill our dreams.
Or, the system with health insurance for example gives some sort of security (or safety).
Yes, all of this and more are honest legitimate arguments, this I understand.
I also heard more than one person saying to me, what you’re doing is completely irresponsible.
No insurance, no fixed income or any at all, no this and that, or whatever the system offers.
From the worlds perspective they might be right, but the children of Israel on their 40 years hike in the wilderness could not eat the gold they carried out from Egypt, though they ate or drank some of it, the golden calf, ground to powder.

If someone don’t understand or even accepts your lifestyle or way of living and serving Adonai, what you gonna do?
So I faced that
Sometime some came even against me with Scripture, claiming how we supposed to manage our lives.
Well, some things in the bible are not negotiable like living in holiness instead constant sin or unforgiveness, but the Scripture gives a lot of room for individual freedom how to handle our lives, for example, where we decide to live and work or how to spend our money, (so here’s the money back).

Sounds crazy, but when I work, I never ask for money, freely I have received, freely I give.
Of course, depending on the situation, I may ask for accommodation and food or else it won’t work.
Sounds ridiculous but it is so, because I see Yeshua as my employer and not man or a company or a system.
Yes, some people do pay me, others don’t have the resources, but I trust Yeshua as my provider – and he has not failed the last 18 years.

Someone may argue, what about paying taxes?
Well, to buy food there is no way to avoid taxes, that’s automatically added, so here we go.
For the rest I say, I go fishing…

The whole money and tax system is anyway completely corrupted and run by psychopaths.
Ask yourself, what’s the reason and purpose to finance terror organizations?
Look only how much of our tax money is used to finance endless wars?
How many people got killed by real terror attacks, even if we would stay with the official narrative, compared to the numbers of people who got killed by wars, initiated by governments?
You can count for yourself and decide who are the greatest terrorists and then decide how much you are willing to support and finance it – though there is not much of a choice we have, even when we say our kingdom is not of this world.

Nevertheless, back to my main point, written in the title:
″When you die!″

Have you ever died or been near death?
I tell you, your view changes dramatically and almost everything that appears valuable in this world disappears from your view, or at least to some extend.

I experienced twice when I was on the way to pass out and remember one time I could literally sense my soul started to disconnect from the body, but later came back.
In these moments I already said in my mind to Yeshua as I was not able to speak anymore in that situation: ″okay, that’s it, if you take me now, I am ready to leave, I have nothing to lose″.
In dreams I died 7 or 8 times, and every time in a different way, either being murdered or in horrible accidents.
Interestingly enough that it always appeared to be in slow motion, which makes it more scary and glad when waking up.
One for example was a train accident where I felt very slowly the metal pieces of the train piercing into my flesh and bones and shredding my body to pieces.
I guess you can imagine this is not pleasant – not at all.
I would almost say, that all the deaths in dreams I can count together as the third time I died because dreams are often more real than our real life (in this physical realm), and this is what brought me to realization the world and it’s system is not our friend.

Stronger than the physical pain during the time to die is the awareness and knowledge of what is to come.
I’m not sure if this happens to everyone, but at least it relates/ was to me.
Sadly, most people in this world seem to be not be aware they can die any moment, any second.
Just look around how many people live in constant sin or without repentance.
Ok, I never went into night clubs or things like that, but I only need to go to the beach or walk the streets in the city to see enough, enough of all the disgusting sin.
And talking about beach, the example at Sevastopol beach not long ago gives actually a good example – just a blow out of the blue and lives are gone – unexpected (not completely unexpected there in a war zone).

Anyway, the greatest death of all I think is the spiritual death.
Though there is good news.
Yeshua, by His death and resurrection offers the solution for us to be/get born again.
This is my count as the fourth time to die where I came to the conclusion, life is somehow a ″joke″, because the perspective of your life changes…
There might be a better word than joke, but I hope you understand what I want to say.
Somehow written in Psalms 1, Psalms 37, or Luke 6:20-23, that’s when we can laugh.

And then…
When you have invited Yeshua into your life, being born again, a new creation, you may also realize storing treasures in heaven is more valuable than accumulate wealth here on earth where moth and rust can corrupt and thieves can steal.
I know it by experience, almost all my wealth disappeared that way (once it was water), it’s not fair, but more it brought me to the place to invest more into the Kingdom – but not necessarily with finances which I don’t have, but with my labor.

So my advice, before you die the final physical death, give your life to Yeshua and be born again.
Whether you die at the end naturally or as a martyr, doesn’t matter, but remain faithful to Yeshua until death and He will give you the crown of life.
And it’s written, if you overcome you shall never be harmed by the second death, which will be lake of fire that burns with fire and brimstone.
Regardless of how often you die or almost die (near death) here in this world, the worst case is, when you die without Yeshua’s salvation by grace and then have to die the second death.

I hope to see you all in heaven.
And there… would you ever think again about the paper money, created out of thin air?
Certainly not when you walk on streets of gold .
Yes, here on earth we still use this worthless trash to some extend, regardless if you have a little or a lot or nothing, but don’t let it become your master, you can’t serve two masters.
When you die you can’t take anyway anything with you.

End of message

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Or watch it directly here on Rumble



Message 2024/13 Electric Mobility and Green Religion

Tried to make this message as short as I am able, and squeeze it into Month 5 of 2024.
Most people already know all stupidness of the green religion with Pope Greta and Bill the farmer – some people may pronounce the ″oo″of the pope a bit longer and miss the e at the end, but probably very identical.

Message 2024-13 Electric Mobility and Green Religion


I don’t go into the danger with the batteries of electric vehicles how sometimes they blow up and gives some nice green healthy smoke.

Actually I am possibly more green than most the fanatic deluded loons.
I don’t have a car, I don’t fly… I’m not interested in this discriminating luggage check with plastic bags for Shampoo or stuff like that.
I wear cotton instead oil based orange or yellow coats or synthetic rubbish and don’t glue myself with oil based glue on the road and the list goes on and on.
But I definitely skip to eat the typical green vegan nonsense, because that crap don’t give any energy for hard physically labor (which is the most of my work).

So, lately, at the last place I stayed (the last time/ months) I cycled every now and then to the other town to either buy food or other things…
There on the way, most times (depends on which roads I took) I passed by a certain electric vehicle that often drew my attention.
And today as I was just waiting for someone here in the city I saw one of the vans who deliver parcels – whatever the company – was printed somehow in a similar way as like this mentioned car.
Electric vehicles for such a use I think is not a bad idea, like for the post when they have to stop every 2,3 or 5 minutes, though the modern cars when the engine stops on every traffic light or short stop, so maybe it doesn’t matter anyway.
However, my attention was the design how they were painted and I thought already, but I forgot (drowned under all the other work) until today when I saw the white van nearby.

And here you’ll see, a white car decorated with their green religion.

I don’t have a picture of the van because I don’t carry my camera always around and even less my phone.
Oooh, but you’ll see, the wonderful windmills, wind turbines or whatever you name that…
Don’t forget, when they don’t work anymore, they just get dumped where they are, n midst a forest or nature – I guess it’s just to expensive to carry them somewhere to get recycled in case this is even possible.

And remember, the same greens who are promoting that stuff, the electric transition, maybe 20 or more years ago they were protesting vehemently against these windmills, and some may still do that – as an ugly blot on the landscape, and additionally kills all the birds and so on and on.
Well, most of these religious fanatics were not born back then and have not known how constantly the green bible changes with time – same with the brainwashing.
For most of them electricity comes from the socket in the wall, as much the food grows on the shelves in the supermarket, that’s why they want to get rid of the farmers, except for Bill, as they have been brainwashed to believe, the farts of cows are responsible for the climate disaster.

Maybe that’s why the coming plandemic might be bird flu as they think these are stupid animals.
So stupid to believe such a virus can jump from a bird to a human without the need to modify the gain button in order to function, and wondering if those who will be infected with the bird flu will grow wings or start to fly without wings as real authentic symptoms.
Okay, that’s not my subject now…

Actually some of my relatives have a electric car, which is technically a microwave on wheels, but that’s another can of worms.
What I was told by them, driving to work or shopping is basically fine. They have also solar panels on the roof of their house already since many years, so at least they can benefit somehow from that electricity, but I have no information if this gives enough supply for the car, but at least partially.

But in wintertime (last winter) they went on a journey to go skiing and they said, this was not very thrilling, not joyful, (the journey there).
They’ve made it, but as there are not that many e- stations around like for petrol, they had to stop often to check if it has the right connector and then it takes 2 hours to fill the batteries.
Made them not very happy in wintertime – and just think if many more would have an electric vehicle, and like at a gas station 5 cars waiting in line before you…
It will give you a pleasant break of 10 hours until you can load your own car.
Anyone likes that idea?
Great for Greta’s followers, because during that time they can’t make a lot of nonsense.

However, back to the place where I passed this vehicle many times…
A thought came into my mind.
What if…..
What IF!
Instead painting the religious green bubble on the car, paint the truth?

And for the truth I only want to pick the one single aspect that came to my mind.

We know how the globalists came up with the idea to put shocking pictures on cigarette packages how ti causes cancer and blah blah blah, how they cause diseases they invented.
Though in the age of internet I think they are not really shocking anymore.

And for these vehicles:
Instead painting a nice fake bubble-reality and replace it with the truth?
No, not pictures of birds when they get smashed by wind turbines.
Birds are not so stupid like humans that they fly in droves into these propellers.
I’ve seen more dead birds beside the road, smashed by cars than beside windmills.

No, let’s print pictures of how electric vehicles FUEL child labor (what a perfect wording).
Here a few examples:

child labor 5   

This is the truth about electric vehicles!
If you support it, it might be good to repent daily and ask the Father in heaven to forgive you for being a part in destroying lives of many children.
You surely can’t avoid all of this, but.. if you buy an electric car you are definitely in the team with the destroyer.

So, what about the idea to make it mandatory to print such images on all electric vehicles, cars, buses, whatever and see if the support of this technology will enthusiastically increase or not.
Or perhaps make it also mandatory for all smartphones as a permanent reminder.

Of course, make the print fire resistant, so if everything burns down, (the battery burns down the whole thing) the message remains.

Okay, whether this message will remain on the censor platform or not, but it’s just my two cents about the green religion and their fantasy truth.
I keep myself away anyway from all religion.
I prefer to have a personal relationship with Yeshua and be respectful and responsible towards His creation as much as possible with my very limited resources.

End of Message

Links to the Videos on different Platforms – you can decide which one you prefer:


Or watch it directly here on Rumble


Message 2024/12 Drones and Dreams

Message 12/2024, Month 05

This message was a bit delayed as Internet broke.
I hope this modern surveillance radiation technology, made in China will not break again.
However, one day, it might not be possible to share the way the truth and the life – so a little practice here and there helps to prepare.

You may wonder, why I have not posted a message about Pessach and the feast of unleavened bread – though I think I mentioned it briefly in another message and more detailed the years before.
Since I follow the nature to count, Passover already passed more than a month ago (March).
As like the eclipse, it came and went and nothing special happened.
And with the broken Internet I skipped other things as well.

Beginning of Message:

As you see the headline, I want to come up with a message titled Drones and Dreams – or could have named it Dreams and Drones…
either way, glass is half full or half empty
Do drones and dreams have anything in common?
Well, the first two and the last letter ″Dr…s″, but…. but… perhaps more

Message 2024-12 Drones and Dreams


A while ago I dropped into an article about Israel and their war against Gaza and how they use the drones there – not surprising of course.
No, I am not taking position, for one or the other side.
It’s surely not a dream the to live there, but a nightmare as the same in every warzone, where the truth always dies first and the winners and losers are always the same…

However, we know all countries now using drones in their perpetual stupid war’s.
Maybe one reason why they switch everything to AI, so they can say, we have no blood on our hands.
Blah Blah ha ha ha… that’s the words of those who are the white washed tombs who made their calculations without Yeshua.
Someone gave order to design those murdering machines and others built it and whoever is involved, so there is no excuse, once they stand before the final Judgment.
Same with the death towers besides many more other examples; someone gives orders and others follow orders and both will face the same end if they don’t repent.
They all know how harmful that stuff is, even the lowest stupid worker in the scene, so they are part of the warfare, the killing machine against humanity.
Though, that’s not my point here.

Drones are surely around since decades for military, but they are not so much known, or let’s say not popular and affordable for the ordinary people since… maybe they came up about15 years ago or so.
As I have no interest at all in any kind of military stuff I have no clue about their latest developments.
In my entire life I could anyway never understand how people could be in any way shape or form fascinated in the war machinery.
Never from the beginning of mankind was military good for anything, except for the devil’s plans to kill, steal and destroy.

However, drones became more public when that stuff became fairly cheap – together with a lot of other Made in China crap.
I considered actually once to buy such a thing for nature aerial videos.
Nice idea, but it never came to pass – never mind, I don’t miss it.

Now I want to jump to dreams before I put these two together
I had always a lot of dreams and started to write them down on a regular basis, somewhere in the late 90’s, quiet some time ago .

With the arrival of computers it made it more easy to organize in a compact form, though writing on paper has huge benefit when electricity fails, bot not really if one has a hieroglyphic handwriting like mine.
Teachers at school never liked it and messed it up completely ″in red″, and less they appreciated my advice to buy new glasses to solve their problems to decipher my handwriting.

However, I found a nice software enabling me, to add all dreams in some sort of a database.
If I want to look details about a dream where I vaguely remember something, I just would type a keyword and it lists all dreams where this word appears.
It’s not perfect, but lets say 60% success when looking up something.
Its like search engines, they help, but sometimes you just don’t find what you are looking for, at least not within the first 500 entries, before patience disappears.
It surely fails if you don’t know the keyword, even with the famous internet spymachine.

There are people out there on video platforms or socialist media, who seem to share every second dream they had and claim it to be prophetic with a deep meaning for the world.
Well, the database of my personal entries count around 2000 dreams and I would see less than 100 of them as prophetic (from Yeshua) and about only 10 or 15 where I felt to share online, and even, where roughly 90% of these 100 prophetic are personal, so that makes it less than 1 % that I would post.

Anyway, there is also probably almost no subject I’ve never had a dream about.
For example I died in dreams 7 or 8 times and always in another way, counting as one subject.
Another subject would be the dozens of tribulation scenarios.
So many different subjects in life, and in dreams perhaps more – you name it…

If you have also a lot of dreams – I mean vivid dreams where you can remember many details, sometimes you may wonder HOW to describe specific items or even colors.

Just think about the old prophets who saw the days today.
For us today, many things are relatively easy to describe as we are living in the times of increasing knowledge – or shall I rather say, increasing madness, or both? But the biblical prophets surely had big, great troubles to explain what they saw.
Whether it’s a car, TV, computer, phone, robot, an aircraft and the list goes on and on.
I often try to imagine what the old Prophets would have been thinking, seeing people walking around, bowed down all day long, staring into their smarty toys in their hands or walking and talking around with these almost invisible earplugs, perhaps they wondered… are they praying or are they simply insane – or the first group maybe say, oh, they bow down before idols or worship idols.

So when I had trouble to describe certain flying object in my dreams, how much more the prophets of old.
And those dreams I mention I had only 20 to 25 years ago and not thousands of years.
But I had some dreams roughly 5 to 10 years ago and I could specify some flying objects as drones because by then I knew what it is – while before… I had no clue, just a helicopters with a lot of propellers or with a strange form or whatever, depends on the type of ″drone″.
Maybe some of them are still not in existence, or still not publicly known.
So when you read the prophetic books in the bible, considering they had no clue what they saw – almost nothing that is common today.
No surprise there are so many different interpretations about biblical prophecy.

But this is not my point now, let’s connect the drones and the dreams or the dreams and the drones.

Lately I dropped into an article (as mentioned already) with an image, where a certain drone was posted, which was the one about Israel.
You’ll see it here and also in the message main image…
Though I have seen some pictures of drones of course, as mentioned, considering to buy one of them, but none of them ever triggered anything in me.
But this one, immediately reminded me of dreams I had – or maybe it’s just the time to recognize it, or it was just exactly the one or the combination of the content of the article, that brought the puzzle pieces together.
Now this one in that article is very similar to some unknown flying objects in my dreams I had.
Some flying objects in dreams where slightly different, but this one was definitely exactly one of them – and not a friendly one.

Now, this is, what happened in the dreams:
I knew these flying objects were seeking for us, those who didn’t comply to the beast system.
In another dream I was together with a group of people in something like a shelter, like whatever, could be a simple bus stop type thing, and I told them, not to get out from this hiding place.
But some went outside and got shot or killed somehow and then put the rest of us in jeopardy.
Or in another dreams the drones were more developed.
For example, some came close to the windows to sneak a peek if there is someone inside, while other drones were able to see even through concrete or whatever walls if there are people inside – and more so they could identify who or which sort of people are inside.
Some drones had things like arms, pretty long ones, or flexible telescope arms, stretchable and bendable and wherever they could come close enough, they would grab the person and snatch them away to kill.
I don’t want to describe the way they got killed, it’s just too horrible.
One dream was interesting, and this was the one where the drone looked just like the one in the photo; I could not remember seeing the propellers, or they were just spinning so fast, and by that it’s not able to be detected by our eyes.

Anyway, I knew in that dream there was a big persecution against true believers going on.
Of course, there is no reason for the devil to go against the sleepy pew warmers in church or the lukewarm foolish folks.
And there in the dream I was with a group of people with real strong faithful believers in a building, that appeared to be empty and very much demolished, the windows shattered and furniture ruined with a lot of dust and debris around.
The windows were very small and only a few, so it gave us a bit of a better protection as with big windows, though still limited because of the broken glass.

However we could hear these unknown flying objects (they were not completely silent) now known as drones, how they were approaching us and we knew they came to hunt us.
I think there were several drones around, not only one.
Sticks and stones did not help to fight against them and we knew that.
But I came along with an idea to throw bibles against them.
Sounded ridiculous but we tried… and… voila, it was successful!
Some of the drones we could crash with the bibles and the others we were able to chase away.

May you say; it is just a dream or several dreams.
But I don’t claim it to be prophetic or literal, though it could come that way, but I’m not claiming it to be.
Enough to know we don’t fight against flesh and blood or their wicked constructions but against principalities of dark powers.

Drones are being used today in wars against individuals, we know that, and there are footage’s out there that show how it works, how they chase people and then kill them, so there is a good chance AI drones will be used at the end against believers – and it definitely would not surprise me.

Maybe if people can’t be identified by the Mark of the Beast, scanning their ID, maybe by a network address signal or whatever, they will be eliminated – everything automatically, when millions of drones will be swarming around all day long (for such a task).
And I guess this is not about conspiracy or possibility, it’s just the matter if this will be the way or it will be done in another way – and… when it will come.
Persecution is promised in scripture – not a promise we like, but so it is.

However, to throw bibles against the enemy surely is also not literal, but definitely very symbolic and…well, somehow funny I would say – and in some ways I would love to see this literally happening because it’s just so impossible and we serve an Elohim of the impossible.
But the word of Elohim is the only weapon against the devil and his devices.
Yeshua used it successfully when he was tempted after his 40 days of fasting in the wilderness.
He had no need of any church doctrines, teachings and explanations or rabbinical traditions, the pure simple word from Torah was enough to chase the devil away and the angels then came to serve Him.

Let us use the word of Elohim and see how it works.
Actually, I am truly waiting to see more manifestations of it’s power.
Comparing to the time of the first disciples it looks like we are far away from that.
I have never heard, someone walking along the streets and his or her shade healed someone – and this on a regular basis.

Just before the end of human history let us expect a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit with a lot of signs and miracles with healing and deliverance before the last final persecution.

May it will happen during the big tribulation… when the drones are swarming around?
Time will tell.

Let the drones be drones and fly around and dreams be dreams.
Our desire shall be to be with Yeshua forever and ever and let our dream come true to fly home very soon.

End of Message

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