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Let the Fire fall

Do we not have enough fires already in this world?
Well, just a week ago we had here a very interesting sunset in pink-purple.
It was caused by the fires in Turkey where the smoke traveled a long journey over to where I currently live (stuck).
Italy, Montana, California and other countries also have a lot of burning.

But i am not speaking/singing about those natural fires, but the real fire from heaven.
The Fire of His Glory that will burn in the hearts of men.
And when I look around in the madness around I can see it is more than urgend that the Holy fire will start to burn more than ever before.

This clip playing piano is simply improvisation.
I actually wanted to test, if I can make a music video with piano playing – so, it’s not at all perfect
My intention was more to check how’s the best way to record separately audio and video – and to see if the angle of the video is okay.
Yes, the video quality of the action cam is pretty good, but the audio with the internal microphone is just how it is…
For documentation might be just good enough (if there is no wind) but for music I simply want better quality.
So the audio is recorded via a mobile recorder (Zoom F8) using external microphones.
And then synchronize both together in the video software..
By the way: The flickering buttons of the piano in the clip is caused by the video framerate – it’s not an error.
I might have been playing a bit more but it’s very hot with extreme humidity, I didn’t want to ruin the piano with my sweat.


However, I believe, we will see soon the greatest outpouring of the Holy Spirit of all times.
Revival like never before.
It might be a short season, and maybe after a short season of some kind of blessed freedom troubles and persecution might arise.
Just compared to the beginning of Yeshuas first disciples, when they started.
This time in a world with much more population it will surely way bigger.
But maybe the pattern will be the same…

I hope and pray many people will come to repentance, when the Fire will fall from heaven and the earth will be filled with Yeshua’s Glory.
It’s the light in the darkness – and I don’t need to tell how much darkness coveres the earth right now.

Fire, Fire, Fire, Holy Fire – When will it fall? This Fall?
Time will tell!!!




Another Jewish year is approaching
I don’t think the counting of the year 5782 is accurate. However, to me it is not the most important.
We cannot say for sure if we might miss a couple of years or even hundreds of years or if it is less (or even if this might be accurate).

However, the Moedim at fall time are at the door.
Yom Teruah – Hosh HaShanah, Yom Kippur, Succoth, Shemini Atzeret and Simcha Torah


I don’t give dates here because of the debate if we shall celebrate them according to the mathematical calculations of the new moon or of the sighting of the moon from Yerushalayim.
Some people claim it will be a month later, but they have not looked out for the Barley at springtime in Yerushalayim. Friends of mine have checked the barley and this makes it clear that this month (the Gregorian Sept.) is the correct one, regardless of the day!

It will be too much to go into details of each single festival.
You can look up in Scripture about it and if you like to get more insight, there is a lot online available. Though some is okay, but a lot out there on the web is talking more about traditions instead the purpose of Elohim what it’s all about. I don’t condemn all traditions, but all depends rather on the source, the origins where they came from. As long they don’t go into whichcraft or stuff like that I think there is nothing against it.

What can we expect in this bizarre year?
Agenda 21? Yes I think so.
20 year anniversary of 9/11 is no coincidence – and this will come close after Rosh HaShanah.
I would not be surprised if some mayor event will occur – all depends surely if Adonai will give him permission or not.
The Devil likes to do such things over and over again.

Hope everyone will have their Shofar warmed up to blow like never before..
Not only because of Yom Teruah, but also to tear down the (modern) walls of Jericho.

At the end when the cycle of Torah reading ends and we are coming into a new cycle I pray it will be a new season with a turnaround for wickedness and their exposure on a worldwide level like never before.

Some or many people predict the rapture.
Well, if it comes, I am more than happy to go “home”.
But it will come when it comes and I’m prepared to go further in this mad world the best I can.
With a turnaround… unpredictable how the world will look like afterwards – time will tell.

Personally I would not wonder if we will see another Lockdown here where I live (if I count right it would be No.4).
Though there are now about 75% of what the Elite say “human animals” who already got the double bite of the “snake-venom” with the “Josef-Mengele-Serum”, but cases still increasing and increasing.
Ooooh, variants they say – what a lie, no, it’s from the jabs.
If this would be a effective vaccine (I mean, a vaccine at all, which is not!), then, there should be hardly any Covid around anymore at all.
But as protection against a so-called virus is not on the agenda of evil satanic people it will not stop unless Adonai will speak and tear it/them apart.
Sadly for many people it will be already too late then.

A question still remains.
When people say, this Jab is not the mark of the beast, what is it?
Government say we don’t force it on you.
But without the Jab you cannot buy or sell, cannot go to university or school, can’t use public transportation/ traveling, can’t go in any public indoor place like restaurants, etc.
Yes, you can stay at home or maybe on your balcony or garden if you have one, and be happy.
No, this is not forcing the poison on anyone?
What I missing here?
I will leave this questions for yourself. Some say, it’s a precursor. A precursor with the same result/ effect as the real one (except the Antichrist not on the stage yet)? Does that make sense?
At the end of the “day” we will see and where know it will lead to.

Back to 5782

5x7x8x2 equals 560 …… or may I calculate 5+7+8+2 = 23
Where do we get here?
If I would take the numerical values translated into the Hebrew letters then I would come up with He, Chet, Zain and Bet – which together regardless which direction you put them, does not get any word in Hebrew (at least I cold not find any). You might tweak and twist it to get whatever you like but I leave it as meaningless.
I am anyway not a number person, nor one of those in Gematria-people, trying to fish out all kinds of meanings and oracles – out of everything… for me this number thing feels more like magic or similar.
But I do like Psalm 23.
Yeshua is My Shepherd I shall not want – forever and ever.
… I don’t know why yet I have Psalm 23 recorded, but I fgured out, it is not here.
I checked all posts and pages but apparently for some reason I forgot it.
Almost a blessing in disguise that I came across it.
Until I added it in the Psalms section you can listen to the K.Green version I played live at Banana-Praise.

A hope in times of troubles.
Yeshua is the same yesterday today and forever, the rock on which we can stand.
The Word that became flesh and dwelt among us.
The ONE who knew no sin to became sin for us so that we become righteousness of Elohim in HIM.



Repent Repent Repent

Hear the ALARM!

“Repent, Repent, Repent!
– For the wrath of God is at hand.”

It’s time to repent – (the letters cannot be big enough)
The news are still full about the Corona Plandemic-hoax – and now the wicked rulers of this world have already poisoned a billion people with their Vac-Sin.
According to the last G7 summit they presented their further evil plans (further the World Economic Forum).
And when I look around, I see, most people sadly are not aware how deceived and brainwashed they are.

The Mainstream Media don’t report the truth at all yet if someone tells the truth it will get censored or marked as fake news.
All just a big foggy lie, created by the Devil to distract us from Adonai and from the diabolic worship that are truly going on behind closed doors.
The only intention of Satan is to kill, steal and destory and to keep us away from Yeshua, who is The Way, The Truth and The Life.

The above quote is from a word that I received on Nov. 14. 2020 in an almost audible way…
Regardless of how many days are still left to repent before God will pour out His wrath once more…
According scripture it will come – sooner and later, time will tell – and I assume it will be suddenly…
So: repent TODAY! tomorrow might be too late.
I don’t know how His wrath will exactly look like, but definitely not nice.


I hear most Christians fervently praying for the wicked people and bless them so that they might repent. Nothing against that but where is the balance?
These evil people, most of them satanists/ occustists heard the Gospel hundreds of times yet still continue their destructive ways without a hint of repentance. WHY?
As Yeshua said in Matthew 19, Mark 10, Luke 18 how hard it is for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Elohim.
If you pray for them I ask you: How much longer do you waste your time and pray for these modern day Pharaoh’s?

Look how many homeless, prostitutes, widows, orphans, sick, broken, the people in the slums and those who were born at the wrong place at the wrong time never heard the Word of Truth.
Is this not like the partiality (hypocrisy) of what James 2 is speaking about, the difference between the man in fine appearal and the poor man with filthy clothes?

It’s like: a million Christians pray for a single (wealthy) person while one believer prays for a million (poor people).
I pray for the poor and needy, because their soul is a much valuable as those of the rich.Maybe because I know somehow what poverty is – tough compared to many I am doing very well and be grateful for that. But I also pray for the laborers to go to them as the great harvest is at the door (we still need more).

I pray for a wealth transfer from the wealthy wicked people to the poor and righteous.
And I pray for a great exposure of what the wicked are doing in all the child sacrifice and sex trafficking, etc.
Enough is enough!


Summer 2021

I’m a bit late with my updates – anyway, so it is…
Shavuot is over and we are heading into summer.
Things getting here a little bit more like the “normal” we were used to know.
Did I say normal?
Well, I just received a word the other day about it (at least partially) – you’ll find it on my site.


I was hoping I could be out of this communist country by the end of May.
But it looks like it might take a bit longer than expected.
Guess it’s similar to prophecies about Donald J. Trump returning as the legitimate President of the US.
And some people thought with Shavuot (Xians name it Pentecost) there will be this worldwide outpouring of the Holy Spirit. And then a great revival etc.
Year after year people claim this will be the year of the rapture… and we are still here.
Many people having dreams supposedly about the rapture.
We all are waiting for that… since centuries
Currently there are a lot of prophecies that speak of wealth transfer (from the wicked to gods people). Many people surely desire to receive millions or even billions of $$$.
I understand this with my roughly 100$ income per month.
However, personally with even half a million it would be more than enough for me and I might give away 50% to feed the poor.
And many more prophecies (which one of them is true I don’t know), but we are waiting for a lot of things to come to pass.

I heard people saying: it seems like God is working a bit slow these days.
Our desired timing is surely not His timing.
But that’s the thing with patience.
Not the easiest task in this world.
We live in a age where everything should be instantly, whether it’s a coffee, a meal, or something to get finished.

Do we know what will happen next?
Though we have the bible with the prophetic words about the future I doubt that anyone will have it correct.
I guess to understand revelation we need to ask someone who live like Yochanan 2000 years ago – without any knowledge of modern technology and society.
Just imagine when he saw like on a screen in front of him all the things that are going on.
Without knowing what a car, a plane, a vaccine, a missile, a computer, internet, trains and all the other things are…
How would you describe it?

I had dreams scanning over hundreds of years -and dreams about items I don’t know what they are.
Or dreams that were completely bizarre, like one I had with empty airports and empty tourist areas, including tons of symbols in there.
Many people would have put this dream as a pizza dreams.
But since over a year I realized this dream was literally speaking about all the Covid nonsense.
Without it I would never thought empty airports and empty tourist areas with people dying from an invisible enemy would be possible in that way.

I still pray, all the Pharma-sorcerer with the big evil wicked players behind the scene will get exposed.
But also I pray someone may come up with herbal remedies for real healing.
Surely also by prayers for healing that millions of millions of people get healed within seconds or a few minutes.
Herbal medicine is scriptural and I believe it can cure almost everything.
Only if a drunk driver kicks one off the road and break a lot of bones, then we need to add prayer so the angels can get some new bones or whatever needed from the heavenly body-part storage.

Enough the words.
Time for a big change is here, let us pray for the final harvest and the laborers that should be joining.


Fishes - Damselfish (Chromis chromis)