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Hear the ALARM!

“Repent, Repent, Repent! – For the wrath of God is at hand.”

It’s time to repent.
The most people talk only about Corona and the selection in America.
And also in the news you hardly see/read anything else.
In my opinion this is just a big fog, created by the Devil to distract us from Adonai.
The only intention of Satan is to keep us away from Yeshua, who is The Way, The Truth and The Life.

The above quote is from a word that I received on Nov. 14. in an almost audible way.
When Yonah preached 40 day to repent until Ninive will get distroyed,
will there be also 40 days for us to repent before God will pour out His wrath?
I don’t know how the wrath will look like, time will tell

For more information go to the prophetic words

First I want to say sorry, I still have not been able to post more of my songs.
The plan is to have all of them online.
And also I did not had any time to continue on Psalms.


I added a lot of more collections for footages on Pond5.
Yet I have not included them in the slider below.
If you need footages to put a video together and at the same time want to support me,
you can go to

There you’ll find many different collections, which is easier as to scroll through all footages that are scattered throughout all subjects.
I am still not finished with that and more will come but at least a good number is already there.

Black FryDay – what? 2020/11/13

FryDay or Friday?

It already started with all the ads to point to the big sales…
Am I looking for something?
NO! not really


If I need something and it happens just around that time, I might take the oppurtunity – but there is one thing more important that I want to buy.
And what is this?


We have only 84600 seconds, 1440 minutes, or 24 hours a day to accomplish the tasks we are called to do.
But I myself would not say I am very efficient in that nor do I make the best out of it.
ONE day, ONE day…
Time will be no more.

There are a lot of prophetic voices that claim, the US election will be turned around.
I have not word from Adonai about this, so I will leave my opinion simple.


Currently I focus on the footages that are available at to get this finished and add up more collections (You can find a few for now in the slider below).
The video editing process is done, now the boring part with all the online work needs to be done – however, this is not my favourite stuff. But soon I hope it also will be done.



Go ahead – 2020/10/18

Time to drain the swamp…

this is meant not only political, but also here on the website.
Since I entered the new design, also I want to change a lot of the content.
If you see several pages disappear, don’t worry, they will be back one day.
Currently I process (re-master) all songs and will also include all music I’ve ever been involved – or at least the ones where I have some recordings.
Possibly 99.99% of all music never been recorded.

Maybe there will be a second lockdown this year (here in the EU [Evil Union]).


It appears that the politricktians are commanded by the Pharma Mafia to boost the numbers of Corona-cases to have some (faked) reasons for more draconian Laws.
Rules to oppress all the population AND make sure, the police will enforce it with tyrannical penalties.
For me, personally; with family history who had to deal with German Nazis and Sovjet Communists, all alarm bells are ringing since a couple of months.
Because, from the principle, exactly the same happens at the moment as what happened about 90 years ago when a small group of wicked people want to take over and install a dictatorship.
It sounds all like conspiracy but let time pass and you will see.
If Yeshua will not intervene in a real way, all will end up in a worldwide totalitarian regime very soon.
May the LORD will grant us a bit more time to repent and share the Good News until it will come.

However, away from politricks…
all content on this page will be basically updated little by little – most actually music.
I have until now about 170 songs re-mastered and have guess another 50 to go.
As soon I see the end of the tunnel, I will start uploading.


New design

May those who visit this page every now and then notice a little change in the design.
Looks small, but in the background it is not a little change, it’s a major update.
Basically the whole design got re-worked from the scratch.


With the changes I hope to bring more artistic content in it – yet everything takes some time.
While this was in construction the progress of new Psalms were a bit behind.
But also because old songs were re-mixed – most of them just polished up, but some of them had to go into a thorough surgery.

Little by little I will now fill the music section with these songs
You find several Albums already posted since years yet never filled with any content – I will change that.
Surely the audio quality of these songs will be fairly low to safe web-space.
But there might be ways to purchase them in CD quality – will try to figure out how.
Either each song or a whole album



Fishes - Damselfish (Chromis chromis)