Welcome to Bindernowski

Not so new anymore…

Yes, Bindernowski is public since a while, on different video platforms

Bitchute, Brighteon, Rumble, Odysee.


However, if you compare them to the giant YouTube… they are far from the numbers I would possibly get at the “censor-platform”.

I wish at least the search tool on those smaller platforms would do what it supposed to do.
Uploading is very easy but navigating around is just a mess.
Maybe it’s just me but whatever I am searching for, of things I know it’s on my channel, it simply never shows up…
Whatever I type in the search box – the results appears to me just random.

The channels I’ve tried to name as: ″What Do You Got To Lose?″
But some of the platforms it simply does not work for whatever reasons.
So… they have the channel name ″Bindernowski″.

Why am I not on (Google-) Chew Tooth?
Simply because of my principals not to support Communists, Marxists, Socialists and Nazis or those who are worse than all of them together (you’ve got it?).
And YouTube is on the way to get worse than all of them together.
I already mention more details about why in another article and in some videos, so I will not go further into details now.
If they will ever turn away from their censorship of truth and free speech –
(of course, hate-speech or call for violence, stuff like that is also not allowed on other platforms).
I might open a channel on ″Google-Truth″ – but it will only contain certain videos.

Bitchute and Brighteon are not having millions of views (not expecting that numbers anyway) but at least doing somehow okay, Rumble is a distance away and Odysee is just a bit above nothing…
Guess they simply have a different audience.
Nevertheless, as it does not cost anything besides a few minutes to upload, that’s why I also post my stuff there.
To add an article here on the website takes even longer.

Bye bye, I have been on that platform, but…
They kicked me completely off,
No warning, no nothing, just the whole channel taken down immediately…
I thought: that’s even more wild censoring than YouTube – amazing.
Cannot even sign in anymore, to maybe have a look if they might have a specific reason for that;
If you look for the channel the videos, it only says: This video is no longer available

Possible reaons:
Inappropriate content
Copyright infringement
User has removed the media

All happened suddenly after I posted the First part of the Suite for the Innocent.
I have not received any information about the reason.
Or possibly they don’t like truth?
Never mind, I was anyway never convinced that this was a suitable platform for me.
And at least I don’t have to hassle with the 500MB file size limit anymore (for long videos).

Now; what about the Prophetic Words that you can read on or watch on the video platforms?

Have any of the prophecies ever been fulfilled?
Go through it and you’ll know.
And yes, a brother found some prophecies fulfilled and some currently in progress.

But what did people say about EliYahu, Daniel or any of the other Prophets of the bible?
When some of the prophecies were never been fulfilled in their lifetime, but hundreds of years later and some even not until today?
I think, then I am still in good company.
Most people expect prophecies to come to pass within a twinkling of an eye.
Or at least like the instant coffee within minutes – but this is not how prophecy works.

So, be patient and wait and watch carefully.
And definitely ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you in every prophetic word, even in scripture, or else it will become a dead letter.
Also don’t forget, sometimes He asks for our response and actions that He can do something.



Message 2022/11 ″Smart″ 5G and the insects

Message for Month 11 Year 2022

It’s a bit delayed
I prepared the message at the beginning of the month yet until I’ll got it finally done – and oops it’s almost at the end of the month.
But anyway, so much happened lately, it’s hard to catch up.

And by this it was the thought to speak about elections.
Especially the one in Israel and the midterm in the US as the two big players in the world and biblical perspective.

Message 2022-10 Smart 5G


You decide if you want to name it rather selections than elections.
It is almost certain that in possibly all countries the elections are just a game to let the people believe there is a democracy and they have a choice.
Even with the 2020 elections in the US it is so obvious that it is rigged and the puppet players who place their clown into office can get away with it.
So no doubt the game continues and surely it’s in every country of this world more or less the same.
Except the people are really so stupid to chose their own destruction.
Enough about elections, go now to the real subject for the message.

Everyone surely have heard about 5G and know roughly what it supposed to be (at least according to the propaganda machinery).

As a watchman on the wall I observe and analyze carefully everything in this world around me and what is going on already since I am a little boy.
Besides that I am questioning everything – not necessarily as a pessimist, but with a high amount of suspicion, if I can say it that way.

Connect some dots now:

For those who are a bit older like me or even much older may have noticed several things.
I will not say the following things are caused by only one reason.

Remember many years back…
You surely noticed outside all the ordinary lamps with ordinary light bulbs or even with neon lights around the house or in the garden, as soon it got dark and you switched them on, flies and moths were swarming around.

Where I live currently, the whole country is in a rapid transition to become a so-called smart country.
And this city will be the first city to become ″SMART″
Half a year ago we had these yellowish streetlamps outside along the road – very pleasant for the eyes.
Insects swarming around by night, some died inside the plastic cover.

Now all the streetlamps in this section are replaced by modern 5G streetlamps.
I watch it now since weeks and have not seen a single fly or moth swarming around.
Have the flies changed their minds?
Or does they simply don’t like LED lights?
What’s the difference between Mister Global and the flies in that regard?
Do the insects not know that LED is so much more economic with less power consumption?
I bet, they would dance around in joy if they knew it.

Why have they been still flying around ordinary light bulbs just a few months ago but as soon the LED crap came, not anymore?
Media Scientists may only give an answer what they have been told by the psychopaths or the globalists.
What do You think about that?

Okay, when I compare with my childhood, I clearly can recognize, the amount of insects have been
extremely reduced.
Pesticides, pollution poisoning of the sky and whatever killed so many of them.
But still, why are no insects flying around the LED street lamps?

But back to the lamps and the mentioned 5G in them…
At least I heard some claims about it – but of course, I have no proof for that.

Yes… no proof for myself with that but a bit common sense.
First of all we know how 5G is being published by the propaganda machinery as an amazing achievement and so on.
You can surf now on the internet in high speed everywhere – yeah!!!
What you don’t hear is the fact it is for tracking and control (total control) as well.

Besides that The bible gives a hint that exactly this might come (and it’s here now).
I can’t say it for certain that it is complete, but it appears clearly the day will come when total control will be just everywhere.
Those things in the sky labeled satellites are the additional coverage
But another thing lead to the question:
Why do streetlamps need a network address?
Street lights have been working since centuries without, but suddenly they supposedly need it.
I actually watched a video of someone who took such a lamp apart.
It was someone who knows electronics and he explained the details saying, yes, these are 5G.
The coffee mug on top of these streetlamps that we have here gives me personally enough evidence.
And on top of it all the knowledge of Agenda 21 and 2030 and the 4th industrial revolution with total control and social credit gives enough evidence.

Here where I live we have the ones made in Shanghai – very trustworthy I would say.
A virus made in China, Face diapers made in China, Hand sanitizers make in China, or at least some of it, these plastic Handgloves made in China, PCR tests made in China, most electronics or electric items… (it’s on the labels of almost everything)
so yes, very much we can definitely trust (lol) the streetlamps that they are for our best.

When it comes to total control with socialist credit and these things another thing lately drew my attention.
There are more and more of such screens with ads along the roads like an electronic billboard with a camera and other stuff around.

Just a month ago at the end of the tourist season, the ads changed, saying now ″smart parking″ and mention a SMS number.
How it works I have no clue, I assume you need a parking app and a compatible phone.

But another thought about this combination:
There at the billboard all kinds of information shows up.
People today are very much used or addicted to look at such things, the same way as like upon their smarty phones.
So just next to the billboard a camera.
Is it not clever?
What if I would guess, by that you can improve facial recognition because the people just stare into the right direction…
Any other suggestions?

Well actually this week as I passed by I saw a new advertisement preparing for the ″transition″ to a smart digital city.
No conspiracy but straight, plain and clear in the face it will come.
Is it not smart?
Look into China how smart cities look like.
Smart control including smart surveillance – or the other way around.

When I look at the image below it reminded me of the mingling of humans with AI, basically trans-humanism.

So now for you:
If you go out by night, watch, if you see insects swarming around lights like decades ago or… or not.
If you have a good radiation meter and see such LED streetlamps, check them out.

It may not be completely activated here whee I live currently yet.
But without the shred of a doubt I am certain, sooner or later they will crank it up.

But what I also found interesting:
The section from this building until the end of the last construction area were 7 of these yellowish streetlamps.
And these modern LED are actually brighter than the old ones.

So the question: Why do they need 28 streetlamps of brighter light to replace 7 old lights?
If they consume maybe a quarter of the electricity compared to the old ones, so how much electricity you safe when you have 4 times the amount of lamps.
A green calculation would say 4 times 4 equals 16 times less energy consumption, is this correct?
That’s calculated actually by modern science of math – either Fauchi math or Greta math.
Do you think the insane amount of street lamps is for more safety?

Other people title it Death towers.
There they point to the 5G towers.
And indeed these towers are mainly not for communication.
I have a video of the song ″Mind Control″, that points out very much to these things.

Biblically speaking:
One day the Antichrist will come on stage and he will have all the infrastructure ready for him to implement the ″final solution″.

Open your bible, and you will see, there is a final solution.
It contains two roads where you can go.
Eternal life or eternal death, heaven or hell.
Either for or against Yeshua.

Though there are fights against 5G as it is dangerous and technically a weapon of mass destruction.
But Sodom and Gomorrah had corrupted judges, in the days of Noach everything was corrupted.
As much as it becomes so clear that the world is like in the days of Noach, I don’t see a success in removing the 5G.
There might be 6G or whatever technology already implemented in the towers and lamps – who knows.

Now open your eyes and see.
People dropping dead like flies while the flies are not flying around the street lights anymore.

For more details you can watch the video

Links to the Videos on different Platforms – you can decide which one you prefer:


Or watch it directly here on Rumble




Message: Hell ‘oh wean 2022, A Warning not to join but to pray

Message about the upcoming occult day Hell ‘oh wean

Intentionally I did not write the word in the official manner, as I don’t want to have that word to be found in my mouth.

Unlike most messages I only paraphrase the text.
For the whole message, please listen to the video.

Message 10-2022 Hell 'oh wean


I just want to give a warning, not to join in any way, especially if you have children.
Don’t send them to any event where they celebrate it – and do not put them into any costumes that relates to that day.

You may not be able to avoid everything, except if you may live in the woods or somewhere remote and don’t go to cities for a few weeks.

Pray without ceasing and pray for your loved ones, plead Yeshuas blood for protection over them.

Don’t take it too light, but understand, this is a spiritual battle.
I mean, the bunny festival and the Dance around the tree or as I use to say the Jeremiah 10 feast are not much better than Hell ‘oh wean, because they all have pagan and occult roots.
Nice traditions can not erase the roots nor turn the lies to become truth.

Ephesians 6 says it clear that our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the worldly forces of this darkness, and against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.
Occult holidays is like a dinner of wickedness where dark spiritual powers can get some diabolic energy from.

Maybe the spiritual battle lines up with a dream I had a few nights ago – that was very weird.
However, there could be different interpretations.

My advice for Hell ‘oh wean to you and especially if you have children (I don’t have any)…
Teach them the way of righteousness, teach them all the scripture, Torah the prophets and the Brit Chadasha, everything from Genesis to Revelation.
Teach them the power of the blood of Yeshua and the cross and forgiveness, Yeshua’s death and resurrection, His love and grace but also His justice and judgment.
Teach them the Moadim, the true biblical feasts but not in a religious way instead pagan festivals.

Pray for your family, your beloved ones, your neighborhood, your village or city, your nation.
Plead the blood of Yeshua over their lives.
Pray the Savior to be your shield, protection, shelter and refuge.
Listen to what Adonai is saying through the Holy Spirit, listen to His voice of life.

Now the videos :

Links to the Videos on different Platforms – you can decide which one you prefer:


Or watch it directly here on Rumble



Message 2022/10 Yom Kippur and Succoth

Jewish Month 5783 Elul

The first the feast of the trumpets has passed – or maybe not?

Yom Kippur Succoth 5783

Guess the rapture guys who claimed it to happen between the 25th and 27th even til the 29th or so will surely find a way to explain their errors away.
Yes, I do believe in the rapture but I already made a video a while ago where I mention the day and the hour when it will happen.
And there I mentioned clearly this will occur exactly at the minute and second when the rapture will occur.
Not sooner and not later (period).

However about the Moadim, Yom Truah, that just have passed there is deeper meaning the understanding of ancient Hebrew and the connection to Yom Kippur.


Most people as much as I know only know the day Yom Truah as Rosh HaShanah, or translated the Jewish new year.
Yet again, this is not in scripture.
Rosh HaShanah is basically a rabbinical invention and not really biblical.

Though the literal translation of the name Yom Truah is Day of the Trumpets/ or sounding of the Shofar or the alarm.
The deeper meaning goes a step further.
It means also Day of the warning (by the blast of the Shofar).
I’ve never heard it this way but it makes absolute sense.

Let me go a bit around it:
The next feast in the biblical line is Yom Kippur what in English is usually translated as the day of atonement.
Literally it should be Yom HaKippurim (which is plural) And that means Day of the atonements.
Atonement not only for one sin but many.
Maybe you sin only once a year but I find myself going against Adonais commandments several times every day.
But I don’t want to split hairs on theology.
I could clearly see, Yom Truah is not a feast for itself but connects to Yom Kippur.

Traditional and even in scriptural understanding the last Shofar blast on Yom Truah is always
a looooong blast, just as long someone can blow.
Some people make it 5 or 10 seconds, others might be able to hold it for maybe a minute.

But I felt it so strong in the spirit that the last blast is a sound in the spiritual realm that will last until Yom Kippur.
It is known that angels don’t need to breathe, so they can blow the Shofar as long as necessary – and in this case no problem for them to blow it for around a week according to human time.

For us, we may need a compressor plugged in to our lungs to blow it that long and hope we won’t have a blackout on electricity that the compressor fails.
But the other issue might occur, we may get a bit tooooo hungry and thirsty.
And while blowing the Shofar we can’t eat.
Maybe some know how to eat through their nose, me not.
But surely even professional trumpet players might experience the blasting of the lips before they reach Yom Kippur if they blow non-stop for a week.

About a week of warning in the spiritual realm – could it be?
I feel yes!
A warning to repent and turn to the Father in heaven to obey His commandments and so on.
I think we can’t have enough warnings to get our house, our lives in order.

Whether the Lord will fetch His bride… today or in several years – tomorrow is not promised to anyone.

Are you preparing yourself with the warning to humble yourself towards Yom Kippur?
As 2nd chronicles say if we humble ourselves and pray and seek the face of YHWH and turn from out evil ways He will hear from heaven, forgive our sins and heal our land.
Currently it does not look like any nation is doing that.
But who knows… time will tell how things may turn.

So then after Yom Kippur we move into Succoth.
I don’t have a proper place here to build a succah.
But will see, if I can manage to work out something.

If you have the possibility to build a succah, give it a try.
It is not complicated.
Even from a rabbinical viewpoint there is a lot of variables how you want to build it.
Way less regulations on that than on almost all other things.

Only if you live in an area where there are a lot of snakes or other wild animals around it is not the best advice to have an open shelter like a Succah.
In some countries it may get very cold – but there, if you get a good sleeping bag or enough blankets it is doable.
Only during rain it is not great.
I slept the week of Succoth a couple of times during the seasons when I lived in Israel but guess only once in another country when I had the opportunity at the apartment with a nice balcony.
I know several families who do it year after year and especially the children love it the most.
It’s like camping.
Just to get a feeling and it is for remembrance how the Israelite’s lived that way for 40 years in the wilderness.
40 Years is a pretty long time, for most of us.
Even if you’re older.
With 80 it is half the entire life.
at the end of 40 years regardless where you are in your age.
Every time I look back I think, it passed by like nothing.

And so in view of eternity our life and even the 6000 years of humanity is just a speck in time.
Or less than a drop of water in the wide ocean.

So I wish you great blessings in keeping the festivals, the Moadim of YHWH.
Some people think, oh, this is only for the Jews.
But no, it is for all who believe in the scriptures.
It says, we shall not remove or add anything to it.
And all people, the Jews and gentiles are called to keep the Commandments which includes to celebrate the Moadim.
Yeshua kept all of them.
He did not keep in the religious ways like the Pharisees.
Yeshua as was his custom went every Shabat into the Synagogue.
As we shall imitate Yeshua, there is no reason to refuse to keep all the festivals as well to let it be a blessing.

And by saying this I just want to encourage you to test it.
You don’t need to have a 6-7 or 8 hour long service like the Jews in the Synagogues on Yom Kippur.
This is really exhausting, but if you have knees, go down in prayer and add fasting.

Whether you go for the Rabbinical mathematical counting or the new moon sighting counting, whatever doesn’t matter.
But whole day from sunset to sunset in prayer and fasting.
If you can’t fast for medical or whatever reasons, don’t do it unless the Holy Spirit clearly tells you.
We all want to see breakthroughs in so many areas.
Collective prayer and fasting has always been proven to be much more effective than individual prayers, even though this is also needed a lot.
So the rabbinical counting is not a bad idea, since millions are praying an fasting at the same time.
Feel free to keep Yom Kippur on both, the Rabbinical and lunar counting.
We can’t pray enough, especially in this season of madness and insanity all over the world, in the days of Noach.

Leviticus 16:29-34
Leviticus 23: 23-43
Deuteronomy 16:13-17
Zechariah 14:16-21

Links to the Videos on different Platforms – you can decide which one you prefer:


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Fishes - Damselfish (Chromis chromis)