Shalom and welcome @ Bindernowski

It was long overdue to change the welcome writing, that has been here since, oh way too long.

You are welcome to scroll through the website and listen to the music.
You are welcome to read the messages and prophetic words, dreams and visions.
You are welcome to watch these messages and a couple of other videos.
You are welcome to go over to Pond5 and buy some of my footages, images and music.
You are welcome to drop a donation, where any amount is welcome (a double welcome).


Maybe one day I will design a new front page image/ movie.
Though as the Lord is the potter and I am the clay, at least that part will remain.
He is not yet finished to shape me to be ready to be welcomed home in heaven.
I welcome you to surrender your life to Yeshua if you have not already.
He want to welcome you to live with Him in paradise/ heaven forever.

When I launched this website many years ago, the world was very different as it is now.
Yes, the governments with dark background players has worked hard since decades to bring us to the edge of the cliff.
They work more or less hand in hand with the devil who only wants to kill, steal and destroy.

Looking back, I could see a big shift with the fall of the Berlin wall.
Not that this wall was good but it paved the way which made it possible that German tanks again stand at the Russian borders.
People never learn from history and because of this it will be repeated over and over again.
Not to say the Russian government is good, but nor are the NATO and it’s allies.

With 9/11 I could see how governments started to use terrorism, fake or real to use as a platform for rule against their own people.
Regardless of the oath they make when they get elected, not one of them keep it.
They serve their own and their sponsors interest but not the people of their nation.

9/11 also gave them a basic foundation for the next steps (pre-lockstep).
One of them is the fabricated war in Syria with myriads of false flag operations.
People need to be bound in fear and the mainstream media does everything to carry the orders from their background players to the people.
Also this is nothing new under the sun.

But this war (beside other so-called wars on terrorism) opened the floodgates of migration.
Still today the political media conglomerate claims that we need all these people because they suppose to be all highly educated experts.
Yes, some of them are really experts, but the majority have hardly and education at all and if so then in crime like drug smuggling or human trafficking or whatever.
It’s still being denied by the officials but it is undeniable if one walks through the streets of the cities in Europe.
From very different cultures, unwilling to integrate they take all the benefits from the social systems.
But knowingly the politricktians let it happen and even support it and give illegals some sort of protection.
Anyone who say something against their narrative will get censored.
Not yet to the fullness, but one day, I am sure my words will come true.
If you copy this article and one day my website will be closed down, you know it’s not conspiracy.

Of course there are hackers who want to kill the site.
I have seen in the spirit that the most so-called hackers are secret services paid by governments or better say by taxpayers money.

2020 we all know what happened, how everything changed in no time.
Everything got turned upside down by a complete unscientific narrative.
And they still keep that going.
I assume it will go on until they have killed enough and then establish the next plot.

We don’t need to look into far future.
The climate change and cashless society narrative with the laws they implement give us enough signs and evidence where the train is heading to.
All is written in the Scriptures, the holy bible.
A little push and the world will get kicked down the cliff into destruction.
The final shift will be, when the man of sin, called the Antichrist will come on stage and will force anyone to take the mark of the beast.
How it will look like and who the Antichrist is I don’t know in detail, but it will come because all is prophesied.

With the implementation of the DSA in the Evil Union I am wondering how much longer this website will be up and running.

At the beginning many years ago I only thought to post my music, some images and footages.
Adonai and also some brethren asked me to publish also the prophetic words, dreams and visions I received from Yeshua.

I am almost certain, one day the wicked rulers will take down everything on the Internet that speaks the truth.
Also anything that expose the evil deeds of governments and their puppet players in the background will be removed and definitely all biblical real truth.
With the DSA they laid already the first cornerstone to do it.

I have stored everything locally and in different places.
One day the enforcement troops of these illegal non elected individuals in high places might come and raid my home (wherever it will be at that time) and then confiscate my computers and electronic devices.
And when they do ″their″ research I would not wonder if they install really bad illegal stuff on my devices to have enough to charge against me.
But I can tell you, if you are one of them, I have copies in heaven.
And you will not be able to enter unless you repent.

Adonai Yeshua will be on my side.
Copies in heaven is actually not the proper word.
The original truth sits in heaven on the throne and this is Yeshua Himself.

One day all the crooked liars in politics, finance, industry, media, secret services, medicine, science and wherever will stand before Yeshua.
Within a twinkling of an eye the presence of Truth will remind them of all their wicked and lawless deeds.
Too late, too late it will be for them to repent from their evil ways.
Not one of them is able to escape, NOT ONE!

Most the words or visions Yeshua gives me is a call for repentance, yes, deep honest repentance.
I am not sure, if anyone in those above mentioned groups will read anything on my website, or if they will watch any of the videos on different platforms.

But if you are one of them and read this article, let this known to you:
The day will come and is guaranteed, that you will stand before the Lord face to shame.
And if you have not repented of your sins, lies and wicked deeds, you will suffer eternally the consequences.
The place where you will be cast is commonly named as hell.
There you will receive eternal punishment beyond imagination.

Of course I am very cautious what I say and write, but I don’t hold back of what I know and don’t fear man,
The only one I fear is YHWH, the Elohim of Avraham, Yzchak and Yaacov.
Yes, I also will one day stand before the living God and have to give account of what I have said and done.
Not one person will have a lawyer who might twist and turn man made laws, but we all stand before Him alone and stripped of any cover that tries to hide lies or crime.

I will stand there with my daily repentance and requests to forgive my sins and I trust that He who is faithful and true will invite me into His Kingdom.
Yeshua himself made it possible by His death and resurrection that I can have access to his Father who is in heaven..
And there we will be forever and ever.

There in heaven/ paradise no liars, thieves, murderer or any other offender of His words will be there.
But there will be love and joy and beauty beyond comprehension.
No sorrow nor pain will be and He will wipe all our tears away.

I look forward to meet Him and hear the words:
Welcome Home!



Message 2024/08 Superstition and Suspicion

Message 2024/08 Month 04

To see all the images, please watch the attached video (coming soon), I include here only a few.

Well, this is old stuff (what I am talking about), everyone already know that the sky and so we are being poisoned

The country with the smart city where I used to live was fairly decent in terms of the stripes in the sky.
But here, where I stay now it is absolutely crazy.

spraysky 1


But today (2024-04-12) a blue sky!
Meanwhile this is a bit an unusual view I am not really used to that anymore (a blue sky).
But when I look back, in my childhood this was the normal sky (of course when there were no clouds, like on a rainy day).
Yes, they have been manipulating the weather already in the 60’s and 70’s, from before that I don’t know because it was before I was born… but not in that intensity as today – well, silly ″Greta″ was not born back then.

However, a few interesting things
As today is blue sky and I have been working outside around the house, I was able to count the planes passing by.
When they spray the sky it’s hard to count, because at a certain point when everything is covered, then the counting becomes impossible.
But I was counting around 4 hours and in average I could see 10 to 12 planes per hour
All with a short trail, which used to be normal.

Not sure what is going on.
I was thinking, it is Friday, but it is the 12th and not the 13th.
I thought, if the spraypilots are superstitious it makes sense not to fly on F13.
Surely none of them who does these things have the fear of YHWH, because with that they would not do such things.
If you have the fear of the Lord, you won’t kill people, even on long term.

I took lately a couple of pictures of the painted sky and you can see how many are flying around.
You can say what you want, but I am not blind and my estimation is about 3 to 4 times as many airplanes like today when we had a nice blue sky.
Was there something wrong with the delivery of the chemicals, like delayed or a traffic jam or whatever, so that they could not deliver in time, or whatever happened?
I have no answer.

Interestingly when I went a bit out riding the bicycle around noon, there was one single aircraft with a line all across the sky and I thought, that doesn’t make sense.
When they claim, under certain conditions in the atmosphere the trails are short and other conditions the trails are short.
But when all planes produce short trails and one in between that paints a line all across the sky, where it stayed for a long time?
Maybe they found one plane standing around filled with the chemicals and they thought, okay, let’s go…

But the other day I thought, this is strange.
There were two jets flying parallel relatively close to each other and at one point they flew even above each other.

This is how it looks like is shown in the slightly modified contrast and brightness of the image below:

Do you see this? Slightly different colors!
Depends on your screen, the colors might turn out slightly different, but you can see these two lines are not the same.
With my eyes the right lane had a stronger pink color as you see on the photo (Auto white balance of the camera works usually great, but sometimes just not accurate ).
With the changed brightness and contrast, it’s more visible.

Parallel lines
Very suspicious indeed.
Whatever it is, if some say contrail, how can they have different colors?
Does the one fly with other fuel than the other or what?
Or one plane gets his fuel from Shell and the other from Exxon and they appear differently?

So, enough for this sky-paint now, I will see what tomorrow will bring.

Now as I post this, it is the next day Apr.14 and approved!
Again many more planes and the sky again painted
Not yet fully covered, but good a portion – might take a few days to fill the sky.

Links to the Videos on different Platforms – you can decide which one you prefer:


Or watch it directly here on Rumble



Message 2024/07 Distractions and Deceptions

Message 2024/07 Distractions and Deceptions, Month 04

Well, just felt like to come up with another message, not a prophecy, though you never know it might contain some prophetic elements, as like my parody when I started to gathered together my ideas in April 2016 – though this massive work took quiet a long time to finish.
It was actually intended to describe all the madness in this world with a good amount of irony, but every once in a while when I am listening to it, surprisingly I see more and more fulfilled prophesy in these songs.

Message 2024-07 Distractions and deception

However, today something about distractions and a bit deception, though they often go hand in hand and by that, I say they are somehow interchangeable, deception might be a bit deeper, where the devil is in the details – and on deception he is indeed very deep.


Beginning of message:

But I reflect more on distractions and just jump now into a recent event – actually, I can’t say latest, because as soon it is put to words, the next distraction already knocks at the door.
Nevertheless, maybe except for those who live in that area are affected by it, but for the rest of the world, it’s outdated or old news (oh what a contradiction) and mainly disappeared from propaganda and people’s minds.

The Francis Scott Key bridge.
Interesting to watch the short clip that is available of that collision.
I thought, what a stupid sailor – lots of space between the pillars, but no, he just bumps into one of them?
It like a car driver along on a huge empty parking lot, and there one single light pole in the middle. And what? He just dash right into that one lonely lamp and knocks it off – or perhaps today there is rather a death tower there (though that would be a good thing to knock it off, though should be all of them).

However, as soon I saw the collapse of the bridge, I knew within a second, this was not an accident, but a controlled demolition, very precise.
If you think it was an accident, watch a video with boats or ships having collisions.
And especially look for those, when a big ship takes down container cranes.
Their steel construction is relatively similar to this bridge, with the style of the steel beams mounted together, yet the collapse, very differently.
In my view the bridge collapsed like the 9/11 twin towers, basically in free fall.
But this is just a small illustration how America and the monetary system (the dollar fist) will fall, though this is another can of worms, I will not open here.

Anyway, my opinion, just another distraction to draw peoples attention away from the wicked plans of the elites, and so the same with many other staged events (feel free to fill the blanks).

The next big distraction (or as well destruction) is surely the coming eclipse in a few days Apr.08 – already announced as something big, the major event of the century or whatever.
The warnings are absolutely hilarious.
It’s like this is the very first solar eclipse ever in human history.
Some schools close because of security reasons, warnings over warnings, phone communication might fail, special military forces (national guard or so? I don’t know) being deployed and so on and on…
This is an eclipse that happens regularly all the time somewhere, but now, it seem to be something different.
And even including with the demons lining up, oh, did I say demons, I wanted to say plants ehm, sorry, I mean the stuff that is labeled as planets… consider their names: you think this is coincidence?

Yes, there is definitely something weird with this eclipse but don’t be deceived as we know also the global players will use it for their agenda – of course they use every distraction to deceive as their father (the devil) does.
And who knows if they will fake a rapture with a big cross in the sky.
Welcome to Mister Bluebeam.
Of course in each nation their individual Christ.
For example: in most of Africa he will be black with curly short hair, in the Middle east olive skin with a long beard, where in Israel he might wear a black coat and a wheel on his head, or at least a Kippa, though the Kippa is only 800 years old (who cares), in Germany he is white and wearing a sleepy hat, in America and Sweden of course also white but well shaved and transgender, maybe waving a false rainbow flag in the sky, in Australia he might jump like a kangaroo, in China a bit yellowish with a smile and a red emblem on his t-shirt or his robe. Guess in North Korea it will be Kim. Or in Muslim countries it might be the Mahdi or Mohammad’s second arrival and bring some new news or some more virgins…

Yet, one little problem for the blue beam programmers might remain, all the millions legal and illegal black and brown migrants in America and Europe will surely wonder and claim, hey, that’s not our Messiah and call out for riots against him.
But… if the real rapture happens, then we get a problem with the post-tribulation gurus or the Niburu fans.
However, a fake rapture could become an opportunity for the believers to go out and tell the people about a real rapture (Harpazo) that will come soon and it’s better to be prepared and repent before its too late.

Big distractions are surely the endless wars (that’s no question) – though they are somehow real with too many people dying, but the true reason of war will never be in the front pages of the propaganda channels.
We know the first thing that dies in every war, even before the first shot is fired: it’s the truth and than, sooner or later after a lot of dead people there will be a winner and a loser.
The winner is always the same, which is the military industrial complex with their banks and the losers always the same: people, regardless on which side, the cannon fodder or how the elites name them, the useless eaters.
Only at Armageddon the groups will be very different; there will be separated the sheep and the goats, clear lines and a very short war. But that’s a complete different story – that’s not a distraction, that’s prophecy!

However, all in all, it is a deadly distraction and deception show.
It’s a show, it’s all planned from both sides, regardless how it gets presented and communicated to the people.

All things are carefully planned to focus the eyes of the sheeple away from the created issues, that they never question or figure out who is behind the plan of these things. Just think for example for America with the open southern border and surely almost all countries want to hide the truth about the Version 19 bioweapon, so they need a lot of new big distractions to hide them.

Some of the distractions might be only local, others worldwide yet through Internet and globalization at least the bigger ones very well affect all nations in one way or the other.
There is so much more that adds up daily, where I never be able to keep up as the amount is increasing rapidly.
And of course, the most distractions published by the Lamestream media are nothing but lies, but, not surprising at all, as they are nothing but the mouthpiece of the devil, who is the master deceiver, and the father of all lies.
Made for the purpose to instill fear in peoples minds, because people in fear can easily be controlled.

Why do I focus on distractions and less on deception even the scripture speaks not really about distractions but often about deception, or better say not to be deceived?
Well, most distractions I would say are designed to deceive people – and again in my opinion they are just one single package of evil.

And there is actually a great proof of the level of distractions and what grips the peoples attention.
Look in ChewTooth or whatever other video or socialist platform, and there analyze the headlines and see, which subjects gains the most attention, or the most clicks.
The more shocking perverse or seductive, the more views, the law of attraction guides people to the most evil, horrible or disgusting events, isn’t it?
Go through it and check it out for yourself.
Is just like with children or teenagers, the bullies always gets all the attraction and attention, though I don’t understand it.
For me it’s a clear indication of the moral decline of this world, that goes in warp speed down.
Then, look at good news and you’ll realize, hardly anyone pays attention to them anymore.

But why all the distractions?
Well, for example, the more distractions you have, the easier you can hide the skyrocketing excess mortality rate of the deadly injections and redirect the peoples minds, towards somewhere else.
The more shocking the events, the more people move their heads away from true life, and themselves .
Distractions are also ″helpful″ to hide war crimes and genocide from public (you know where I am pointing to).
And of course who wants to hear about things like the depopulation plans of the globalists?
Uuuuh, conspiracy…
Distraction like Superbowl, Olympic games, or bombshell scandals of celebrities and so on are perfect moments for wicked leaders to implement new tyrannical laws.
Their most important goal fro them is, to divert the eyes of believers away from the Lord Yeshua, and… eventually even away from their callings – which is, to share the good news of salvation and make disciples.
You know all the political movements in Churchianity…

One thing is sure, Yeshua is not distracted at all by anything.
His focus is still the same as it was yesterday and so it will be tomorrow.
He wants people to come to the knowledge of the truth, get saved and born again, roughly to say in a nutshell – He don’t want anyone to perish.

He who sits in heaven laughs about the foolishness of mankind – or probably rolling on the floor already from laughing so hard.
And indeed, it is ridiculous with how many things the people in this world are simply distracted.
Literally each one of us, just think about.
Let me just list some…

We have time for all nonsense and everything vain, but no time for the most important, our eternal future.
Sports is more important than the bible,
Internet and socialist media is more important than to meet with brethren face to face and pray together.
Yes, we can use internet to meet together, but to pray face to face is a different level, and the devil knows that.
Daily news seem to be more important than to study the scriptures and see the good news of salvation, that Yeshua came in the flesh and went to the cross to die for our sins and all that leads to the Father in heaven.
As like our daily bread and circus to be more important than our daily bread of life, the relationship with the Lord Yeshua.
Running after all distractions and share those spectacular events with the world (online) appears to be more important than to pick up our staff and follow Yeshua and share what He has done for us to our neighbor and even our own relatives.
Most people in this world love sin to forget about that they have to die one day and ignore the fact that something in our soul tells us that this life is not the end.
And with all the distractions they want to blend it out.

We fear of what could happen to us if another plandemic comes, or the world war extends from Ukraine and Gaza to all nations but how few fear YHWH and therefore the majority of the worlds population remain without wisdom.
People eat daily from the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and stare and glorify the bite in the apple but don’t spend a second on the tree of life, even if it stands right next to each other.
You can add your own discoveries to this list – it’s almost endless.
All distractions and deceptions in this world it will end only at the end of this world.

However, I don’t exclude myself from this list, I am very well aware I do some of these distractive things, stupid things the typical time-eater.
Yes, I wish I would spend more time in intimate relationship with Yeshua.
My spirit is willing, but my flesh is very weak, but I don’t want to use this as an excuse – I wish I could be more pure and holy to be a sweet aroma for my king, who sits in heaven high above on the throne and yet He is very, very close and near to us.

Anyway, when I speak about distractions, I recognize it happens even often in prayer when my thoughts run astray.
Have you even realized that?
Let’s say in prayer or intercession for a certain person and then… the thoughts suddenly make a journey into whatever situations with or about this person and then moves along around, ending in all different places, completely distracted by memories.
You may come back to prayer, but at least it seems to me such distractions keep on coming over and over again.
Okay, for people who don’t pray, it doesn’t happen, or those who pray once a week it doesn’t happen very often, but if you pray daily, distractions in the thoughts in the mind might come.

But I don’t want to give you more distractions now and will finish this message.
I think there could be much more to say, but I’ll leave it with that

So, whether we fly home during the eclipse as some predict or nothing spectacular or at all will happen, just to name the two extreme opposite versions, sooner or later the days of our lives are numbered, whether you like it or not.
And then… and then… we will know when we stand before Yeshua and He speaks his judgment, and we will know if our hearts have been focused on Him or just on all the distractive and deceptive things or the new shiny toys of this world so to say… basically all the vain things of this world.
However, I hope I will see you all on the streets of gold one day.
The fear of YHWH is the beginning of wisdom. Seek Him instead foolish distractions of this world.

End of Message

Links to the Videos on different Platforms – you can decide which one you prefer:


Or watch it directly here on Rumble


Message 06/2024 Pessach, Eclipse, Noach, Sodom and Gomorrah, Putin

Message 06 2024 Pessach, Eclipse, Noach, Sodom & Gomorrah, and Putin

This sounds a bit a lot of subjects for one message – but so it is.
Some people make 2 hours videos and tens or hundred of thousands people watching til the end.
Mine will not be so long with a bit more than half an hour because I will just scratch a bit the surface on each topic.
Message 2024-06 Sodom Gomorrah Eclipse Pessach and Putin


And I am going to start with: Pessach (Passover).
I will not go much into the details about the feast itself, because I have mentioned the last 2or 3 years already enough about it.
But you may wonder, why I come up so early with that?
Well, when you look at the Jewish holidays, Pessach, the rabbinical Pessach, or Passover begins in about a month on day 22 of the month 4 according to the Gregorian counting.

However, the Rabbis have their calendar designed in an infinite way where you can know already Pessach in the year whatever, 10.000 for example, and which day it would be on the secular calendar.
Okay, this is a bit far in future where none of us who watch my videos will will see.
But on the other side, I would wonder if we will even see 2030 when the diabolic inspired guys have gotten their bug factories up and running.
The speed they poison and destroy everything in so many different ways, possibly humanity may not make it that much longer and I am sure the AI robots will not eat ze bugs.
And about bugs… a story quiet some years ago, 15 or so. The uncle of a friend had an accident and went into a hospital. It was nothing serious, something with his leg, but they were not sure about it and keep him over night to watch if everything is fine with him or if there was something else (I think he fell down some stairs). Well, they didn’t keep him just over night… but… 3 days later he was carried out together with other two patients in the same room.
A superbug took over their lives.
And I am wondering, when the globalists create bugs (supposedly to eat) they might create (accidentally) a superbug that will torment them for 5 months.

However, back to the timing for Pessach… the Rabbis never take nature into account in their counting – or at least not anymore.
In ancient times the priest would follow Gods commandments to go out in springtime near Jerusalem and look if the barley is advanced enough to determine if it’s time for the first month or not, meaning if they had to add a 13th month.
But as nature as an indication of springtime is not taken into account anymore – may they rather ″follow the science″.

With the timing actually, there is anyway the discussion whether the mathematical counting is correct or the sighting of the moon from Jerusalem (or elsewhere).
Then there is the calendar of the Essenes, which is also slightly different.
And in addition to that, some people use the full moon which is also a bit vague, depending if you go for the mathematical counting or the sighting, counting and others go with the Chanoch calendar (not sure if there are other ways and calendars available) – so here we go with the chaos.

One version I don’t follow is the science calendar, definitely not Fauchi science nor Disney science – which is actually NASA-science because it’s a child of Disney with the Nazi midwife Wernher von Braun.
Braun like the Brownshirts, and there is Eva Braun the girl of Hitler and strange enough my dad knew her and met her personally even without being a Nazi.
Actually, if you look at the Disney logo, you’ll see the dome and the tower that reach up to heaven – so much about a spinning ball – and for more clarity about how the earth looks like you can discover by the logo of the UN and WHO.

However, in ancient times, nature instead math or science was the indication of the first month of the year, as biblical times were an agriculture society.
But still not all question solved as some people argue with the equinox and blah blah blah whatever details.
In any case, the law of nature simply don’t care about the pile of all the rabbinical laws or man-made interpretations.
Will you chop down a almond tree if he starts to bud in December, saying to him you are not allowed to do that?
Or will you bring a spring snowdrop and bring it before court when it starts to blossom in August?

Nature decides on it’s own or by the will of YHWH when there will be a long or short or early or late winter – as the timing of every other season.
Okay, with Geoengineering everything is already very much messed up, but Adonai is still in control and so by this, Pessach starts when He declares it through nature, even with all the manipulation in nature, climate and weather.
Winter is still around the same season as it was 50 years ago where I can remember – it might be a bit messed up but it is still around in the same season.

And this year, the barley is already mature enough to indicate it’s Aviv now, and by that early next week there is Pessach and Chag Mazot

You can also go with one of the other calendars, it’s up to you…

Are you ready?
If you are ready you will have the blood (of Yeshua, the innocent lamb of Adonai) on your doorposts.

Now it goes right into the solar eclipse, the one in America on April the 8th. 2024
Though, I will not see it with my own eyes, even for the penumbra lunar eclipse I am too far away.
But it it not incredible how the American government and all the corrupt agencies with their propaganda loudspeakers are going crazy on that?
I think never in all history was such a fear-mongering panic on a solar eclipse ever made.
In any case, I am wondering what the puppet players have planned on that day, probably to deceive more people with another lie as they have not learned anything else but to lie.
Or do they know something what most people don’t know?
Yes, there are a lot of prophets and/or profits speaking about certain things happening around the time when America will be crossed out… of course, it depends if the American people repent or not.
Interestingly enough the eclipse 2017 and the coming one are 7 years apart, but literally I heard someone made a different calculation and it turns out to be exactly 6 years, 6 months, 6 weeks and 6 days ″6666″.
Will the people in America repent like the people in Nineveh?
I hope so, but I have my doubt.
Or will they continue to pile up their sins that already reached heavens and be ignorant of the coming rain like the people in the days of Noach?
And there’s the question:
Are we in times like in the days of Noach?
I almost would say yes and no:
People eating and drinking, marrying and given into marriage.
That happens even in Ukraine.
Many people all over the world have hardly anything to eat and drink (clean water) anymore and others have to eat GMO crap – and not sure how much that looks like food and is still sold as food is truly still real food, according to the standards of scripture. Of course, the globalists want us to eat ze bugs. As they know that this is an abomination to Adonai, that’s why they pushing it so hard, to make sure those who truly following the commandments have to decide…
And in all of this, the western governments especially anyway wants to eliminate farmers, so to have a manufactured famine, where famines were was foretold in the bible. Either you die from hunger or disobey Gods commandments or go with mainstream Churchianity that say that the law was abolished – or you can join the system 666 one day – and be happy (without owning anything), but just for a very short while and then the happiness will be gone for all eternity .
You decide, but my advice, don’t chose the last.

When I look around and hear about all the insanity in this world, especially by those in politics, but even here in the neighborhood, it appears like we already passed the days of Noach and are rather in Sodom and Gomorrah – or close to pass that as well.
Regardless of how you think about the apocrypha, but the book of Jasher gives a lot of insight about life and living in Sodom and Gomorrah – the bible doesn’t supply that much details.
Not sure anymore, if any of the other apocrypha there are also additional details.

I was thinking… can this be compared to what is going on in this world?
May there is more as what I see, but one indication are the corruption of the judges and the laws they made – so there is a perfect correlation between Sodom and Gomorrah with the world (of judges) today.
Think about many laws of insanity so to say, that are already implemented to some extend in many countries and I tell you, it will get worse, where scripture makes no secret about it.
Just the example in France you already can get arrested when you speak out against Big Pharma or the version 19 injections and claim they do a lot of harm, or even just criticize them. And they have now abortion implemented in the constitution as a fundamental right to kill the babies. I would not wonder when the thought-bill will be passed in Canada where you can get arrested for lifetime if someone claims you have hate thoughts or you might commit eventually or possibly a crime in the future. However, sooner or later it will become worse.
I have family history in Nazi Germany and Soviet Communism and countries like these where denunciation was common. Or just think about only 35 years ago with Honecker socialism in Eastern Germany where you could not trust even your own family. If you said something wrong… the Stasi was there in no time and they got you.
And where are we now?
Look around, we find the world partially back together with many other countries to do the same by the advice of the green-leftist regimes and their bullhorn, the corporate mainstream liars.
They do all the things against Gods commandments.
Don’t forget in May when the unelected WHO, a literal terror organization will take over the health decisions in most countries, where I hope most countries will push the brakes in the last second, not very likely, bot I just hope.
In the same month when there are elections in the Evil Union or better to say selections.
And the ones who make decisions can’t be elected and those tho are elected have nothing to decide but to babble hot air.
And the list goes on and on with all the LGBT-plus movements, and gender pronouns, trans-nonsense… it’s just endless.
You can copy and paste everything into Sodom and Gomorrah
Just look at all the modern laws with the highly corrupt judges and also society stuff, and then translate it into ancient times language and understanding and you see and know the whole world is already like Sodom and Gomorrah – in some places possibly beyond, like currently Haiti.

I guess everyone knows that story with Lot in Sodom and Gomorrah.
Some believe it was true, others say, it was just metaphorical, or they say the whole bible is only metaphorical in some ways.
Then there is a group of those who flat-out denies scripture completely as a fantasy book or whatever.
Personally… I believe all what is written is true truth (okay, with translations flaws).
But in that regards simple:
Fire from heaven, period…

But before you think fire from heaven is fantasy, listen…
Meanwhile we see more and more strange forest fires (or at least labeled as such) and there we see metal melting and stone buildings powdered to ashes on the ground while between those two the trees remain standing – what kind of science is that?
How can you claim it a forest fire when everything except the trees are burning down?
Have you ever thought about that?
Just an analogy for example, you call emergency when a car is hit by a train but tell them the mirror of the car got broken, you need urgend help? Just imagine: How will they respond?
However, possibly most of these so-called forest fires today in my opinion are actually man made destruction caused by energy weapons or eventually also by the death towers, of course, where the Professional liars, called Mainstream fact checkers claim as forest fires even though they themselves see still most trees remain standing.
I’ve seen a few forest fires some 50 years ago where one of them was not far away where I used to walk a lot or run in the wood… and they looked different than the ones today.
But we all know that already.

However, if men is able to cause fire to come down from the sky by whatever technology they use – which has been filmed already often enough, how much more YHWH, the creator of all things is able to send fire and brimstone from heaven?
Maybe at the end He will simply use men to destroy themselves by their own stupidity.
He just laugh about them and say: do whatever you want and I am sure it won’t take long until they destroyed everything including themselves – no questions about it.
Just let all Haarps have their concert together at the same time, add the ring of CERN and the other rings, all on full speed of course, powder the sky completely with their daily toxic stripes or more like carpets of poison, together with tons of other unknown ingredients…
But let this be enough of Sodom and Gomorrah…
Where I am sure, the sky back then was more clear and clean than it is today.

Finally I come to Vladimir Putin.
Regardless of how you look at this man, I look at him more from a neutral perspective because I can’t look into his heart to see his true intentions and motivations – so I don’t judge neither good or bad.
From this neutral position I would say, what choice does he has against the big hegemonic monster knocking at his door? You know what I am talking about…

However, I had a dream.

Beginning of dream:
It was in the place where I grew up, just by the entry near the road.
And there I met Vladimir Putin.
We knew each other already for quiet some time and it’s not the first time we met.
(Note: I’ve never met him in reality, but I met him before in other dreams).
I think there was a car just beside, possibly his.
Then I pointed out to the hill in a bit distance and on that hill there was a dirt pile (maybe 5 meters high which is about 15 feet) like some lorries dump on one place, brown soil…
And I said to Putin figuratively it will be leveled.
Then Vladimir smiled and said something, though I could not remember his detailed words.
But from the context I could get a sense of what he was saying, which was something like: ″ha, that’s not a big deal″. And I could understand he was looking into it simply from a natural human point of view (which would be a true logical statement).
Then I pulled a bible out of my pocket and told him, all mountains will be leveled (Revelation 16:20 where the prophet Isaiah in chapter 40:4 spoke about).
End of dream

Putin in the dream might be a representation of all the power hungry leaders of this world and not only himself.
And YHWH says they all of them will be humbled down as their sins and pride have reached heavens.
It might be a bit simplified interpretation, but so it is. But as prophecy is not always straight and can have multiple meanings and we prophesy anyway in part – so you can add your own interpretation into it.

And the dirt pile, looking from the distance looked like, somehow like a tumor on skin of a person.
Though the dirt on the hill did not look bad, just ordinary brown like good soil, but it could be also a part of the interpretation. The leaders are truly like cancer in this world or tumors on/in a human body.

And the small dirt pile on the hill maybe could also represent the little horn written in the book of Daniel.
Some believe that little horn represents the Antichrist – according to possibly the majority of bible scholars.
And in that case when Putin was pointing out that this is not a big deal.
In a natural perspective he is completely right, you would only need a big wheel loader and this hill is being removed within minutes.
So easy or even easier it will be for Yeshua to remove the Antichrist when his time is up according to His word, written in scriptures, and to remove all the leaders in this world at once as well.
And what?
When Isaiah speaks about that the valleys shall be exalted. The ones who belong to Him will be lifted up to Him and reign with Yeshua forever – Revelation 22:5.

You can make your own interpretation about that dream, many other options possible.

Now, until Yeshua comes, wars and rumors of wars will go on, but this is not yet the end.
With all the disasters already here and more to come… I was thinking about all the effort for the billionaires to built their bunkers – you know what?
It won’t save them. Only Yeshua can save.
And for all who are listening or reading this message:
Yeshua is the only savior!

However, with the bunkers, I was thinking, just imagine while they believe they will be safe from nuclear or whatever big world war with whatever weapons they have in their storage or catastrophic event, Yeshua commands an angel and say to him to flip all their whole bunkers 45 degrees, how much will they be screaming in their concrete blocks when everything will be messed up…
When they have their Caviar and whatever on their table and suddenly all got swept away and tossed to the floor or the corners.
The tower of Pisa is a bit slant, but imagine to go upstairs if it would be in a 45 degrees angle?
It might be hardly possibly to get up, maybe crawling

So it’s better to cling to Yeshua and remain under the shelter of the most high.
Gold and silver can’t save us, but Yeshuas blood , He Himself can save us because He is the way, the truth and the life and no-one comes to the Father in heaven except through Him.
For those who are signed into the book of life, gold will become more or less worthless because one day we will be walking on streets of gold.
It might be sooner than we think, which I actually hope
Whether it will be during the eclipse, or sooner or later, or even tomorrow – be ready, get your life in order, repent of your sins, and your sins be washed away by Yeshuas blood….

But until we fly home in one way or another, be mightily blessed!

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