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Well, Bindernowski is now public, on different video platforms

Bitchute, Brighteon, Rumble, Godtube, Odysee.
Okay, all of them can’t be compared to the giant YouTube.

Sadly the search tool of them are simply horrible.
Uploading is very easy but navigating around is just a mess.
Maybe it’s just me but whatever I am searching for, never shows up…
Whatever I type in the search box – the results appear to me just random.

Below all the Links:


The channels I’ve tried to name as: ″What Do You Got To Lose?″
But some of the platforms it simply does not work for whatever reasons.
So… they have the channel name ″Bindernowski″.

Why am I not on (Google-) YouTube?
Simply because of my principals not to support Communists, Marxists, Socialists and Nazis or those who are worse than all of them together (you’ve got it?).
And YouTube is on the way to get worse than all of them together.
I already mention more details about why in another article and in some videos, so I will not go further into details now.
If they will ever turn away from their censorship of truth and free speech –
(of course, hate-speech or call for violence, stuff like that is also not allowed on other platforms).
I might open a channel on ″Google-Truth″ – but not now!


Referral link to bitchute


Bitchute and Brighteon are not having thousands or millions of views but at least doing somehow okay, yet the other ones have hardly any views.
Guess they simply have a different audience.
Nevertheless, as it does not cost anything besides a few minutes to upload, that’s why I also post my stuff there.
To add an article here on the website takes even longer.

Okay, here the rest of the links:


Due to the file size limit there it could happen, maybe some day a video can’t be posted there.
I already have a few ones, that I rendered in a extreme low quality to match the 500MB limit per video.

I also do have an account on Odysee
but with their strange Bitcoin system I don’t understand, and so, there is a limit for uploads
Yes, it might increase slowly but possibly will always be far behind the others with the amount of videos, except someone throws in a good amount of LBRY

In any case, regardless of which one you prefer, they have all the same content (except Odysee… not yet)

Not sure if one day I might find another platform where it does not cost to post videos.
I don’t mind on ads below or before the videos, the servers does not run on their own.
But I simply can’t afford to pay.
The website is sponsored by a brother – not so much anyway.

Now; what about the Prophetic Words that you can read on or watch on the video platforms?

Have any of the prophecies ever been fulfilled?
As I don’t watch news and have not much insight of all the world events, I can’t say much about it.
But a dear brother with whom I am regularly in touch, he also like a mentor who checks my prophecies if they are from the Lord Yeshua or just my own ideas or even guesswork.
And yes, he found some prophecies fulfilled or currently in progress.

But what did people say about EliYahu, Daniel or any of the other Prophets of the bible?
When some of the prophecies were never been fulfilled in their lifetime, but hundreds of years later and some even not until today?
I think, then I am still in good company.
Most people expect prophecies to come to pass within a twinkling of an eye.
Or at least like the instant coffee within minutes – but this is not how prophecy works.

So, be patient and wait and watch carefully.
And definitely ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you in every prophetic word, even in scripture, or else it will become a dead letter.
Also don’t forget, sometimes He asks for our response and actions that He can do something.

There are a few words I received that I might never post anywhere.
I shared them with a few brothers or even with no-one.
Because they are so deep and tense that many would not be able to digest them.
I hope and pray they will not come to pass but I’m prepared for it.
Yet the book of revelation gives some hint, it will get pretty bad at the end of this age.



Remember October 1946

Just thinking: Where or how to start…

Do we not have enough of that Covid 19 rubbish?
Day in day out the mainstream liars are pushing the 21 and 2030 agenda

We all know meanwhile that this corona thing is not a virus but…


a bio-weapon, a tool to implement worldwide dictatorship with total control of the whole population.
All well planned, designed and staged far ahead of time by the people that are named the ″Elite″.
Australia gives a pretty clear picture already.

Basically: Problem – reaction – solution!
And surely they also use ″divide and conquer″
and ″Order out of Chaos″.
Though, not the order of Elohim but their violent order with Police, SS and Gestapo to order the people to be 100% compliant.

Anything that I foretold to some friends came to pass.
From the beginning I knew what will come – and the minute some of these politricktians flossed the word vaxxination between their double tongue I knew they try to make it mandatory.
And what do we see now in several countries?
Exact what I saw coming.
The Mainstream liars with their propaganda still push the narrative with a diabolic power.
And they will not stop promoting lies until they will scream in hell.
It’s hard to imagine someone who lies permanently for decades can suddenly become a truth teller.
Unless Yeshua chops off his brain it is impossible.
It’s worse than most addictions.

The ″Josef Mengele Serum″ already killed tens of thousands, and injured millions. The real number is possibly 10 times higher. And it’s not over yet, but we are just at the beginning.


As the title says: Remember October 1946.
Don’t know if anyone knows what happened back then
I was not born yet, because my dad was still in Soviet prison because the Nazis sent him to Stalingrad – guess he was not excited about it.

The Nuremberg trials
You can look up for yourself about more details
Okay, the complete trial lasted longer than only til October 46, but this was the major hanging party.
The doctors with their experimental crimes came later

NEVER AGAIN ????????
In front of our eyes as there are still holocaust survivors alive we see not only a Holocaust of the Jews, but a worldwide genocide taking place.
And exactly the same people, the politicians and puppets in high places who announced it publicly
with BIG words over and over again,
NOW… pounding the last nail into the worldwide genocide coffin.

Here we are!
About 90 years after Hitler took over, the same story – and I saw it coming.
I told it to some people yet none believed it.

However, this time it’s all over the world, as if all these politicians are programmed and synchronized.
It is no coincidence that the Bible says: Nothing new under the sun.

Okay, most countries now facing massive protests.
But in some countries the police and military already started to arrest people who are not compliant.
Similar of what Hitler did with the Jews.
How far will it go?
Will they burn them?
I would not doubt that there in the prisons (concentration camps) they already start with medical experiments or just kill them silently and throw them in mass graves.

And what is Adonai doing?

Will He watch until a few diabolic bastards have completely taken over the world?
500 Millions limit are engraved in the Demonic Stones in Georgia.
Will that happen?
A couple of thousand of the Elite.
The rest as slaves, jabbed to corrupt their DNA, the God-given identity.
Will God then use the Bloodthirsty diabolic Elite to continue with a non-corrupted DNA people?

They are surely the only ones who will never (have to) take any of their own poisonous Injections.
What is left for Adonai, if He let them continue playing their evil game?

Yes, I am really wondering…
If some of my prophecies are true, many people already signed their eternal punishment in hell.
I know the argument about repentance and forgiveness until the last second.
But Adonai hardened the heart of Pharaoh so he could not repent anymore or else he could have cried out to God for mercy when he start drowning.
The same way I believe, some people already went too far or are close to that place that they will not be able to repent any more or don’t want to repent.
Revelation 2:21, 9:21 and 16:9-11 speaks a clear message

You may find many prophecies of a turn around and even a wealth transfer to the righteous.
Will it happen?
I don’t know.
Actually I don’t know HOW this can happen.

Will there be another Nuremberg trial?
But that would include possibly tens of millions involved in that evil Covid 19 plot…
Can they all be hung on the gallows, or arrested or will they all repent?
This is surely something that is beyond imagination.
And then we look into this world, where most people are brainwashed and have no clue of what is truly going on and just buying into these blatant lies.
Now, as much as I heard at least 40-50% of all the world population already have a venom injected and with that a compromised immune system. (some countries have already 100%)

The Lord stepped in for Israel to get out of Egypt and drowned Pharaoh and his army.
Will He do a similar thing today?
At a moment when there is absolutely no more hope at all?
Time will tell…

But whatever happens: I will look upon Yeshua and put My trust in Him.
The world will anyway pass away in one way, shape or form.
Yet, Yeshua’s words will never pass away.

And whatever happens to me, as long my name is written in the lambs book of life…
I want to serve Yeshua til the end.



Next after and into 5782

The Moedim for this season passed….

We are now in the year 5782, or?
Well, some say, the rabbinical calculation for September is not correct.
The correct one shall be a month later because of the spring equinox, etc.
Actually, according to nature and the status of the barley in springtime
September is right, except for the discussion whether new moon shall be
according to the mathematical calculation or the sighting of the moon from Yerushalayim (Jerusalem).

What’s next?


Currently I am working hard to put videos together with prophetic words, dreams, visions and music… and whatever comes up that I don’t know yet.

So that’s why at the moment the words I am posting can be out of order.
As I set the dates of the prophetic words on the website according to the time given, it is possible that you may not see them in the front page of the latest 4 entries, because it sort it according to that time.

So, if you watch regularly, just check out which ones you may not have read yet.
I also figured out as I flipped through the pages of my handwriting (that’s the way I write them down before I type them into the computer), that I missed one word (perhaps more than one).

However, the videos I am editing are for different online platforms.
I do not post anything on YouTube.
Yes, I am aware with YouTube I would surely have the most views.
But as much as I am standing against these wicked tech Conglomerates where the head of YT Google is one of them.
I do it because of their censorship.
I support free speech – hate speech or call for violence or disgusting stuff like porn I will not.
Many years ago I have been hosting my website on another provider. Never had any technical trouble with them. But when I figured out they allow adult content, I moved to another provider.

However, do this boycott because I don’t want to support anyone who is in bed with the wicked Agenda 21 and 2030 tyrants.
I want to be as much as possible consequent.
No, it’s impossible to bypass Google completely – their influence in the internet is like cancer.
The only way would be to go completely offline.

Bonhoeffer gave a perfect example, not to bow down to a totalitarian system.

Back to the prophetic words:
Maybe as soon as I am up to date with the prophetic words and the videos for those platforms I might include them into the prophetic word, so to hear them spoken.
Or maybe I include them only as audio… will see what’s the best way.
Though I am not native English and some words I pronounce a bit funny, but so it is – sure, that might be acceptable.

I think I received my first donation, and I appreciate it very much.
Thank you – the blessings shall flow back to you multiplied.
Either is was through one of the video platforms or over someone who watched this website, I don’t know.
Not that I am in a urgent need but I appreciate it very much.

In my current situation the I can’t use these donations other than to buy virtual things like software updates or send it to people in need.
Any software investments are anyway on hold since the beginning of 2021.
But may I will need it to buy a boat (somehow), once I have to get out of this island where I currently stay.
Okay, it’s almost insane, thinking to get out with a small rowing boat at least 250 miles across the open ocean where 99% of the year against the wind and waves.
Time will tell…

But here…
To go shopping I would need a green pass, so even using the credit card does not work.
They name it actually a ″safe pass″
Using such a title (safe-pass) for something that is so diabolic and wicked in my eyes I would say it’s even blasphemy.

Luckily I am in a place where I am able to ask people who go shopping for me.
It is somehow limited as I don’t want to put too much a burden on others and not the same as if I would go on my own. But at least it helps me to get some food.

No, I am not a prepper to have stocked up for 10 years but
I already have food stored to get through for about half a year.
Who knows how the situation in this world develop.
A man-created food shortage is very likely to come.
The plans of the wicked are wide open and the bible paints also a good possibility for that scenario.
At the end it’s the Lord who will provide, but as much as we can, we shall also can use a bit our brain and common sense to make wise decisions.
As long as I am able to prepare from a human perspective I will do it.
The rest is up to Yeshua.

About the safe pass…
There is only ONE who saves.
On my safe pass is the Name Yeshua written and not a stupid number of a deadly poisonous injection.
I name the venom ″Josef Mengele Serum″.
This life will fade away sooner or later in any form or shape.
Then, afterwards real life starts.
For those who don’t repent they will also find themselves in a very safe place.
But that’s not a nice location at all, where they will be weeping and gnashing of teeth – with indescribable pain.
Safer as the most protected prison.
Sadly there is no escape – never ever anymore – eternally!

Chose life, chose Yeshua!
He will give eternal freedom without any pain and suffering or tyranny.




Another Jewish year is approaching
I don’t think the counting of the year 5782 is accurate. However, to me it is not the most important.
We cannot say for sure if we might miss a couple of years or even hundreds of years or if it is less (or even if this might be accurate).

However, the Moedim at fall time are at the door.
Yom Teruah – Hosh HaShanah, Yom Kippur, Succoth, Shemini Atzeret and Simcha Torah


I don’t give dates here because of the debate if we shall celebrate them according to the mathematical calculations of the new moon or of the sighting of the moon from Yerushalayim.
Some people claim it will be a month later, but they have not looked out for the Barley at springtime in Yerushalayim. Friends of mine have checked the barley and this makes it clear that this month (the Gregorian Sept.) is the correct one, regardless of the day!

It will be too much to go into details of each single festival.
You can look up in Scripture about it and if you like to get more insight, there is a lot online available. Though some is okay, but a lot out there on the web is talking more about traditions instead the purpose of Elohim what it’s all about. I don’t condemn all traditions, but all depends rather on the source, the origins where they came from. As long they don’t go into whichcraft or stuff like that I think there is nothing against it.

What can we expect in this bizarre year?
Agenda 21? Yes I think so.
20 year anniversary of 9/11 is no coincidence – and this will come close after Rosh HaShanah.
I would not be surprised if some mayor event will occur – all depends surely if Adonai will give him permission or not.
The Devil likes to do such things over and over again.

Hope everyone will have their Shofar warmed up to blow like never before..
Not only because of Yom Teruah, but also to tear down the (modern) walls of Jericho.

At the end when the cycle of Torah reading ends and we are coming into a new cycle I pray it will be a new season with a turnaround for wickedness and their exposure on a worldwide level like never before.

Some or many people predict the rapture.
Well, if it comes, I am more than happy to go “home”.
But it will come when it comes and I’m prepared to go further in this mad world the best I can.
With a turnaround… unpredictable how the world will look like afterwards – time will tell.

Personally I would not wonder if we will see another Lockdown here where I live (if I count right it would be No.4).
Though there are now about 75% of what the Elite say “human animals” who already got the double bite of the “snake-venom” with the “Josef-Mengele-Serum”, but cases still increasing and increasing.
Ooooh, variants they say – what a lie, no, it’s from the jabs.
If this would be a effective vaccine (I mean, a vaccine at all, which is not!), then, there should be hardly any Covid around anymore at all.
But as protection against a so-called virus is not on the agenda of evil satanic people it will not stop unless Adonai will speak and tear it/them apart.
Sadly for many people it will be already too late then.

A question still remains.
When people say, this Jab is not the mark of the beast, what is it?
Government say we don’t force it on you.
But without the Jab you cannot buy or sell, cannot go to university or school, can’t use public transportation/ traveling, can’t go in any public indoor place like restaurants, etc.
Yes, you can stay at home or maybe on your balcony or garden if you have one, and be happy.
No, this is not forcing the poison on anyone?
What I missing here?
I will leave this questions for yourself. Some say, it’s a precursor. A precursor with the same result/ effect as the real one (except the Antichrist not on the stage yet)? Does that make sense?
At the end of the “day” we will see and where know it will lead to.

Back to 5782

5x7x8x2 equals 560 …… or may I calculate 5+7+8+2 = 23
Where do we get here?
If I would take the numerical values translated into the Hebrew letters then I would come up with He, Chet, Zain and Bet – which together regardless which direction you put them, does not get any word in Hebrew (at least I cold not find any). You might tweak and twist it to get whatever you like but I leave it as meaningless.
I am anyway not a number person, nor one of those in Gematria-people, trying to fish out all kinds of meanings and oracles – out of everything… for me this number thing feels more like magic or similar.
But I do like Psalm 23.
Yeshua is My Shepherd I shall not want – forever and ever.
… I don’t know why yet I have Psalm 23 recorded, but I fgured out, it is not here.
I checked all posts and pages but apparently for some reason I forgot it.
Almost a blessing in disguise that I came across it.
Until I added it in the Psalms section you can listen to the K.Green version I played live at Banana-Praise.

A hope in times of troubles.
Yeshua is the same yesterday today and forever, the rock on which we can stand.
The Word that became flesh and dwelt among us.
The ONE who knew no sin to became sin for us so that we become righteousness of Elohim in HIM.


Fishes - Damselfish (Chromis chromis)