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It was long overdue to change the welcome writing, that has been here since, oh way too long.

You are welcome to scroll through the website and listen to the music.
You are welcome to read the messages and prophetic words, dreams and visions.
You are welcome to watch these messages and a couple of other videos.
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Maybe one day I will design a new front page image/ movie.
Though as the Lord is the potter and I am the clay, at least that part will remain.
He is not yet finished to shape me to be ready to be welcomed home in heaven.
I welcome you to surrender your life to Yeshua if you have not already.
He want to welcome you to live with Him in paradise/ heaven forever.

When I launched this website many years ago, the world was very different as it is now.
Yes, the governments with dark background players has worked hard since decades to bring us to the edge of the cliff.
They work more or less hand in hand with the devil who only wants to kill, steal and destroy.

Looking back, I could see a big shift with the fall of the Berlin wall.
Not that this wall was good but it paved the way which made it possible that German tanks again stand at the Russian borders.
People never learn from history and because of this it will be repeated over and over again.
Not to say the Russian government is good, but nor are the NATO and it’s allies.

With 9/11 I could see how governments started to use terrorism, fake or real to use as a platform for rule against their own people.
Regardless of the oath they make when they get elected, not one of them keep it.
They serve their own and their sponsors interest but not the people of their nation.

9/11 also gave them a basic foundation for the next steps (pre-lockstep).
One of them is the fabricated war in Syria with myriads of false flag operations.
People need to be bound in fear and the mainstream media does everything to carry the orders from their background players to the people.
Also this is nothing new under the sun.

But this war (beside other so-called wars on terrorism) opened the floodgates of migration.
Still today the political media conglomerate claims that we need all these people because they suppose to be all highly educated experts.
Yes, some of them are really experts, but the majority have hardly and education at all and if so then in crime like drug smuggling or human trafficking or whatever.
It’s still being denied by the officials but it is undeniable if one walks through the streets of the cities in Europe.
From very different cultures, unwilling to integrate they take all the benefits from the social systems.
But knowingly the politricktians let it happen and even support it and give illegals some sort of protection.
Anyone who say something against their narrative will get censored.
Not yet to the fullness, but one day, I am sure my words will come true.
If you copy this article and one day my website will be closed down, you know it’s not conspiracy.

Of course there are hackers who want to kill the site.
I have seen in the spirit that the most so-called hackers are secret services paid by governments or better say by taxpayers money.

2020 we all know what happened, how everything changed in no time.
Everything got turned upside down by a complete unscientific narrative.
And they still keep that going.
I assume it will go on until they have killed enough and then establish the next plot.

We don’t need to look into far future.
The climate change and cashless society narrative with the laws they implement give us enough signs and evidence where the train is heading to.
All is written in the Scriptures, the holy bible.
A little push and the world will get kicked down the cliff into destruction.
The final shift will be, when the man of sin, called the Antichrist will come on stage and will force anyone to take the mark of the beast.
How it will look like and who the Antichrist is I don’t know in detail, but it will come because all is prophesied.

With the implementation of the DSA in the Evil Union I am wondering how much longer this website will be up and running.

At the beginning many years ago I only thought to post my music, some images and footages.
Adonai and also some brethren asked me to publish also the prophetic words, dreams and visions I received from Yeshua.

I am almost certain, one day the wicked rulers will take down everything on the Internet that speaks the truth.
Also anything that expose the evil deeds of governments and their puppet players in the background will be removed and definitely all biblical real truth.
With the DSA they laid already the first cornerstone to do it.

I have stored everything locally and in different places.
One day the enforcement troops of these illegal non elected individuals in high places might come and raid my home (wherever it will be at that time) and then confiscate my computers and electronic devices.
And when they do ″their″ research I would not wonder if they install really bad illegal stuff on my devices to have enough to charge against me.
But I can tell you, if you are one of them, I have copies in heaven.
And you will not be able to enter unless you repent.

Adonai Yeshua will be on my side.
Copies in heaven is actually not the proper word.
The original truth sits in heaven on the throne and this is Yeshua Himself.

One day all the crooked liars in politics, finance, industry, media, secret services, medicine, science and wherever will stand before Yeshua.
Within a twinkling of an eye the presence of Truth will remind them of all their wicked and lawless deeds.
Too late, too late it will be for them to repent from their evil ways.
Not one of them is able to escape, NOT ONE!

Most the words or visions Yeshua gives me is a call for repentance, yes, deep honest repentance.
I am not sure, if anyone in those above mentioned groups will read anything on my website, or if they will watch any of the videos on different platforms.

But if you are one of them and read this article, let this known to you:
The day will come and is guaranteed, that you will stand before the Lord face to shame.
And if you have not repented of your sins, lies and wicked deeds, you will suffer eternally the consequences.
The place where you will be cast is commonly named as hell.
There you will receive eternal punishment beyond imagination.

Of course I am very cautious what I say and write, but I don’t hold back of what I know and don’t fear man,
The only one I fear is YHWH, the Elohim of Avraham, Yzchak and Yaacov.
Yes, I also will one day stand before the living God and have to give account of what I have said and done.
Not one person will have a lawyer who might twist and turn man made laws, but we all stand before Him alone and stripped of any cover that tries to hide lies or crime.

I will stand there with my daily repentance and requests to forgive my sins and I trust that He who is faithful and true will invite me into His Kingdom.
Yeshua himself made it possible by His death and resurrection that I can have access to his Father who is in heaven..
And there we will be forever and ever.

There in heaven/ paradise no liars, thieves, murderer or any other offender of His words will be there.
But there will be love and joy and beauty beyond comprehension.
No sorrow nor pain will be and He will wipe all our tears away.

I look forward to meet Him and hear the words:
Welcome Home!



Message 2023/11 From 9/11 to 11/11

From 9/11 to 11/11 @ 11:11 Message 2023/11

…how nasty, yesterday I recorded this message but the audio got spoiled – have no idea what happened.
No difference to all the recordings before.
Sounded like this… (you can hear it in the video)
another message today, possibly the only one this month, except something special comes up – we never know.
Things in this world are meanwhile less predictable than the weather for next year or two.
If the nukes start flying, then I am not sure if I will come up with anything anymore – but as long there is a little light left, I will continue.
Last month has been full with messages, so a bit more relaxed now.Message 2023-11


However, after the hell festival (the one with the pumpkin face) now another occult day is around the corner.
Eleven Eleven.
If you have watched my channel or website for a while, you may have noticed that I had two words about 2 months ago.
The one was of a vision in the middle of the night showed 9/11 and the other is about 11:11

Now, is there something confirming this words, maybe to be prophetic?
The one question remain somehow open.
The 9/11 vision passed with the 22nd anniversary of that well known event and did we had another 9/11 this year?
Not that I know or heard of anything in America – yet I don’t look into news very much.

I heard some people who claimed, the attack of the Hamas into Israel was some sort of a 9/11 operation – and not what is claimed to be.
And indeed a border where no mouse can pass without being monitored, it is very strange what happened there .
Some people claim that the Mossad was also involved in the original 9/11 twin tower thing – but I’ll leave it up to Yeshua, He knows each and every person behind it in detail and also knows all the pawns that got fooled there.

Any by the way, about crossing borders I have a cute story.
I have a friend from Ireland who was, once some years ago, I think in Estonia and there he thought as he is already so close at the border to go over to Russia.
So he went there and the border control asked him something like:
What are you here for?
Now he with his certain slang said: ″I am a Teourist″.
The Russians surely not so familiar with some English dialects then asked him a ″few″ more questions.
Okay, he could manage to explain that he is a tourist, just want to go over for a short trip.

Back to Israel with the Hamas – and the Gaza border…
They had it even easier to enter Israel than like Tourists which I guess was for most of them somehow a big surprise.
Some surely have known it, maybe the secret agents or whoever…
To walk through the fence like going into the neighbors chicken farm without being disturbed for about 7 hours was surely nothing that most of them would have expected.
If all of them would have known that they could walk so easily over from Gaza to Israel, it would have ended up differently and of course they would have been better prepared.
But so now Israel found a reason to flatten Gaza, wipe it off the map, just the other way around as the Hamas like to do with Israel…
And the world watch the scene and the Lamestream liars surely play their propaganda role, according to their ″sponsor’s″ requests.
Well, I don’t go into the details here, because that’s another can of worms and not the center of my message today.

The only thing is:
If this event in Israel was or still is indeed a 9/11 type operation, then the vision I had includes some significant meaning and prophetic implication.
And if I receive one day another vision like this, maybe I should ask harder in prayer for guidance of more insight and also what to do.
To say that I need to mention, I have hardly at all an open visions, so next time I might be more aware – but who can guess what is happening.

Now 11:11
That message I posted on September 21st, so nearly 2 months ago.
It happened that I have seen a lot of 11:11 the popped up here and there, and also some single eleven’s and was wondering if this is prophetic or not.
For details you can read it on your own.
Link to the 11:11 message

Link to the 9/11 vision

But again, 11:11 is also a high occult holiday.
Not sure if it is in all countries but at least in some (that I know).
Not only the double 11:11 with the month and day but you can add another 11:11:11 for the hour and the minute and even the second.

For all who have a personal relationship with Yeshua please pray against the dark powers in the heavenly realm will be pushed back – regarding 11:11 (and surely all other occult festivals) .
We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but we are in a big battle.
The closer it comes to the end of this age, the harder the battle.

But about a prophetic significance:
As I switched on the computer yesterday to prepare this message my eyes turned to the time stamp, where I usually don’t pay so much attention, because I usually don’t have specific schedules, but this time it displayed 11:11 (see the screenshot (part of the screen that shows the time stamp)).
I am sure this is not a coincidence, because there is more, which I will show you.

Yet it was somehow silly indeed, because the 8th was raining all day long and I could not do anything in the garden. When today it was sunny and so the message is a bit delayed (still in time before 11:11)

screen start message 11-11 time

When I posted this message on September 21st, I said, I am not sure if this prophetic or not.
Then I received two responses about that message by email:
One came in on just a day later on the 22nd the other on the 25th.
So the first email, that person said/ wrote this:

Just a few days ago I found a video of yours pop up which said “arrived” so I followed it and was catching up on listening to your videos. Earlier today I was looking to watch a totally different video of yours and for no reason that I could work out, it would not let me access it and it went straight to the 11:11 video.

So I thought OK let me watch it. Here is your confirmation. You cannot make this up, it was Holy Spirit led. The time stamp is so small that I would never have noticed it but something prompted me to look at the time, it was 11:11 as I started watching the video. See screen shot below.

So here’s the Screenshot

11-11 phone-a

Actually I would not even know how to make a screenshot on a phone – on a normal computer I know.
But okay these smarty phones are not my world, because I don’t need it.

So then another email, came in on the 25th here the words:
Oh my goodness, its so funny how you started off saying that 11:11 was not really a prophetic word, well God just showed you it very much is !!!

I’m sure you have made the connection already, as look at the very text you commented on in your email to me before- Numbers 22:2 and God has used the very content of that text in the prophetic word He gave you for “Nothing to worry, the end is near”
Very prophetic in fact.
Look at how its arranged in the KJV (online) Look at the verse number where the sub heading of the story begins: Numbers 22:22

22 And God’s anger was kindled because he went: and the angel of the LORD stood in the way for an adversary against him. Now he was riding upon his ass, and his two servants were with him…….
I was on my way to see my mum earlier on today and just as I got to the train station I missed the train, so I checked to see what the time was- no kidding it was 11:11 and that is the time I saw your video “Nothing to worry, the end is near”

11-11 phone-b

So far the responses via emails.
And additionally you need to keep in mind that only a few people have my email address.
For those who want to contact me via my website, good luck to get through the filter that is set to avoid all the incoming trash – and then more luck if I will reply.

Actually I did make the connection with the 11:11, but I will not go into the details on that – will be too extensive.

Actually, if I would get as many responses on my videos as much as I receive spam mails, and then respond to each of them – uuuuh, that would consume all my spare time.
It’s now off topic, but I just want to say this. I am almost certain that the secret services and similar criminals are behind a lot of spam mails – and I sense this from the very beginning when I started to join somewhere around 1998 or so.
If someone downloads an unmarked illegal video for example, even by using Tor and whatever ways of so-called safety software to hide the privacy, then the secret services know exactly when, what and who is behind it… Or perhaps the Gestapo stands 10 minutes later at the door for some sort of ″investigation″.
But try to ask them that they shall find those illegal spammers that floods your mailbox – the only answer you may get, that these spammers using such sophisticated methods that leave no trace and so on, blah blah blah.
They are liars, nothing but liars and I don’t say this lightly.

Or in a nutshell, if you ask the frogs to drain the swamp, what answer do you expect?

However, back to 11:11 and the email.
Watching a video the end is near at the train station is by the way very interesting.
I was thinking about a station where the train ends, indeed nothing to worry, if this would be on 11:11 – in a few days.

Actually I hope or wish, but don’t think this is the day we will fly home, though I am ready at any time and the sooner the better.
But until this will come or we go home in one way or the other, let’s work on the Kingdom of Elohim, which is more important.
I will do personally what I am gifted to do and I encourage you to do the same.
You will not hear me with deep teachings of bible studies, this is not my thing – yes, I share here and there some thoughts about different things, even scriptural, but I don’t label them to be teachings because that’s not my gift!
But I can pray…
and… ask the Master of the harvest to send more laborers into the harvest, that many souls will find eternal salvation.
I pray that Israelis and Palestinians will find the real truth, as well Ukrainians and Russians and all other tribes and tongues in this world.
I don’t pray for AI or humanoids or whatever half men, half machine-people because they can’t be saved .
Yeshua did not pour out His precious blood for them, nor for the devil and his fallen angels.

I pray, when the devil send out his servants on 11:11 that the Lord Yeshua to limit their permission to kill, steal and destroy – too much hate from the devil.
Too much destruction already happening.
Yes, Ukraine is almost forgotten because Israel filling now all the headlines.
Many conflicts of tribes in Africa, Latin and south America, Asia or let’s say violence, aka Chamas, literally everywhere now, even on roads.
Everything seem to be forgotten, but we shall not forget the genocide of the war with the needles and arms, the bioweapon, which still goes on to some extend, or they want to bring it back.
And of course those behind all of it, the war of the super-wealthy against the rest of the worlds population with the biggest criminals that you find… in politics, government, Banksters, all the non-elected powerplayers, big tech and big Pharma the MIC, and many more servants of the devil.

However, one day, when the last grain of sand is down the clock, and Yeshua will pour out His wrath.
It will be a relative short season of total darkness, the world has never seen before.

So t he best is to cling to Yeshua, the light of the world, the hope and resurrection, life eternal.
Regardless how many elevens, 9/11 or eleven-elevens are coming, Yeshua is coming back one day soon as well.
That will surely not be a year 2111 – because this world will not make it another 100 years or at least not humanity with all poisoning and corruption.
And if so, then only the ones who promote the phrase you own nothing and be happy will be around, while they themselves will own everything but never be happy.
Or they will become slaves of their own AI idea.
And indeed, greed can anyway never become happy, never ever in all eternity.
The year 2222 might be somewhere in the millennial reign but it could be possible that Yeshua will restore the original time, and then, who knows, whatever year that will be.

By that time there will be no more fake rigged elections but He will rule and reign as King with a rod of iron.
I don’t put my trust in men.
I vote for Him and Him alone.
What are you voting for?
MAGA? Or whatever nonsense?

How soon He will take His bride I can’t say, and I don’t care if it will be on a 11:11 or another eleven or not a eleven, but just another day.
There will be great joy for those who have a personal relationship with Him, greater than we can imagine.
And if you have not yet invited Yeshua into your heart to be your Lord and Savior, don’t wait til tomorrow because we don’t know what tomorrow will bring.
Today is the day of salvation and to be born again and to be signed into the book of life to have eternal life.

Links to the Videos on different Platforms – you can decide which one you prefer:


Or watch it directly here on Rumble



Message 2023-10e: Halloween and your children

Halloween and your children, Message 2023/10e

A year have passed and again the occult holiday turning Month 10 to 11, or shall I say more accurate: Hell-day?
Only wondering if can I am still permitted to say that or will this be already counted as hatespeech?

I don’t want to make it too long because I covered a lot already the last two years.
The source of that day is deep dark and diabolic and occult, no question on that… but…
Message 2023-10e Halloween and your children


If you walk according to scripture I can only say, stay away from anything related to that feast, really, really everything that is connected to that.
Because if you give the devil a tiny part of one little finger, he grabs your whole hand and then he will pull you completely into his camp, which is, the camp of death with eternal torment.

But more, if you have children, try everything that they don’t get in any form entangled with it.
Okay, I understand, it might be difficult because of school, and friends and socialist media where they all are connected to and so on.
Some might say, then take out your children of the school and do homeschooling.
That might be in any case a cute idea, not only because of that but also generally as schools are mainly indoctrination camps or brainwash institutions and not a place where they learn something useful, yet not everybody has the possibilities to do so and many countries don’t allow homeschooling at all.

So what to do?
Teach them the ways of Elohim and what it means to walk in righteousness and purity.
I know what it means when the parents are ignorant of the commandments and the word of Adonai.
I have not been taught in righteousness and that caused a lot of unnecessary extra effort to get out the mud.
If you teach your children righteousness and they follow it, it might give them here and there some extra laughter or hate from other kids at school, but at the end I think, they might be very grateful thankful for that?
If the eternal well-being of your children is more important than their temporary fleshly joy, then you have to protect them from the grip of the devil – with everything you’re able to do.
Time on earth is but a vapor, a tiny speck in time.

And of course, Halloween is not only a feast with costumes, pumpkins and whatever kind of fruits.
The real thing is the spiritual fruits, the fruits of the flesh that leads at the end to eternal death.
If your child is young and you like to have a rebellious, disobedient teenager, let them do whatever they want.
But don’t complain if you get early gray hairs or have to spend a lot of time dealing with their troubles or teking them out of their troubles in one form or another.

You as a parent are responsible for your children if you like to hear it or not – it’s a God given responsibility.
You can do whatever you want, you have no way out of that.
If you don’t have the holy scripture as a guide book for your life and reject all what is written in there, one day, yes, one day you will realize it was a very bad idea and if you still don’t repent, you may regret it for all eternity.
And if you don’t believe in eternal life and death, don’t blame me and less blame Adonai, the God of the Bible – you have heard enough warnings.

But again I want to point to those who say they are Christians/ believers v.
If you don’t do what the bible say, you will get as much in trouble as if you never knew it.
I don’t say you will not make mistakes or fail here and there, no, but I am speaking about willfully neglecting the bible.

There are very good guidelines how to raise your children and also how to keep them from falling away.
Definitely, pray for them every day and don’t forget to tell them how precious they are in the sight of Yeshua, because He loves them and wants them all to be with Him in all eternity.
Yeshua said let the children come to me and hinder them not.
The absolute worst thing is when their own parents hinder them. Without repentance this will be a heavy millstone around their necks.
Deuteronomy 6:4-7 known as the Smah Israel says
4 “Hear O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one.
5 Love Adonai your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.
6 These words, which I am commanding you today, are to be on your heart.
7 You are to teach them diligently to your children, and speak of them when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down and when you rise up.

When this verse speaks about ″these words″, it means literally (as in verse 1) all of Elohim’s commandments, the statutes and ordinances that Adonai your God commanded to teach you to do.

So teach your children to abstain from Halloween as far as possible.
Don’t open the door and if needed lock it on that evening or night.
Just pray for those who are blind and deceived so they will find the messiah.
Okay, I think this is enough for today I hope you get the message what I wanted to say.
And if not, ask the Holy Spirit to give the revelation and understanding according to His wisdom, especially concerning that (hellish) day.

Links to the Videos on different Platforms – you can decide which one you prefer:


Or watch it directly here on Rumble


Message 2023/10d Counting of sins

Counting the mountain of sins/ per second

The other day I was working in the garden and most the day my thoughts went about sin.
Do I think about my own sin?
Yes of course, but in that case no, not really but the sin of all people in this world.

Beginning of message:

How much is the amount of all sin of all people of all times?

Message 2023-10c Counting sins


Okay, my math is not the greatest but I can count one plus one simple things where most politicians are not able or willing to count anymore.
However, consider this:

The Father in heaven knows all sins of all people throughout all history.
He knows their names and each sin they committed – surely all according to His righteousness and definition of sin.
This modern world has twisted so much, even in Churchianity the definition have been often turned around or like according to Isaiah 5:20 where it says that good turned to evil and evil to good, – and similar we might also say, sin became righteousness and righteousness became sin.

Now, another approach, if you would know all sins or all people, how many would you be able to record.
Take a pen in your hand and write down the sins.
And make it simple.
Write the first name of the person who sins and then a number related to the 10 commandments from 1 to 10.

For example:
Robert 7
Mike 3
Lisa 9
Tim 5
Mary 9
Brian 8
Emma 7
Jane 1

and so on and on…
This is actually a list during the week – on Shabat the huge amount of entries would be number 4
Even many Christians would be signed in, especially those who think the 4th commandment was chiseled out of the tablets, but I don’t go into detail of each of the sins or else Pandora’s box might be opened.

But the question, how many sins will you be able to write down?
8 billion people in this world – okay the world population might rapidly decline for the joy of the participants and puppets of the wicked evil forum and other servants of the devil.

But let each and every person sin only one time per day, though we know some sin 20 or 50 times a day.

On the list I chose short names – some people have much longer and more complicated names or consider other languages where I would no know how to pronounce and less how to write them.
But neglect this.

Now here comes the math
We have 86,400 seconds per day
to make it easier make it 80,000
In order to write down all sins if my math is correct, you would need to write down 100.000 sins every second.
I thought, is this not insane?

And this goes on nonstop 24/7
And not only this but it goes on since thousands of years.
Okay, not with 8 billion of people, but still… billions over billions since decades.

Actually, when I look around or hear from different sources, and I even the scriptures gives clear evidence that not only the number of the population is growing exponentially but also the amount of sin. Look at the madness these days. It’s just beyond measure.

Matthew 24:12 says Because lawlessness will multiply, the love of many will grow cold.
In Greek the word for cold is used ψύχωd (psycho).
Interesting word, right?
I would say it is not far fetched to connect it to the psychopaths (too many out there already).
And I am not talking about the big psychopaths, but people who harm or kill other people for no reason, just maybe they have a different skin color or the don’t like the nose, or wear the wrong dress, whatsoever.
There are surely thousands if not millions of footages out there that give evidence of it.

Then include the lawless mass genocide in all nations offered you by a certain cocktail – the bible speaks about Sorcery and that word in Greek is Pharmakeia (φαρμακεία).
I guess you all heard of this (Pharmacy) and you only have to connect a few dots, and there we are in the book of revelation.

Hosea long ago wrote in chapter 13 verse 2 But now, they sin more and more.
Over 2500 Years ago; what would he write today?
Poor boy… the prophet who was told to marry a prostitute.
Don’t know what words he would use today if the violence today can be packed in words at all.
Sodom and Gomorrah 2.0 maybe?

However, back to Matthew 24:12, some translate it to iniquity, but I think lawlessness is a better choice which goes to illegality, violation of law or wickedness and unrighteousness.
Unrighteousness according to Gods standards and not to worldly definition.

And knowing most people sin more than once a day I still count only one sin per person per day, not to blow completely my math.
How to count those people who speak one lie after the other, all day long?
Count is as just one 24/7 lie just like their Father the devil in whom is no truth at all.

And even with one sin per person, write 100.000 entries per second, try it – write faster, no, much faster.
If you let this done by a team how many people would you need to write down 8 billion entries per day?
And if you would write down even the details of each sin, how much more would you need?
I think it might be possible already for modern computers to capture all of this.
Well, if they would do that, then the system will be cloaked by capturing sins – and could not do anything else, like surveillance and tracking people for no reason and usher in total control.

However, the fallen ones and the devil know real human history, even everything before the flood.
He has also seem to have all the records of all sins, but apparently his calculation has a big flaw.
Revelation 12:10 says: …for the accuser of our brothers and sisters — the one who accuses them before our God day and night — has been thrown out.

That indicates to me he has some knowledge of the 10 commandments while accusing all faithful ones before the throne.
He don’t need to accuse his servants, because he knows they will follow him to the lake of fire.
How he is able to accuse millions of true believers before the throne I don’t know.
Yes, he knows that we as faithful believers also sin a lot.
Of course I would be a liar to say I do not sin, though I am trying.
However, we can have forgiveness, but the accuser points his finger always towards us and claims it before Yeshua.

I assume the information of our lives comes also from demonic entities who watch us permanently and report it to the devil.
Modern surveillance is meanwhile no different.

But back to the writing down of sins
8 billion sinners in this world and Yeshua knows each one of them, each sin and will remember them all at the judgment day – uh, what a memory.
And I guess some people sin so often each day that they would need one dedicated person just to write it all down.
And honestly I am shaking about the thought to stand before the final judgment.
Joy, yes but also in great fear of YHWH.
I can’t imagine the list of some people who surely have piled up countless of terrible sins alone – how they stand before Him.

Well, the word of Elohim gives us severe warning but also great hope.

Ezekiel 3:20 and 18:24 speaks about the consequences when a righteous person turns again away from his righteousness and act wicked.
Uuuh, this is old testament… yes, it is…
In modern Christian language I would say if a person who was once saved and been forgiven of his sins but then turns his back against God and like a dog return to his vomit will have it even worse than the sinner who never repented.
But it will be the other way around, that their righteous deeds will not remembered.
Even if someone does righteous deeds for 10, 40 or 70 years and then turns away and die, all the good things will be erased and not remembered before the throne anymore.
It definitely speaks about that there is not such a thing as OSAS (once saved, always saved, which is a big lie).
It might be the worst case to the ones Yeshua mention in Matthew 7:23 ″I never knew you, depart from Me you workers of lawlessness″ because He will not remember the good deeds.

But there is good news for those who have not yet repented and asked for forgiveness.

In Isaiah 43:25, Jeremiah 31:33, Ezekiel 33:16, Hebrews 8:12 and 10:17 speaks about that if we turn from our sins and do what is right, according to the commandments of Elohim, then Adonai will forgive and remember our sins no more.

I prefer to write down of those after they have repented and asked for forgiveness – a blank page.

And when the devil comes to accuse, Yeshua will show him that blank page.
All sins washed away by His own blood

The only thing I may have written on that page would be thanksgiving and praise, maybe a short song of the Amazing Grace of Yeshua.

Amazing Grace see Yeshuas face,
the glorious King to come
He takes us home to be with him
Eternal amazing love

my math is at the end of this message and so I pray there will be no more counting of sins in heaven, because there will be no more sin forever, only praise and worship and thanksgiving.

End of Message

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