Album HeartbeatHeartbeat


Do you know your heartbeat?
Your heartbeat might be different whether you run a 100m race as fast as possible or shuffle into the next bar.
And I assume it will also be different if you have a nice sunny smooth time at a quiet beach or facing a shocking event

Listen to the different beats of this Album…

The Album:
…is in some ways a bit special.
What is the heartbeat in this album?
It’s personally what is deep inside – the beat that comes from the heart and soul.
Altough I also love to sing and press the keys of the piano (somehow, because I don’t understand theory).
But I think, a stronger gift in music that Elohim has given to me is in rhythm = beat the drums.
And it’s not only a gift but also a passion.

My resting pulse is actually (because of all the sports) relative low – but my drumbeat can be quiet high.
Well, several years playing in a heavy-rock band may have left some marks behind.
There are also songs in other albums where I have a good amount of drums like soloparts included
But “Heartbeat” is dedicated for the rhythmic beat of the Drummer “Natula”
If you like a lot of drums… this is the album for you!

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