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Here’s now something special!

Laimer is a short form for the people who live in Lehenweiler, which is in southern Germany.

Be aware of this music, it is very different!
It was recorded I assume just with two simple microphones into a tape deck, definitely not digital.
Well, it was more like a village festive and a small band of some people from that village came together to play there.
But this was not a typical concert but for a bit entertaining in the background for a while.

Surely not close to be perfect.
I played the bassguitar there.

The purpose for that feast was I guess it was the 275 year anniversary of that village.
Not 100% sure but if this is correct, but if so, then it was in 1984

I do not have any pictures of that at all but will give some from a similar feast.
The collages show some seasons of that village, from inside and outside,
And the one from inside the tent above is from the 300 year anniversary in 2009.
I do have more from the 300 year festival, but as the audio is not from I don’t add more of them.

Never mind, the music is as it is – but so it is part of my history in music

All songs, track after track below without any commentaries.

The picture on the left is a similar feast as the one we were playing, yet many years later – looks like around 2001/ 2002 because the picture was taken with my first digital camera that I bought around that time. 1 Megapixel for over 600 bucks

The middle one is the village how it looked like in 1958

Then on the right as it grew (yet still small) in the year 2008 – but from another perspective

Hocketse 1Lehenweiler 1958Lehenweiler 2008

Now, the left collage form the 300 year anniversary with views of the village in older days
And the collage on the right shows a mixed view of the village – related to the 300 year anniversary

Lehenweiler 2008Lehenweiler 2008

The Music of Laimer is not available on Pond 5.
And it was never published in any form, only on tape (now digitalized) as a personal memory.

But, you can go to the “everything-category”. May you’ll find anything to buy and by this support my work

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