Album Machshvoteicha (Your Thoughts) מחשבתיךMashvoteicha


מחשבתיך (Machshvoteicha)

Strange Title for a Music-Album, right?
What does it mean?
Machshvoteicha is Hebrew and means “Your Thoughts” in English
So basically many songs of this Album talking about “Thoughts” and there, my emphasis is towards the Thoughts of Elohim (not mine).

Don’t worry if you do not understand everything
2 songs “Abba Y” and “חלום (=Chalom means Dream)” have several parts because… yes, they are songs of a life journey and dreams. And those two have always several scenes.


It’s interesting to think about how much we think.
All our days are filled with thoughts. Imagine if our works were equal to our thoughts…
But, back to our thoughts.
I dream a lot, and even in my dreams I see that I’m thinking all the time.
It goes on and on and on.
Our thoughts put us in the center of everything.
But then I look out at nature and I think about the One who created it all.
Then,… oh, how small we are!
Which of us could simply say a word, and suddenly, there! a tree pops up from the ground… or a beautiful flower, or a mountain.

So the Creator said, “My thoughts are higher than your thoughts, and My ways above your ways.”
Yet in all His greatness and glory, He still thinks about us, even in our fallen condition.
Every day He thinks about you and me like we’re the most important creatures in all the universe.
And actually it’s true: He came to forgive, deliver, and to heal us, for in His eyes we are more important then every other created thing,
because we are made in His image.

Yet we think about earthly things, day and night, all of our lives- and rarely think about the One who created us and loves us and cares for us and… yes, thinks about us, all the time.

When you listen to this music you will know it was not created and produced by one of the greatest people in the world.
No, but think about this: this music was written and dedicated TO the greatest person in all the universe, to praise and exalt HIM, the Creator, the One who thinks about me and YOU, all the time.

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Album Machshvoteicha