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Except the thorns most people possibly love roses.
It’s interesting what effect roses have in peoples lifes.
Not all roses smelling but I remember the place where I have been living for a year.
In fromt of the building there was a good size bush of roses.
In season when the roses were on full blossom it was almost impossible just passing by without pay attention to that bush.

What is the “business” of roses?
Their duty are to shine in their beauty and spread their wonderful natural fragrance.
The song of songs speaks of the Rose of Sharon, the beautiful bride.
I never thought I will ever write love songs.
But sometimes things happen and so I did.

I was not sure if these songs would ever get published.
Nevertheless, the cover was there… and the songs
So, whenever you look at this cover or when you see somewhere a rose… meditate about the one who created the roses so wonderfully.

He, Yeshua the Bridegroom may see us as beautiful roses (or other flowers) in His garden with a holy natural fragrance of worship, free from all the chemical religious parfume.
If our love to him and our pure fragrance of holiness is like the smell of those awesome bush of roses I mentioned…
In that way you will always get HIS full attention.

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Album My Rose