Album Breaking the SilenceBreaking the Silence


It seems to me with Corona this album received an additional new definition.
Yes, I know the world is constantly shifting with increasing wickedness.
But when I created this album already 10 or more years ago I would not have imagined how it will turn.

This world is so noisy and corrupt. When I created this project I lived in a place in possibly one of the noisiest countrys in this world.
Though I am currently in a more quiet country, there is still a lot of noise.
Yet the most of the noise is spiritual.
However, it is interesting that many if not most people cannot stand quietness.
After a while they seem to get nervous.

Yet for me is more terrible to imagine you seeking silence but cannot find it?
Once you found a place of silence I guarantee sooner or later someone will break it!
And speaking from a spiritual perspective: I know there is someone who do not want us to have a quiet time with Yeshua.

So much of this world is sleeping spiritually like in silence like the five foolish virgins.
But they are not aware of the day of the big noise, when the sound of the Shofar will blow for the final blast.
Yeshua will come one day suddenly like a theaf in the night and break the silence of those tho are sleeping of lethargy, lithurgy of the religious and media sleeping pills.
Be ready and so not sleep in silence.
It’s time to share the good news so people can be prepared to heat the last and ultimate sound of the Shofar.

Yet with the Corona plandemic show the title of this album got a second meaning.
Hundreds of thousands of doctors, nurses, scientists, and other people have been silenced on different levels.
Above all that there is the brainwash industry with the propaganda machinery, the mainstream media.
My question there: who will be able to break the silence?

In the scripture there is the answer:
It is the ONE creator of heaven and earth.
Regardless of how the situation develop…
One day He will break the silence that lies under a thick carpet of lies and will expose all wickedness.
And I hope and pray it will be soon, very soon!

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Breaking the Silence