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Guess I don’t need to mention what history means.

HIS Story!

Every person in this world surely has a history.
Some of them are long, some short, some interesting, others boring, and everything else in between.

So what is this history here in the music section all about?
NO, it’s not an Album in itself, but I think I don’t need to explain a lot.

All the music in this section is basically a season in life.
It’s a compilation of almost all recordings where I joined the music in some way or form.
They go through all instruments I’ve ever played.

Drums, Guitar, Piano, Trumpet, SInging, Bass Guitar – or even just do the recordings/ production – did I forget anything?
I joined much more than what can be found here yet this is all I have on recordings.
Most original recordings from the analogue times are lost on tapes and reels that disappeared.
And since I don’t have any analogue recording equipment anymore, no way to retrieve them anyway.

In every section I will add the neccessary infos individually.
It will not be posted as each single song but one page for each section.

As the submenus of History may not be so easy to navigate, So here below in the tabs the direct links:
The order of the tabs/pages have no importance, but just alphabetical.

To go there, select where you want to go and then click into the field below (could be easier, I know)

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The Music of History is not available on Pond 5.
But you can go to the “everything-category”. May you’ll find anything to buy and by this support my work

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