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8 – Rainsong

Track 8

Blessed are them that mourn.


I will sing the gentle vision seen through dimly lighted glass
Drops of rain cling to my window as the hours slowly pass
Muted colors blend together an impressionistic blur
All the things that will be ever all the things that ever were
Seem contained within the moment and distilled within the flow
Yet I know that there is torment and in knowing that I know
I will not continue singing when it’s time for me to weep
Though I be accused of clinging this is something I will keep
There is crime in my contentment if it’s true those that mourn are blessed
I may marry form and content gaining only a brief rest
Every end is a new beginning mark the page you finished last
Read it over you won’t be sinning but you will never change the past
If there’s a time for every purpose and a goal for every gain
Then it’s not me who gives the meaning even by singing…in this rain