I do not have many videos here to post but since I helped a brother to bring a bit visuality into his music I decided to open up a spot for watching.

It is not as YouTooth or other similar video streaming platforms. The Videos are directly here. Maybe one day the brother might open an channel on one of these platforms.

However, if the video one day will be available on one or more of the professional streaming platforms I will still have them here on this site where I can decide what I want to put up and if it’s there there will be no censorship.

Yet I do not have the feature for commenting activated and will not do even if thousand people would ask me. So, keep the comment for yourself and bring it up to YHWH in your prayer.
If you felt blessed by the videos and want to bless as well, you always can make a donation (as much you are able). Just let the Holy Spirit guides you in that.


Not much, just be patient because editing videos takes some time. There is so much more to do for the Kingdom of Elohim and this is just a small part.

Where do you find the Videos?

In case you have not seen it…
Just go back up to the Video button in the main manu and then in the dropdown menu you find the sections – currently only one – there you will find the videos.