Most english speaking listeners would have even trouble to pronounce the relative short title of this Album nor understand what it means.

Actually this is the album where I put mainly Songs with lyrics that are in German language.
Sorry, if you don’t understand the lyrics.

It is not so easy to translate the meaning of the title in english in the way I intended to use because there are tons of meanings of how you can use this German word.
It’s very similar to Hebrew when it comes to the translations of the bible.
As every hebrew words have several meanings, that’s why we find so many different translations.
WIth bible translations there are always discussions and the result of different opinions.
And the end are battles about who want to be right…

In the main song I also have some Hebrew in it.
I assume that not too many people understand the hebrew lyrics. So just relax and enjoy the music.

Many may know the story “Foorprints in the sand”
This are also “Spuren” – in that case Spuren of life and when ישוע (Yeshua) carried me.

And He is the one who can write with the finger on the wall or in the air.
His signature you will find in all creation.

And when you walk with Yeshua, maybe you might be able to see the “Spuren” of nails that pierced through his hands, and feets.

Follow HIM (Yeshua alone)
He will guide you in your life and when you are weak, He will carry you.
You are not alone, no matter the Spuren in the sand where you walked in your life.
Where ever you look, you will see the prints of Yeshua – whether in your life, in nature, on the wall or in the sky.

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Album Spuren