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4 – Gethsemane

Track 4

A song of gratitude for the personal love and endurance of Jesus in his moment of extremity.

With great thanks to Rick Wienecke who gave permission to use some of the footages in Gethsemene from “The Fountain of Tears


Thank you for sweating blood for me
In that garden called Gethsemane
Although your friends were fast asleep
Our vigil you were strong to keep
While lying prone on the bloodstained rock
Your soul in dire anguish locked
And pleading with the Father there
That some alternative might spare you
From His absolute redress
The issue of His holiness

Thank you for the will to be
Alone beyond imagining
Invisible as Neptune to
The world of men and women who
Would never comprehend your pain
A mystery you can’t explain
But bear eternally alone
In agony upon that stone
Deciding for the Father’s will
To go to Hell up on that hill

Thank you for not faltering
And thank you for not altering
The purpose you were made flesh for
It tested your affection more
Than humankind will ever be
And thank you that you thought of me
In your moment of extremity
In absolute solemnity
Remembering not my enmity
You rescued my eternity.