Part 7: Epilog – The Final Curtain (with Synopsis)

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Epilog – The Final Curtain

Some say it’s full of fairy-tales just another cock-and-bull-story
Others believe it is God’s Holy word expressing His great glory
For thousands of years this controversy over that ancient book
Whether it’s fact or fiction………. so let’s have a closer look

Did you ever wonder why naked we come and naked we all go
Our little short life passes quickly so we really ought to know
The secret of eternal life can’t be bought with silver or gold
It has to be revealed if it is ever to be told

Everybody got religion somehow something they believe
For some success is money or something they could achieve
You might wanna be a mystic find a guru or a whispering snake
Or live on an island somewhere on a permanent vacation break

You might think we live in a simulation with a program for every soul
But what if there’s a choice for life with a Truth that can make you whole
The question what is life about is constantly spinning around
Yet right at the beginning there the answer can be found

“Consider the source” some people say and that’s what I wanna do
And the question rises like the sun how can we know what’s true
The Book that starts with these few words, “In the beginning God created…”
It takes us to the end of time every word is truly stated

Every schoolbook on earth will teach your child that we’re circling round the sun
Yet the scripture says that the Earth don’t move at all since it first begun
The deepest hole we ever drilled was eight miles from the top
No one really knows what’s down there since the drilling had to stop

The Bible says the Earth is set on pillars that are foursquare
That it’s covered with a firmament and the sun and moon are there
There’s just no way that a spinning ball could fit into that description
The world’s no bubble and Hubble-Science is nothing more than fiction

So the question burns just how and when the Universe began
And whether or not the Earth is the center of some cosmic plan
Or if the whole thing took six days or 13 billion years
Well some kind of intelligence was responsible that’s clear

Though schoolbooks teach the universe emerged from nothing at all
And Jesuit astronomers say the Earth is a spinning ball
And evolution tries to prove that monkeys are our cousins
Without a shred of evidence these claims come by the dozens

The book of Genesis describes a throne above a dome
The face of Earth a flat disc plane the place that we call home
An expanding multiverse full of dark matter and black holes?
It seems like the invention of depressed and darkened souls

What you think about creation is important we would say
Once you’re lying in a coffin and they’re taking you away
You’ll discover what you didn’t seek and wish that you had found
That in your heart eternity was there where you are bound

If I tried to cover every word this parody would never stop
It was hard enough to choose if it would be rap or classic hip hop

But the details are all there for you to discover on your own
You can get a real book or install a Bible app on your smart phone

That book’s a great adventure deep into the mind of God
How forty authors speak in unity might seem pretty odd
It’s true some things get lost or changed and there are some wild translations
But the basics there are very clear if you’re willing just to take them

And since the day is coming soon when like an ancient scroll
The heavens will be all rolled up and every mountain fall
You’ll want to know how things will go for you at the very end
And decide whose side you’re finally on in the battle of Armageddon

Throughout this world’s sad history the madness has increased
Sophisticating weapons while they promise we’ll have peace
Yet scripture says destruction will be coming quick and fast
And then Yeshua will return who is the first and last

And He will bring the peace to Earth we’ve all been waiting for
When swords are turned to plowshares there will be an end to war
But up til then the hearts of men with hatred will be filled
And people who believe in Him by millions will be killed

The false peace will be clever propaganda mixed with lies
Deceiving even the elect if they might not be wise
Claiming to be god in human flesh the man of sin
Will counterfeit the coming of our God the Son of Man

Now there are many voices out there claiming to be true
And many have decided that your truth is up to you
They say that what is good or bad is just a personal choice
You are the master of your life and you can pick your poison

But scripture says that good and evil both are absolute
And if your heart and eyes are open you will see the Truth
Some people take the word of God and change it to their taste
But if you do that reading it will simply be a waste

Yet simple faith in YHVH of our Father Abraham
Whose personal relationship with God the great I Am
Became the lodestar of his life and serving to the end
That man became so close to God He said he was His friend

But most of us in this sad world reject the Word of God
Our sin has ruined the Earth and has corrupted all its sod
They tell us climate change which warms the world is our disease
But God has told us simply that our evil will increase

And the temperature will rise in our religion and politics
As secret puppet players feed us with their evil tricks
And the world’s thermometer hits Fahrenheit 451
So money and power reach their final hour neath the sun

And now that climate-change is the religion of the mob
It won’t be long before they tell us breathing has to stop

Too many people in the world are spilling out hot air
They have to cull the herd and we’ll submit because we care

They’ll say that old Atlantis sunk the last time Earth got hot
And make the kids so scared of this their brains begin to rot
Ecology will start to be the religion of the good
And Bilderbergers be the source of everything we should

Religion is the opiate of the masses someone said
And we agree that most of it is like a doornail dead
The options are quite numerous you’ll find them here below
If you prefer the Truth there’s only one place you should go

Since Cathoholic doctrine’s sure to make you weak and faint
And following it will turn you soon into a plastic saint
Who bows in front of statues while you’re kissing heaven’s “queen”
Or wondering how many priests do things that can’t be seen

If you prefer religion with a kick then take Islam
To paradise you go just blow yourself up with a bomb
Bow 5 times a day and you can marry little girls
Allah says it’s okay if all their guys are pedophiles

Jehovah’s wizards at your door are really in your face
Forget about 144K there won’t be any place
The Watching Tower sent so many knocking door to door
The spots in Heaven all are filled there aren’t any more

Hindu, tattoo, New Age Voodoo and gurus galore
Mix and match them pick and patch them that’s your joyful chore
Make religious salad print a teeshirt paint your nose
And stay away from Jesus freaks just don’t be one of those

And then there are the idols of our age the beauty queens
Their faces grace the covers of a million magazines
Men and women boys and girls bow down before their throne
And just how many are enslaved to their religion porn

Now Christianity has come a long long way since Christ
Since Constantine the early faith is hard to recognize
Apostles prophets patriarchs are turning in their graves
Since Churchianity obscures the Christ who truly saves

So many modern TV preachers sell the faith like jello
Their prayers and proclamations sound a lot like Halle-Jo-Jo
Bouncing prancing up and down they put on quite a show
And peddling God’s Holy word they’re raking in the dough

You might not think the atheists form a religious group
Yet their conviction there’s no God it keeps them in the loop
Their version of religion glorifies themselves you see
Since everything around us only points to you and me

Material wealth and global politics are in these days
With worthless paper money your investment always pays
The Mammon-God a golden stairway up to heaven builds
As human souls are sacrificed millions of babies killed

Did I forget to mention Darwin’s Faith of Evolution
Survival of the fittest or the Marxist Revolution
Or Pantheism where your consciousness can be transformed
Remember you’re a little “god” along with rocks and worms

And then there are the Rabbis whose religion tops them all
Their Talmud Mishnah Zohar and Kabbala are the law
Piled high upon the Word of God a thousand commentaries
You’ll search in vain to find the simple truth which has been buried

The mainstream journalist’s religion’s also sacrosanct
Their stories are the only ones you can take to the bank
A terrorist becomes an activist in their smooth speech
True freedom of the press is buried under what they teach

So all religions somehow think they are the true elect
That what they teach humanity is perfect and correct
The mind of someone seeking truth is bound to be bemused
Until his heart cries out “O God I’m terribly confused!”

I need to have assurance that there’s something I can trust
It won’t be long before my body’s lying in the dust
And I can’t take a thing with me through that mysterious door
My little life I need to know just what it can be for

If there’s a God of love then He will answer that heart cry
And He will show you why you live and also why you die
That He became a man and died to cover all your sin
Because He loves relationship and wants you to come in

And so we see religion beats a horse that’s very dead
Yet there is still a word of God and things which He has said
With people and their stories which are part of history
What’s written there is real and true and not a fantasy

When Father Abraham was counting stars and tons of sand
He didn’t need a “Hubble-scope” to find the promised Land
And then when Moses led his people out from Pharaoh’s grip
He never used a GPS to take them on the trip

The two of them in weakness witnessed God’s amazing glory
A laughter son and burning bush the LORD put in their story
And patience mixed with faith that was the key to their endurance
It didn’t matter how much time they waited with assurance

Daniel, David, Eliyahu, Sarah, Ruth and Hannah
All of them believed God’s Word it was their daily manna
Right from the beginning Father Adam and his wife
From the very mouth of God received the Word of Life

Everyone of them in hope to see the resurrection
Facing daily hardship even torture and rejection
On a kingdom not of this sad world they fixed their gaze
Though everyone around them said “You’re crazy with your ways”

And somehow all these characters their faith inspired me
This wild and crazy drummer a disciple I could be
It wasn’t for religion that our Lord became a man
Decided me to follow Him the best way that I can

So now you can decide yourself if all of us are nuts
If Yeshua is our Lord with no ifs ands or buts
So you can question Him yourself if you will close your eyes
And open up your heart to Him and let the question rise

Meanwhile the world of men continues spinning its sad tale
The battle between good and evil rages neath the veil
It’s Lucifer the Devil fighting God’s anointed Son
Yeshua the Messiah He’s the only Holy One

And He’ll be coming back here soon to fix this ugly mess
My Heavenly friend of sinners He is coming back to bless
The ones who will believe in Him and now it won’t be long
Might even be before I’m through this rumbling bumbling song

It’s true the evil Devil hates us all so ruthlessly
That everything he does attempts to steal your destiny
Yeshua’s blood will save your soul redeemed eternally
Forgiveness is His song Amazing Grace His symphony

The work of Satan can’t be grasped not even a small fraction
So much of it invisible his diabolic action
Wickedness that lies and steals and kills at every turn
And draws men to his destiny eternally to burn

Well now two hundred verses on the Devil’s work I’ve sung
To warn all men about the ways he wants to get you hung
And since this madness and this badness now is on record
I’m free to sing forever all the praises of my Lord

Though human words can never grasp God’s miracles so great
His love and grace cannot be measured nor the price he paid
New Heavens and New earth for his beloved, God will make
While every evil finds its torment in a fiery lake

As time goes on I’m sure that I could add to the details
But since it’s getting late I think it’s time to trim my sails
This goofball song of Hubble’s Bubble you should not ignore
Cause if you do I just might feel I need to tell you more


The Bubble’s Hubble floats around  to find Niburu’s Guru
While funky Monkeys play Monopoly with all their moola
And even on Shabat Big Brother’s watching you below
While from above the LORD YESHUA’s laughing at their show

lalalalalala – bla bla bla bla bla bla