Album Natula&now
& now


What you need to know about this album?
This is the oldest solo-production of Natula, the only one that was available as a physical pressed CD.
It was recorded in 1992-1993 using analogue equipment
Finally it is finished and there will be no more new songs included into that Album

Titel: & now

I think that many before me have felt an inner emptiness, after finding their dreams & hopes of an ideal job, friendship or band had shattered like a boat dashed to pieces on a cliff.
And you find yourself alone -…questions closing in: WHY?
Should all events, work run through my fingers like sand and leave no trace?
Did I do it all for nothing, all my efforts wasted?
Am I just imagining this or is it reality?

Even if all my actions, plans and work before this musical project have merged into a great big emptiness, with no results, and I now have to make a new start – I know that Elohim is holding my life in the palm of His hands, that He will not let me go. I have complete trust in Him.
The fact that my technical possibilities and studio facilities for this production were very limited helped me keep in mind the important part of it all… that is why this music is for the praise and glory of ישוע (Yeshua).

It is playing in my soul, I can’t stop the music and thank Elohim for this special gift to me.
The music is a part of me, my identity and comfort in the world. Because of all these reasons this production is very unconventionel and different.

I hope all the listeners of “&now” can feel and so to say get the sense of the “musical paintings” and by thus understanding the music also start to read between the lines

& now enjoy the music of Natula

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Album Natula & now