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Let The Fire Fall

Let the Fire fall

Do we not have enough fires already in this world?
Well, just a week ago we had here a very interesting sunset in pink-purple.
It was caused by the fires in Turkey where the smoke traveled a long journey over to where I currently live (stuck).
Italy, Montana, California and other countries also have a lot of burning.

But i am not speaking/singing about those natural fires, but the real fire from heaven.
The Fire of His Glory that will burn in the hearts of men.
And when I look around in the madness around I can see it is more than urgend that the Holy fire will start to burn more than ever before.

This clip playing piano is simply improvisation.
I actually wanted to test, if I can make a music video with piano playing – so, it’s not at all perfect
My intention was more to check how’s the best way to record separately audio and video – and to see if the angle of the video is okay.
Yes, the video quality of the action cam is pretty good, but the audio with the internal microphone is just how it is…
For documentation might be just good enough (if there is no wind) but for music I simply want better quality.
So the audio is recorded via a mobile recorder (Zoom F8) using external microphones.
And then synchronize both together in the video software..
By the way: The flickering buttons of the piano in the clip is caused by the video framerate – it’s not an error.
I might have been playing a bit more but it’s very hot with extreme humidity, I didn’t want to ruin the piano with my sweat.


However, I believe, we will see soon the greatest outpouring of the Holy Spirit of all times.
Revival like never before.
It might be a short season, and maybe after a short season of some kind of blessed freedom troubles and teal worldwide persecution might arise.
Just compared to the beginning of Yeshuas first disciples, when they started.
This time in a world with much more population it will surely way bigger.
But maybe the pattern will be the same…

I hope and pray many people will come to repentance, when the Fire will fall from heaven and the earth will be filled with Yeshua’s Glory.
It’s the light in the darkness – and I don’t need to tell how much darkness coveres the earth right now.

Fire, Fire, Fire, Holy Fire – When will it fall?
(hopefully very soon, it’s really incredibly dark at the moment)
However, Time will tell!!!