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Vision 2021/03/27 The Harvester

This word is actually more like some kind of a spiritual acoustic vision.

I hear the sound of “the” harvester-engine turned on.
This ancient machine; for centuries it has been rusting behind the barn.
The (current) prayers of the righteous saints were the oil for the machine, (that was) neccessary for an urgend (oil) change.
If anyone would have used that machine without fresh oil, the engine would blow right after the start (re-start).

But now as I (The LORD) filled it with fresh oil (because of the prayers); and after I emptied the old oil, it is now ready to run.
Yet in order to remain it running you have to keep on praying with a humble heart.
As soon as you stop praying and become proud (thinking you can do anything on your own) the harvester will overheat and in an instant it will explode and this will be your end.
You cannot do a single thing without Me/ My Holy Spirit.
If you keep it running with a humble heart, then I will be with you and the whole harvest will be brought into My storehouse without a single interruption (and without missing a single soul).
With a humble heart you will lack nothing and I will bless all your work and the fruit of your body (seed and womb).

Yes, the day will come when all souls are in My barn, the harvester will stop (and you will know it in time).
But if you don’t remain humble and in prayer and in My Spirit, you will face trouble like never before and the harvester will not run well.
Then you will have to spend more (almost all your) time to constantly fix/ repair the harvester, and try to re-start instead using it for the purpose it is made for.
So, be humble, pray and seek My face without ceasing and then you will reap with joy til all the work is done… (it will be done) before the Man of Sin will take over those who did not repent and those that have not turned from their wicked ways.