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Word 2022-05-25 The last train is coming

Prophetic Word/ Vision, given on May the 25th 2022 around noon

It is very metaphorical, so make sure you ask
the Holy Spirit for interpretation and understanding.

Beginning of Prophecy

The train is coming.
It brings us the trash from the past, the cargo of ancient times, and it comes with the surprises for the future, good and evil (good and bad).
What are you waiting for?

The wealth that spoils the hearts of men?
The sanctification that will remind your knees of something, most people have forgotten and don’t like?
The pleasure of vanity that is like a vapor?
The train will pass and most people will pick their desires, but only a few jump on board and take the challenge of not knowing where it will lead.

You can hear the singing of the tracks, then the wheezing of the locomotive breath.
A big steam engine, strong and reliable.
Are you willing to scoop the coals into the fire?
Those who remain standing outside will feel the mighty rushing wind passing by.

Some will be refreshed, others will be offended and get very angry.
They will try to derail the train or at least to stop it.
But this last train is unstoppable.
After it has passed the noise will quickly disappear.
Further and further away the sound will fade and no more singing will be heard.

Different groups (of people) will be left.

One will look after the train, even when they are not able to see anything anymore.
With tears in their eyes the scene will be blurred and their hearts will faint.

Others will ignore and go back to their daily routine, as if nothing happened, like robots following orders.

Another group will laugh, saying:
“Hah , what a silly ancient roar.
No-no, we want to built back better with advanced technology.
Only stupid idiots shovel coals into the mouth of such a smoking prehistoric dinosaur.
Hahaha, such fools with their technological monster from the museum.
We just press a button at the most and then tell Siri, where we want to go, or what we want to know.
Effortless, green with Absolute Intelligence…”

The angry ones will gather together around their high tower.
They will make plans to destroy those tracks and eradicate them all, out, even out of all history books.
[saying:] “It must be utterly erased, banished from the peoples minds and all existing memories.
Let us re-program the population with Diabolic Nephilim Artificials, that this will never happen again!”

Where do you decide to stay?

Forget about your so-called white washed coat, if you want to jump on board.
You surely will get dirty from the outside and the sweat from the inside out is guaranteed.
With tons of callus on your hands and emotions you might end the journey.
You might be exhausted with pain in your back and your armor worn out.

But not only you may see and experience things you’ve never seen and heard of, but at the end of the trip your reward is waiting.
Calculate the cost!
You will not have a first class trip – it’s your choice.

End of Prophecy