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Prophetic Vision 9/11

An unexpected vision with 9/11, given on 2023-09-10 somewhere in the middle of the night

I don’t have the whole wording written down, just the basics.
If you want to know more about it, watch the video.
It does not contain an interpretation.

Ask for yourself Adonai how to respond to it personally.
There is no general advice what to do or if anything, but to pray and details you request from the Holy Spirit.

This night I woke up somewhere in the middle of the night with the letters 9/11 in front of my mind

we have the 22nd anniversary of that well known event.

I heard it on radio while at work.

If you google the internet, you possibly need to scroll down hundreds of pages until you may find one article who questions the official narrative.
When I first saw videos of this event, right away I had my doubt about the official claims.

I can’t prove anything how these towers got destroyed but I don’t buy the official narrative, period.

However, last night these letters came to me.
It’s usually always not easy for me to connect, because where I grew up we write the dates the other way around with the day first.
That would make it 11/9.
911 I rather connect with Porsche, the real type.

With giving these numbers, I am sure Adonai don’t want me to buy a Porsche.
I could buy maybe a model like the toys for children for maybe 10 Euros, but that would be likely something made in China.
With that money I would rather buy food for a week.
And with all the money even if I had an overflow to buy a real Porsche 911, I would not o it but rather would give away a good portion for the poor and needy and still have a enough left.

One thing I found very interesting back in 2001 with that event to tear down the twin towers.

I am wondering, was this murderous act camouflaged as war against so-call terrorism also a means for distraction?
All people in this world and in this case in the Evil Union were staring over to New York and then a few months later, whoosh, before their faces the Euro money replaced so many national currencies.
And I clearly remember also how the prices changed with that.
Most shops did not just converted the currency to become Euro, but everything went up.
But we know the finance market in itself is just a pool for gangsters which is equal to Banksters.

22 years later and now I saw these numbers.
What to do with it?

I would say let this be a reminder to pray that the Psychopaths and megalomaniacs of this world, mainly the rulers driven by the background puppet players will be pushed back a little bit and slowed down in their plans.

Also let us pray for those who still suffer the consequences that Adonai will intervene in their lives and recompense.
May it be emotionally from the trauma or their compromised health.
And if they are not saves, that the find salvation in Yeshua.


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