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Vision 2022-12-12 Dark cloud rolling from the horizon

Prophetic Vision, seen on 2022-12-12 at 5:35 in the morning

this is not an open vision but very clear, like almost open.

Please ask the Holy spirit for wisdom, understanding and discernment and in that case also for revelation and as much necessary an interpretation.

In the video I made bit a visual explanation with a paint roller

Beginning of the Vision:

I see a dark cloud on the horizon that heads towards us like a barrel.
The barrel rotates (like a whirlwind but it’s a cloud) horizontally.
The size in the natural I would say is gigantic with a couple of miles in diameter – the width actually exceeds my view to the left and right.
The movement (of the cloud) is for example not like a paint roller in the direction it rolls but the opposite direction, maybe like a road cleaning brush/broom.

But it is more than only clouds, but it’s more – it’s like a substance.
Hard or almost impossible to describe. It is a cloud but tangible.
Not like this paint roller but also not like a sandstorm – if I would give it any form of a physical appearance, maybe like some oil spinning in the air, yet you won’t get wet from it.
The cloud comes closer and closer from the horizon and everything on the way will be turned and scrunched.
So everything on it’s way gets literally smashed into pieces.

And while it is rolling I see a white (slightly yellowish/golden) light which basically slice the cloud open.
This light is a maybe 45 degrees angle light-cone.
That light appears only for only a very brief moment.

And then the cloud barrel is scattered, all over.

After that I see the surface of the earth – blue and white, a round disc, actually the colors somehow
like from these images from “outer space”, satellites, ISS, balloons or whatever they claim.
If earth is a ball or a plate I can’t recognize because it is just round and not necessarily a curvature visible.

But what I see are parts are blue and the rest are covered in smoke.
Every now and then parts get scattered around, so by that some sections of the earth are visible on some sections and others not.
Everything just floats around, back and forth.
Then finally which is a little bit surprising some words came out of nowhere or somewhere.

Man and woman
Man, man, man, oh woman… no more

End of Vision

Personal comment/ interpretation:
The words at the end sounded to me somehow like what we use to say: Enough is enough!
It’s finished, time’s up, it’s done… no hope they will repent…

The whirlwind, the dark cloud at the horizon that is heading very fast towards the whole world I would say is judgment – which seem to be inevitable.
Where it starts and how it moves I can’t say, but when I saw the world from above it appeared it is just all over, somehow seemed to be for me in a random form.
What that could mean, might be unpredictable disasters in various places.
Also unpredictable when and where it hits next.

Which means for us, we should be ready anytime everywhere.

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