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Word 2022-05-30 Unknown ingredients in the Vaxx

Prophetic Word/ Vision, given on May the 30th around noon during a break from recording music, in the kitchen for a snack.

This is actually more a vision with some explanations.
So you really need to ask the Holy Spirit for more details and understanding.

Beginning of Prophecy

People have no clue of what that ″vaccine″ is actually doing.
It goes deeper than what scientists are able to figure out.
Don’t believe that the devil is even telling this to his servants.
Even the top leaders, managers or high rank creators of this mixture don’t know everything what’s in it.
The devil lies to them as much as to everybody.

These injections are like a spiral staircase where someone walks the long way down, step by step.
There very deep at the bottom he receives an antenna.
With that antenna he walks all the way up again and replaces (slowly) the existing antenna where creation communicates with the creator.
By that replaced antenna the original signal will be distracted and start to makes one believe lies for truth and truth for lies.

Down again the stairs he goes and he brings up an amplifier to boost the lies into the minds (of the people).
Slowly building up a system of a new order.
Again he goes down to bring up a battery pack, so the system can run on it’s own.
Independent of any external power.
There is written: ″self sustainable gods″ on the label.

Radiating poisonous waves and sensors mounted to detect truth, in order to spray a venom against it like pesticides on plants.
One day, dehumanized into slavery, selling blood of others in order to charge the battery and keep the system running.

My sons and daughters, I urge you to bring your house in order.
Let no-one steal your salvation.
Lift up your heads to your redeemer to be carried under the shelter of his wings, away from the staircase, the spirals of sin and lies.
Trust Me that I will make a way where there is no way.
Make yourself ready for the things to come, those that needs to come.

Lift up holy hands and give thanks.
There is nothing to fear except the One who has the power to cast you into Gehenna.
Live in holy fear to gain wisdom and to be able to stand against the tricks of the enemy.

Oh, My heart longs so much to have you with Me forever.
I can’t wait to take you to the place that I have prepared for you My beloved.
A place you can’t imagine.
Beauty and love beyond words.

Yes, the devil will continue to distribute his lies throughout all the world.
Even the fallen angels were and still getting deceived by him.
There is no truth in him as he is the father of all lies.

Be still and listen to My gentle voice.
Make sure your antenna is always focused on Me.
I placed it in every person from the day of conception.
The sound of lies will increase rapidly.
Stay away from all fearmongering news, that your soul will not be contaminated by all the crafty lies.

The devil has not much time left but you have even way less time.
You don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

End of Prophecy

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