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Word 2023-04-21 The door, the oil and No future

Prophetic Word/ Vision during worship 2023-04-21, around 8:30pm

Please ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you through this word to get all the details when you listen to the word in the worship. Especially as I used not many words.

This prophecy is different as others
It is not written but only as audio or in the video

The first prophecy starts at about 7.5 minutes into the audio recording.
It speaks about that Yeshua is at the door.
and we shall be prepared to have oil in our lamps when He comes.
As in the parable with the 5 wise and 5 foolish virgins all of us will fall asleep in the physical.
But we need to stay awake in the spiritual.

The second word is a very short word with a few words that I received during the week, some days before – I felt led by the Holy Spirit to release it into the worship.
This comes more towards the end about 34 minutes into the recording.

After that short word which basically says, there is no future in heaven, the Spirit brought more into it and gave a wide extended view, something like having a vision.
So I started singing this vision.

The piano playing was a bit limited, since I got injured on my middle finger of the left hand, which means I can’t use it for a while and by this and playing is quiet a challenge.
So don’t look at all the mistakes and stumbling.
But the playing is anyway all improvisation, so the less seek for mistakes.
More about the injury in the video

Just keep in mind, the audio is again recorded only with a single microphone somewhere in the room, where I added a bit reverb and space to be more pleasant to listen than dry mono.
However, the same keyboard with the rattling keys being used, that you will hear clearly.

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