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Vision 2023-01-09 The stars of the EU

Prophetic Vision, seen on 2023-01-09 around 10am

As this is a spiritual vision, I ask you to pray that the Holy Spirit will give you wisdom and understanding, especially when it comes to interpretation.
I did not receive any interpretation about it yet.

Beginning of Vision (explanation):

So I was on the way back from a DIY where I bought a few bits and pieces I need to continue for my work.
The time of the receipt says 9:47:14, so the vision then was maybe around 10 in the morning, calculating from the distance.

As I was riding the bicycle, I passed by a certain building in the city that has a couple of flags hanging there.
I think 3 different flags and one of them is the EU flag.
It’s not so far from here but I would not go there today in the rain and I don’t think the other flags are important anyway.
But as I looked around while cycling and saw these flags, the EU flag suddenly became somehow spiritually alive for a very brief moment – if this might be a proper way to explain it.
In the natural the flag was just slightly waving in the wind, but I saw something in the Spirit.

Guess you know the blue EU flag with the circle of the yellow stars.
But suddenly I saw some of these stars popping off.
Looked to me 3 or 4 of them, but the vision lasted only one or two seconds.
They popped off like from a shirt with buttons, like almost all of them at the same time or very quickly one after the other.
They were not only falling down, but just flew off, just like if you would stretch a shirt til the buttons fly away.

End of Vision

As mentioned I have not received any further interpretation from the Holy Spirit.
May I will get it one day, but not yet.

If these stars in the vision is a representation of EU countries I am wondering if it could be that a couple of them will pop off from the EU?
I would not be surprised, but there could be also another interpretation
I’ll leave it up to you to pray into it.

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