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Word 2022-05-13 WHO is Pharaoh

Prophetic word received on May 13. 2022 in the afternoon, maybe around 4pm

A lot of this word was given in a visual way, so the grammar can be even worse than usual.
Anyway, as always please ask the Holy Spirit to give you understanding and interpretation, especially in the metaphorical elements of this word.

Beginning of the Prophecy:

Who is Pharaoh*
You ask who is pharaoh, when it’s right in front of your face?
Who tries to kill your children*
But soon you will see his diabolic chariots in the sea.

Look at the wheels.
The big wheel that shows the truth of My creation.
I will break it off.
The big wheel of their sorcery will have to stand against Aharons Rod.
Cast it again to the ground to eat up Pharaohs deceptive lies.
Pharaohs army is right behind him.
Their wheels with a similar design as My creation.

The cows, ugly and gaunt are about to eat up the grain around the wheels.
It will make the chariots to topple.
There, in the middle of the sea I will break their wheels completely off their chariots and let the waters return.
A little while later you will see them on the seashore, drowned.
Don’t touch any of them or else you become unclean, an uncleanness, worse than leprosy.

The worm is waiting for those with the millstone mindset.
Immortality they will receive.
A future where they wish they’ve never been born.
The blood of many children cries from the ground.
All those with the millstones around their necks will hear their cries for all eternity in pain and agony.

Fear not My children, when the last and final Pharaoh will come out of the sea.
He will not chase you 40 years through the wilderness, even though he is wild, far more than the worst beast of prey.
Evil from the deepest pit of hell.
As a ravenous monster his agenda is to hunt the righteous with his blue army.

But I have a place prepared for the remnant to be safe.
Stay with Me, regardless of what evil men try to do.
There is a door for you where the enemy can’t enter.
I am the door, I am the way, and whatever your enemy tries to accomplish, in Me you are safe.
Without permission he can’t do anything at all.
Your time is in My hand.
And My time for you was written before I laid the foundation of the earth.
Tell the people, it’s time to repent, I am coming soon.

End of Prophetic Word

You can put question-marks or exclamation marks at the end of these two sentences*.
You can write Who in small letters or in Capital letters, which points to a certain unelected evil organization.
Look up their Logo and find more metaphoric parallels in this word.

Exodus 14
Genesis 41
Matthew 18:1-7, Mark 9:42, Luke 17:1-2
Jeremiah 1:5
John 14:2-3, Revelation 12:6

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