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Money, Distractions, Deception, another plague and be ready

Prophetic Word, given on 2023-10-19 around 08:30am

Before you read or listen, ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you for wisdom and understanding and interpretation of the metaphoric elements.

Beginning of Prophecy:
I am the Menorah, the lampstand, the light of the world – and you can shine through Me in this darkness that hovers upon the earth.
In midst all the addictions of this world I want to set you free.
It is the truth, My truth that (will) set you free.

Free from addictions.
What are the addictions?
Drugs? A little bit…
Cigarettes? A little bit…
Alcohol? A little bit…
Internet and social media? A little bit…
Perversion? A little bit…
A little bit here, a little bit there, but the real addiction that stands above everything is very subtle.
Yes, Money.

Deception is the devils addiction to make you believe his lies when, if you have money you will be free.
Even people who live in utter poverty, their greatest addiction is money.
So the system is designed and able to roll in and over the entire world and all people.
Into your life, heart, soul and all society.

Deep, deep is the root of it and rotten to the core.
And as almost all people in this world are addicted to money, those who control the money know how to use their power to control the people.
Though I hear from many who claim: ″I am not addicted to money″… and so on.

Take away all money from them and see their response.
Look, how desperate they will become.
Much more on money as if you take away drugs, cigarettes, alcohol or their smartphones.
Very clear it will reveal how much they trust that I will and can provide.
And so easy you can compare it how I will (one day) separate the sheep and the goats.

The time draws near when many will face the challenge, when their beloved own lives will be taken away.
And not only this, but the attempt to steal their eternal life.
With lies, tricks and in psychological warfare to confess or deny Me.

How easy could Shimon Keefa (Peter) deny Me three times.
Don’t think you stand above him, declaring, you will never deny Me, and even less in those last days when the devil knows his time is running out.

Seek Me daily, listen to Me continually, ask the Holy Spirit to teach you and guide your every step, humble yourself before Me and prostrate before the Father with a honest heart.
Repent as often as you can and as long as you can, ask for mercy and forgiveness permanently as you eat My bread and drink My blood.

Let no-one deceive you by any means lest you fall into temptation.
The pit of hell is wide open like a gruesome snake’ s mouth and very deep and dark.
Don’t fall into the snare of the accuser, liar and thief.
The ravenous beast roams around like a lion and seeks to devour every one, every single soul.

Time is short but My kingdom last forever.

The next test for humanity is at the door.
Another (additional) distraction after the distractions that you already see in front of your eyes, where everybody speaks about, is the key to unlock the door to the abyss for the next plague to come out.

Behind closed doors everything has already been carefully prepared, step by step for the lock to be opened.
So, prepare yourself in Me and My word, so you won’t get deceived because if possible, it could be even so to the elect, if I would not shorten the days.
Be ready, for it will come out of the blue, as My coming will be, as it was like the flood in the days of Noach.
And remember in which times you live today as I warned you beforehand.

You have but a small window of a season to prepare your hearts before the floodgates, the windows of heaven will be opened, as the seals being opened and the bowls to be poured out.
Be ready!

End of Prophecy.

I actually have a song I recorded in 2011 with the title Ready.
It speaks about to have our hearts ready and purified at any time, may it be in 50 years or today.
Studio Version
Live Version

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