Banana Praise #2

Ready ?!?! [for Yeshuas return!/ Mt. 24:50]

Banana-Praise Chapter two – live, June 11 , 2016: Song 14: “Ready” ?!?!

Ready – no one knows the day and the hour… when Yeshua will return

The music of the song will be also as playback
I would prefer to play always everything live but also this song I could not break down to a guitar or piano version.

However, the result of the song is similar to the effort trying to find the beginning or the end of a ring.

At one point I had enough of the discussions about Mt. 24:50 where it says “no one knows the day or the hour” that speaks about Yeshuas return.

Many people like this verse very much as an excuse to push everything into the future.

I cannot give you any specific day like many people claim to know when the end will come.
But I will advise you to watch the signs and be ready and prepared that you will not look like a fool at the end.
But the verse says that he could come in hundreds of years (not in our lifetime) or… today

BUT my advice: be ready and prepared for any moment every day.

Banana Praise #2