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Word 2022-01-05 What’s up with Donald J. Trump?

Prophetic Poetry, given on January 2022 the 5th around 21:45

The door is closing soon for the wicked
They will get their reward, you have your ticket

Everybody is waiting for Trump to return
But before he comes, Rome has to burn

Legitimate or nor is not the question
Would I ask the people for any suggestion?

A million and more opinions I would hear
Especially from those who live in torment, sin and fear

But let’s leave this up for another time, not for now
For you, don’t look back when your hands hold the plow

I will bring him back when I finished dealing with him
Loads of rubbish I need to remove from deep within

And until this day he hangs still on some distorted ideas
Unlike what You ask for; to simply walk over seas

Complex concepts corrupted his mind
Makes him unable to see his pride like someone who’s blind

Yes, he asks Me for help but lacks of My fear,
so wisdom can’t flow enough that he can hear

Though it’s just a tiny correction he needs on his path
But that’s enough to distinguish between blessings and wrath

As both I am about to pour out on this earth
Upon nations were some will die and some will give birth

Unlike Sodom, Gomorrah, Nineveh and cities so dark
some will be judged beyond measure, and others sail on the ark

May you realize this word sounds a bit incomplete
And indeed it is.
Before and after this section where it speaks about Trump there are some personal words for me.
Those I will not publish, surely also for the reason, as not every prophecy is for anyone.

In my videos I have a dream mentioned that I had almost exactly 3 years before this word.

For that, please look at the dream from January the 3rd 2019
And this dream very much seem to connect to this prophecy.

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