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Dream 2019-01-03 Trump’s valley of decision

Dream 2019-01-03 around 4:47 at night (early morning)

I am not sure in which country or neighborhood it occurs – but the area could be very likely something like a golf course.
Between the grass there are some narrow paths between.
They are not paved but solid and relative smooth in a kind of a brown stone look.
In the area nearby there are a lot of activities going on.
Only this area and the paths are relative empty – and so I am stepping along such a path (approx. 1m/3ft width).
Somewhere there in a distance of about 50 to 70m away (150-210ft) from me there is Donald Trump.
And from that distance I speak to him.
Actually prophetic words are coming out of my mouth.
So some of what I say to him is this: …there is a (his) battle against the media and God will continue this battle and will wipe away all the lies once and forever.
Also God will equip him (Trump) with authority to smash his enemies.
In this prophecy I repeat many things over and over again with different words and add a lot of hand gestures.
Interesting is for me that Trump listen to me all the time and seem to be glued to carefully listen to every single word.
Basically I say to him everything that God wants do do for him.
The only thing is that I emphasize at the end of my speech where I say: “It’s your choice”, only your personal choice.
I am speaking to him all in English (though this is not my native language).
The question about the decision I repeat a couple of time.
And… when he decide to surrender himself 100% under God, then, God will cut off all these lies of the media once and forever.
God will literally cut off his enemies.
And if he does not surrender in full under God then his battle against the media and all his other enemies will never end, basically from the day when it started until his last breath the battle will continue and it will cost him all energy.
As I say to him that it is his decision to surrender to God, what will happen is, that the Holy Spirit will fall upon him and he will equip him with a supernatural authority where no-one will be able to stand against it.
But this is his personal decision.
When I came to the point (which I repeated several times) of his decision and supernatural authority I see real (big) tears rolling down from his eyes.

So I finished my message to him – he went his way and I went my way out of the golf area.
This path leads more or less through a building.
The building is nothing special, maybe a waiting zone or whatever.
Looks to me a building made of wood. It is a good size but only one floor.
Could be a building if it’s a golf course where people can park their golf gear, maybe with a cafe and gathering place – whatever.
Actually in front of the building there is a normal road and when going through it there is where the narrow paths start and where I went somewhere to speak with Trump.
The areal is slightly hilly.

So what I am doing now is to go back through this building towards the normal paved road.
So at the side of the normal road there is a person who starts speaking to me.
This person is dressed in black and as far as I know in the dream he is a security guard.
He complains to me that I have spoken with Trump and not only this he also complain about the way I spoke to him with all the many hand gestures.
I respond to him that this might be just because I am a drummer/ musician and that’s why my hand gestures might be a more intense.
Somehow he accept the answer though very reluctant within himself, but as we cannot turn time back, what is said is said.
He did not know anything what I spoke to Trump nor did anyone else heard a single word.
But this security guy said in case other people also have seen how I spoke to Trump might think as well it looked really weird.
And he emphasize that he will not see this happen again (from me).
I don’t say anything to him on that (order) but with a smirk I think my own part:
“Yes it is very sure it will not happen again but he will see (sooner or later) what will happen, regardless if he likes it or not – if this, what I spoke to Trump will happen and he truly will surrender himself 100% to Adonai”.
Actually I did not speak to Trump only globally about God but about Yeshua the redeemer, savior, etc.
The decision actually is not to “A god” but it is about Yeshua and a clear message of who Yeshua is…
So after that I continue walking along paved roads towards the crowded area which seem to me like a open market place.
Does look also somehow like an amusement park but a big size place with all the booths where people selling and buying.
As much as I know the dream goes directly over to another dream where my mom is there and she was asking to meet with relatives in a certain town in Germany for an evening.
Though we never had any relatives there – the only thing that it might be connected that I worked there for almost 10 years (with banking- and casino machine stuff)

Guess the last piece might not be relevant at all and not connected to the first part but as it went directly into I just want to mention it.