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It’s war


It happened to me one day when I was outside on a hill and stayed there over night in a sleeping bag….
Early in the morning I thought I had a weird dream.
But it was not… It was real…
There was shooting around.
Finally I only thought, hopefully I will be able to get out of here without getting some holes in my head or somewhere else – you never know.

Through experience I saw a spiritual connection that lead me to write this song.
We are in a battle.
Sometimes physical – but I wanna reflect as well the spiritual battles.
What I can see that seem to me most christians/ believers are like sleeping – not aware of the evil arrows of the enemy.

My cry with the song is: Wake up and get ready for the coming of the Messiah!

Title: It’s war

You can find this song also within the video that speaks about the war in Ukraine.
Here’s the link

You’re sleeping deep in silence
Dreaming quietness and peace
When a shaking and a quaking sound
that doesn’t match your dreams
Something strange and unfamiliar
Like you’ve never heard before
Now begins to move inside you
Like a mighty distant roar

Wake up, wake up it’s war
The time for rest has passed
It’s here you can’t ignore
We can’t ignore this war

You want to keep the quietness
“It’s just another dream”
But like the spider weaves her web
To catch the fly between
Your thoughts of fear are trapped inside
You can’t rest anymore
These feelings like a rolling tide
Are knocking at your door

I’m sorry but your dreamy rest, your time to sleep is over
Get up before you fall asleep again
The day will come when it’s too late, what was is not forever
Forever won’t here until the End

I do not say these things to grip
Your soul with mortal fear
Yeshua gave us words
To face these days, so very clear
He told us when the darkness comes
It’s then our light can shine
So just be sure your lamp is filled
With oil all the time

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