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Message March 2022 It’s war – (with song)

Message March 2022 about war – as there is literal the (current) war in Ukraine,
when actually there was never a time without a war, yet this time it is just in the focus of the Mainstream liars. And surprisingly now also all Christians suddenly seem to wake up.
I am wondering where have they been before?
Have they been all asleep the last 70 years?
Is a war in the name of peace with millions of people dying better than a war against lies, wickedness and curruption?
But maybe because the US or other western nations have been causing all the wars before.
So there is no reason for a huge outcry, because they are the “good” ones.

However, this message includes a song I wrote about 12 years ago.
More details you can find in the message.

The song part contains a slightly audible watermark on the music.
Depends on your speakers/headphones and ears, you may hear it or not.

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