Go ahead – 2020/10/18

Time to drain the swamp... this is meant not only political, but also here on the website. Since I entered the new design, also I want to change a lot of the content. If you see several pages disappear, don't worry, they will be back one day. Currently I process...

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New design

May those who visit this page every now and then notice a little change in the design. Looks small, but in the background it is not a little change, it's a major update. Basically the whole design got re-worked from the scratch. [show_more more="READ MORE"...

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Corona Test

Welcome to Bindernowski

For those, who have been looking to that website before might wonder why I removed the Covid-19-Angel of Death Dream?

No, I have not removed it, I only moved it to the Prophecies (Dreams)!

As the Covid 19 may not come to an end, even many prophets have told that. According to Rockefeller’s “LOCK STEP” Plan and other Bilderberger-Illuminati-Freemason-and other wicked organisations, it will rather go worse than better.

But for those who trust in Yeshua, there is nothing to worry in long term. All wicked people will not be part in His long term plan. Scripture is clear with that: 1 Corinthians 6: 9-10 and Revelation 21:7-9.

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More Psalms

Though I was not able to record more (new) Psalms Psalm 46 is an old recording - prior as the song: So far - Shofar but it is literally Psalm 46 (in Hebrew)I managed to find the recordings of a concert in 2019 with live recordings So I added the live versions of Psalm...

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