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Message 2024/13 Electric Mobility and Green Religion

Tried to make this message as short as I am able, and squeeze it into Month 5 of 2024.
Most people already know all stupidness of the green religion with Pope Greta and Bill the farmer – some people may pronounce the ″oo″of the pope a bit longer and miss the e at the end, but probably very identical.

Message 2024-13 Electric Mobility and Green Religion


I don’t go into the danger with the batteries of electric vehicles how sometimes they blow up and gives some nice green healthy smoke.

Actually I am possibly more green than most the fanatic deluded loons.
I don’t have a car, I don’t fly… I’m not interested in this discriminating luggage check with plastic bags for Shampoo or stuff like that.
I wear cotton instead oil based orange or yellow coats or synthetic rubbish and don’t glue myself with oil based glue on the road and the list goes on and on.
But I definitely skip to eat the typical green vegan nonsense, because that crap don’t give any energy for hard physically labor (which is the most of my work).

So, lately, at the last place I stayed (the last time/ months) I cycled every now and then to the other town to either buy food or other things…
There on the way, most times (depends on which roads I took) I passed by a certain electric vehicle that often drew my attention.
And today as I was just waiting for someone here in the city I saw one of the vans who deliver parcels – whatever the company – was printed somehow in a similar way as like this mentioned car.
Electric vehicles for such a use I think is not a bad idea, like for the post when they have to stop every 2,3 or 5 minutes, though the modern cars when the engine stops on every traffic light or short stop, so maybe it doesn’t matter anyway.
However, my attention was the design how they were painted and I thought already, but I forgot (drowned under all the other work) until today when I saw the white van nearby.

And here you’ll see, a white car decorated with their green religion.

I don’t have a picture of the van because I don’t carry my camera always around and even less my phone.
Oooh, but you’ll see, the wonderful windmills, wind turbines or whatever you name that…
Don’t forget, when they don’t work anymore, they just get dumped where they are, n midst a forest or nature – I guess it’s just to expensive to carry them somewhere to get recycled in case this is even possible.

And remember, the same greens who are promoting that stuff, the electric transition, maybe 20 or more years ago they were protesting vehemently against these windmills, and some may still do that – as an ugly blot on the landscape, and additionally kills all the birds and so on and on.
Well, most of these religious fanatics were not born back then and have not known how constantly the green bible changes with time – same with the brainwashing.
For most of them electricity comes from the socket in the wall, as much the food grows on the shelves in the supermarket, that’s why they want to get rid of the farmers, except for Bill, as they have been brainwashed to believe, the farts of cows are responsible for the climate disaster.

Maybe that’s why the coming plandemic might be bird flu as they think these are stupid animals.
So stupid to believe such a virus can jump from a bird to a human without the need to modify the gain button in order to function, and wondering if those who will be infected with the bird flu will grow wings or start to fly without wings as real authentic symptoms.
Okay, that’s not my subject now…

Actually some of my relatives have a electric car, which is technically a microwave on wheels, but that’s another can of worms.
What I was told by them, driving to work or shopping is basically fine. They have also solar panels on the roof of their house already since many years, so at least they can benefit somehow from that electricity, but I have no information if this gives enough supply for the car, but at least partially.

But in wintertime (last winter) they went on a journey to go skiing and they said, this was not very thrilling, not joyful, (the journey there).
They’ve made it, but as there are not that many e- stations around like for petrol, they had to stop often to check if it has the right connector and then it takes 2 hours to fill the batteries.
Made them not very happy in wintertime – and just think if many more would have an electric vehicle, and like at a gas station 5 cars waiting in line before you…
It will give you a pleasant break of 10 hours until you can load your own car.
Anyone likes that idea?
Great for Greta’s followers, because during that time they can’t make a lot of nonsense.

However, back to the place where I passed this vehicle many times…
A thought came into my mind.
What if…..
What IF!
Instead painting the religious green bubble on the car, paint the truth?

And for the truth I only want to pick the one single aspect that came to my mind.

We know how the globalists came up with the idea to put shocking pictures on cigarette packages how ti causes cancer and blah blah blah, how they cause diseases they invented.
Though in the age of internet I think they are not really shocking anymore.

And for these vehicles:
Instead painting a nice fake bubble-reality and replace it with the truth?
No, not pictures of birds when they get smashed by wind turbines.
Birds are not so stupid like humans that they fly in droves into these propellers.
I’ve seen more dead birds beside the road, smashed by cars than beside windmills.

No, let’s print pictures of how electric vehicles FUEL child labor (what a perfect wording).
Here a few examples:

child labor 5   

This is the truth about electric vehicles!
If you support it, it might be good to repent daily and ask the Father in heaven to forgive you for being a part in destroying lives of many children.
You surely can’t avoid all of this, but.. if you buy an electric car you are definitely in the team with the destroyer.

So, what about the idea to make it mandatory to print such images on all electric vehicles, cars, buses, whatever and see if the support of this technology will enthusiastically increase or not.
Or perhaps make it also mandatory for all smartphones as a permanent reminder.

Of course, make the print fire resistant, so if everything burns down, (the battery burns down the whole thing) the message remains.

Okay, whether this message will remain on the censor platform or not, but it’s just my two cents about the green religion and their fantasy truth.
I keep myself away anyway from all religion.
I prefer to have a personal relationship with Yeshua and be respectful and responsible towards His creation as much as possible with my very limited resources.

End of Message

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