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Message 14/2024 (Month 06) – When you die…

Message 14 in the year 2024, month 06 – When you die…

Usually messages tend to be long – or relatively long but this might be not too long.

Actually, I got inspired to make this message after I spoke with someone about different things, also related to the bible.
Somewhere along the conversation I realized the person doesn’t understand my viewpoint of life, how I live and work, serve and do things.
Maybe you can name it ″philosophy of life″ or whatever, but I’m staying out of Babylon (as much as possible).
Perhaps you had also experiences, when you feel like talking to a wall and the conversation becomes somehow pointless.

Message 2024-14 Month 06 When you die


… after the talk I went back to work – yes, though I am not in the system anymore but I work to help other people.
As this mostly doesn’t require my mouth to be used, so I am able to do a bit multitasking.
I’m surely not an expert in speech, but doing physically certain things where Adonai has talented and skilled me, using with my hands, and parallel I often think about the Lord or something completely different.

So I thought about the conversation which was a lot about money (or no money), and the Holy Spirit reminded me about things I experienced that appeared somehow not related to it, but they just came.

And that was:
If you die, you realize, life is not in your hand.
When you die a second time, you realize money becomes insignificant.
And when you die the third time, you realize the system doesn’t save your life.
And when you die the forth time you realize, life is (somehow) a ″joke″.

May some people say, that’s a bit too much black and white thinking.
And… we need money to get what we need for our lives, like food, shelter and clothing or even to fulfill our dreams.
Or, the system with health insurance for example gives some sort of security (or safety).
Yes, all of this and more are honest legitimate arguments, this I understand.
I also heard more than one person saying to me, what you’re doing is completely irresponsible.
No insurance, no fixed income or any at all, no this and that, or whatever the system offers.
From the worlds perspective they might be right, but the children of Israel on their 40 years hike in the wilderness could not eat the gold they carried out from Egypt, though they ate or drank some of it, the golden calf, ground to powder.

If someone don’t understand or even accepts your lifestyle or way of living and serving Adonai, what you gonna do?
So I faced that
Sometime some came even against me with Scripture, claiming how we supposed to manage our lives.
Well, some things in the bible are not negotiable like living in holiness instead constant sin or unforgiveness, but the Scripture gives a lot of room for individual freedom how to handle our lives, for example, where we decide to live and work or how to spend our money, (so here’s the money back).

Sounds crazy, but when I work, I never ask for money, freely I have received, freely I give.
Of course, depending on the situation, I may ask for accommodation and food or else it won’t work.
Sounds ridiculous but it is so, because I see Yeshua as my employer and not man or a company or a system.
Yes, some people do pay me, others don’t have the resources, but I trust Yeshua as my provider – and he has not failed the last 18 years.

Someone may argue, what about paying taxes?
Well, to buy food there is no way to avoid taxes, that’s automatically added, so here we go.
For the rest I say, I go fishing…

The whole money and tax system is anyway completely corrupted and run by psychopaths.
Ask yourself, what’s the reason and purpose to finance terror organizations?
Look only how much of our tax money is used to finance endless wars?
How many people got killed by real terror attacks, even if we would stay with the official narrative, compared to the numbers of people who got killed by wars, initiated by governments?
You can count for yourself and decide who are the greatest terrorists and then decide how much you are willing to support and finance it – though there is not much of a choice we have, even when we say our kingdom is not of this world.

Nevertheless, back to my main point, written in the title:
″When you die!″

Have you ever died or been near death?
I tell you, your view changes dramatically and almost everything that appears valuable in this world disappears from your view, or at least to some extend.

I experienced twice when I was on the way to pass out and remember one time I could literally sense my soul started to disconnect from the body, but later came back.
In these moments I already said in my mind to Yeshua as I was not able to speak anymore in that situation: ″okay, that’s it, if you take me now, I am ready to leave, I have nothing to lose″.
In dreams I died 7 or 8 times, and every time in a different way, either being murdered or in horrible accidents.
Interestingly enough that it always appeared to be in slow motion, which makes it more scary and glad when waking up.
One for example was a train accident where I felt very slowly the metal pieces of the train piercing into my flesh and bones and shredding my body to pieces.
I guess you can imagine this is not pleasant – not at all.
I would almost say, that all the deaths in dreams I can count together as the third time I died because dreams are often more real than our real life (in this physical realm), and this is what brought me to realization the world and it’s system is not our friend.

Stronger than the physical pain during the time to die is the awareness and knowledge of what is to come.
I’m not sure if this happens to everyone, but at least it relates/ was to me.
Sadly, most people in this world seem to be not be aware they can die any moment, any second.
Just look around how many people live in constant sin or without repentance.
Ok, I never went into night clubs or things like that, but I only need to go to the beach or walk the streets in the city to see enough, enough of all the disgusting sin.
And talking about beach, the example at Sevastopol beach not long ago gives actually a good example – just a blow out of the blue and lives are gone – unexpected (not completely unexpected there in a war zone).

Anyway, the greatest death of all I think is the spiritual death.
Though there is good news.
Yeshua, by His death and resurrection offers the solution for us to be/get born again.
This is my count as the fourth time to die where I came to the conclusion, life is somehow a ″joke″, because the perspective of your life changes…
There might be a better word than joke, but I hope you understand what I want to say.
Somehow written in Psalms 1, Psalms 37, or Luke 6:20-23, that’s when we can laugh.

And then…
When you have invited Yeshua into your life, being born again, a new creation, you may also realize storing treasures in heaven is more valuable than accumulate wealth here on earth where moth and rust can corrupt and thieves can steal.
I know it by experience, almost all my wealth disappeared that way (once it was water), it’s not fair, but more it brought me to the place to invest more into the Kingdom – but not necessarily with finances which I don’t have, but with my labor.

So my advice, before you die the final physical death, give your life to Yeshua and be born again.
Whether you die at the end naturally or as a martyr, doesn’t matter, but remain faithful to Yeshua until death and He will give you the crown of life.
And it’s written, if you overcome you shall never be harmed by the second death, which will be lake of fire that burns with fire and brimstone.
Regardless of how often you die or almost die (near death) here in this world, the worst case is, when you die without Yeshua’s salvation by grace and then have to die the second death.

I hope to see you all in heaven.
And there… would you ever think again about the paper money, created out of thin air?
Certainly not when you walk on streets of gold .
Yes, here on earth we still use this worthless trash to some extend, regardless if you have a little or a lot or nothing, but don’t let it become your master, you can’t serve two masters.
When you die you can’t take anyway anything with you.

End of message

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