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Word/ Poetry 2023/11/16 Ze Virus and The Darkness

Prophetic Poetry, given on 2023-11-16 around 7:30am

Before you read of listen, ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom and understanding.
As this is in a poetic form, the more so, because it contains a lot of metaphors and symbolism and sometimes even a double layer of meanings.

Beginning of Prophecy:

Oh Virus, you come and go
To keep running the show

You love to come back in time
To continue your ugly crime

Deep sleep covers the earth
While evil gives another birth

They name it planet and globe
I call it lawlessness without hope

The only hope you’ll fine in Me
While they want to chop every tree

It’s the tree of evil and good
Compassion disappeared and so the food

Hunger will come as it is written
I’ll bind you up as I have smitten

I have torn but I will heal
Return to Me before the seventh seal

Sealed will be My righteous ones
Those I call daughters and sons

Many will be martyred because of My name
The ones who kill them are always the same

From the beginning of time nothing new
My very word is clear and true

Heaven and earth will pass away
And sadly many will go astray

Stay under the shelter of My wings
The only savior, the King of Kings

The false savior very soon will arrive
Order out of chaos he claims to revive

Laws and rules to serve him alone
And more when he puts himself on a throne

Compulsive worship to him will be the decree
Many will follow only a few disagree

Those with the mark on forehead and hand
From My kingdom eternally be banned

Even when they will be scourged by the sun
Will not repent yet more into their sin will run

My two witnesses they* don’t like to hear (*the unrepentant)
Instead love every day to live in fear

Awake, awake before it’s too late
When your sin will sign your eternal fate

Turn to Me with all your heart
Hear My words and be truly smart

Not the SMART of this world which is deception
It’s a tool of false virtual perception

It’s the lie that comes to kill steal and destroy
While the father thereof, this, greatly enjoy

Many will be dropping like flies
Even birds you see in the skies

Keep up My umbrella against evil rain
Or else you might face a lot of pain

Holiness in Me is the miracle key
Where the truth of My word will set you free

The leaders of this world they come and go
Will reap in fullness of what they sow

Fire and brimstones, millstones and hail
They don’t want to repent even not in eternal jail

Greed and lust, perversion and sin
Are driving insanity to peoples minds within

Blind, blinded by the angel of light
The promise of vanity right in their sight

Come out of her, before Babylon will fall
Listen to Me and hear My call

I will be with you til the end of your days
Cling to Me and walk in My higher ways

I bring you home if you stay close to Me
In My kingdom you can eat from the living tree

Trust and obey and don’t run away
Where I am you shall also stay

Look what’s coming from the sky
Another light that cause everything to fry

Techknowledge you’ve never seen
While TV presents you the old smoking screen

More than ever before the earth will shake
Some try to explain it away, others awake

More will come that makes people tremble
When forbidden will become for some to assemble

The virus will go viral at the end of days
Escape is in (only) Me, My blood and My grace

When toxins and fire comes out of a pin
People be marked under the skin

5 months of bleeding, 5 months of pain
Will turn the whole world utterly insane

Peace and safety will be heard day and night
Sudden destruction and no more light

End of the Prophecy/ poem.

There is a reference to Hoshea 6, Psalm 91 and different sections from the book of Revelation – you’ll find them – concordance is still available and not yet banned.

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