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Word (Poetry) 2023-10-04 When everything will fall apart

Prophetic Word (Poetry) 2023-10-04 10:00 while working in the garden

Note, that it is in a poetic form, the sentences sometimes may not make completely sense or seem to be incomplete, just like lyrics in music.
For you is to ask the Holy Spirit to give you wisdom and understanding to fill the blanks to decipher the metaphors and symbolic language and if necessary connect them with the appropriate scripture verses.
I don’t have time to puzzle all the stuff together, so it’s for you to do the deep research.
Some things might be very direct and clear but also don’t misunderstand when the scenes flips from one subject to the next or the direction of speech.

Beginning of Prophecy.

When everything will fall apart
It will show the difference between the wise and the ″smart″

Great joy in heaven for every sinner who repents
No need in My kingdom for certificates and documents

Hearts I search, people who surrender to Me
My salvation, My blood is offered for free

The race of good and evil is in full swing
Many want to be god, the greatest king

The righteous, yes, they will reign with Me
But not the way men have have learned from men it will be

My kingdom is not like how the wicked on earth rule and reign
Their ideas is nothing but death and tremendous pain

Arise, arise My bride your time is so near
Don’t worry for tomorrow and to not fear

I will take you home in time and season the perfect day
If you will hang on me and don’t stop to pray

Let complainers complain but you, follow Me
Be ready prepared when the beast rise out of the sea

Mocking and scoffing is absolutely nothing new
Deception is nothing that just came out of the blue

From the very beginning like cancer it started to grow
Today as time flies by like a rocket when it began very slow

Yet the closer the end is approaching by day with every hour
The more displays the building of the same ancient tower

Bavel is still growing higher and higher
Until My wrath on Babylon will come down like fire

Jerusalem the stumbling block for all nations will remain
It drives all kings and princes utterly insane

Insanity already reached a level high up the sky
But off the chart it will be when My bride start to fly

The day and hour My Father knows alone
When soon it will come, no excuse you have not known

I come as I said like a thief in the night
The foolish virgins will weep, the wise be in delight

Mister Bourla and friends, for you not much time is left to repent
Before I engrave all your names in millstones for your final end

I extended My Grace often like for Pharaoh also for you
You heard many warnings don’t tell Me you have no clue

All the rotten ones will one day face My wrath
The outcome you can calculate with your fraudulent math

Where is Biden, who is Biden, is he real or not people ask
For the answer you better wear more than only one mask

My judgment on Him is nothing for you to know
Soon enough you also will finish your own earthly show

Your life is just a vapor or even way less than that
Regardless if you wear dark black or a polished white hat

Your walk is long enough to fight against the wild evil power
Make ready yourself for your personal last hour

It might go on for a while it could come all the sudden
Do you know when behind secret doors someone press the red button

Let the wicked go wherever they want to go
For you My beloved make sure your heart is pure and white as snow

Stay close to Me and I will bring you home
Where the roads will be of gold but soft like foam

More beautiful than what human minds can comprehend
Before My throne My love will shine and every knee will bend

Some in worship, thanks and joyful adoration
Others in deep shame of their perverse masturbation

Sheep and goats separated as like day and night
Nothing between or gray but black and white

Where will you stand when I knock at your door?
Will your pride try to go higher than Me and soar?

Or will your heart be humble before My feet
And hear My voice like seven thunders but sweet

That mystery I will reveal before My final return
And all lies with fire and brimstone will burn

Wait for Me and I will show you things you never knew
My word is alive and will remain forever true

Nothing will fall apart that is united in Me
And believe that I hung for you on the tree

Where I poured out My blood and love by Grace
So that all have a chance to see My Fathers face

To see Me and rejoice for all eternity
Away from all sorrows and painful insanity

My beloved, I can’t wait to embrace
And talk to you forever face to face

End of Prophecy.

Maybe some of it might have been personal, but I hope and pray it will encourage you too to seek more closeness as we come to the last hour or seconds of this age.

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