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Word/ Poetry 2023-09-11 If you don’t believe you will not receive

Prophetic Poetry, given on 2023-09-11 around 6:00am

Before you listen or read the word, ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you through this prophecy, especially in it’s poetic form with all the blurry grammar, the metaphors and so on.
Be aware also that it flips around to different groups of people in different times.
And by that not to misunderstand the things – the Holy Spirit will show you.

Beginning of Prophecy/ Poem

If you don’t believe
You will not receive

If I take home My bride today or tomorrow
Some will have joy, others great sorrow

There are a lot of things men teach
Only a few the Truth they preach

Don’t stay idle at the door without oil
While darkness and evil starts to boil

Fill your lamp today, look out and see
How fast the world to evil will bend it’s knee

When light and darkness reach to the extreme
People all will start in agony and scream

They say; A savior, a savior we need urgently right now
Whatever he does anything no matter we allow

As long as we can go back to everything like before
Back to normal the one promised us to restore

A man of sin, sinful man a king for you to adore
Don’t worry, he is already near at the door

Soon I will unlock the gates for him to arrive
Be happy with him while you try to survive

Though life at the moment is already pretty tough
But with him everything will become unbearable rough

Of course no promise he promised he will keep
Cunning his plans so wicked and deep

Freedom you knew and know will all disappear
Your words or protests he will never hear.

Like sheep to the slaughter in camps those will go
Who are not willing to play in his show

And taking the mark to sell and buy
For all who disagree will have to die

Let this be known to you, oh people you all
In sin you were born since Adams fall

Since that day life was not normal anymore
The knowledge of good and evil opened the door

Little by little men walked continually deeper in sin
Corrupted their minds from deep, very deep within

I came the solution to set you free
But most decided not to repent and turn to me

Now the results you see on every corner you look
And don’t care if your names are not written in My book

The day will come when you stand before Me
And realize how much you ate from the forbidden tree

That tree is the food for the fire in hell
Where all your flesh will burn to rotten smell

You say we’re fine and all is well
As much as Lucifer from heaven he fell

To be well with your soul is only in Me
I am the eternal life, My truth all shall see

I’m also the way to My Father in heaven
A place where there will be no earthly leaven

I am your Yeshua the savior who doesn’t lie
One day if you cling to Me to heaven you’ll fly

Call upon My name and I will set you free
This world pass away, My word forever will be

My promises are Yes and Amen forever and ever
The kings of this world keep their promises? No, never

They lie and cheat on every turn
Until their empire will eternally burn

When the rock will fall on their kingdom called Iron and Clay
Their dream of complete dominion will be gone that day

Prepare My bride, Prepare My bride
For the day when you will be by My side

When I will take you home so very soon
I promise you a glorious extended honeymoon

Repentance in this world will not longer be known and heard
As much as the singing of any beautiful bird

Replaced by gray in gray everything in one color alone
Hearts of men like ice and hard like a stone

Forbidden will become My word to speak
And lawlessness will arise to it’s highest peak

All truth be buried and mingled with vanity
Left will be blasphemy and utter insanity

Take heed My children that you don’t get deceived
Turn back to your first love to when you first believed

Cleanse your home, cleanse your hearts deep within
So when I come that I might find you without sin

Soon the world once more will turn around
Messengers waiting for the last trumpets sound

An alarm to get ready and prepared
Nothing, no unclean thing that will be spared

My wrath will sweep all wickedness away
Regardless how much evil is laughing today

Only the righteous ones their peace in Me shall remain
The lawless one with all their friends shall feel much pain

Glory for My faithful loving people
Ignorance will fool the fools and all their sheeple

Give thanks and praise so soon you’ll be snatched away
I’m coming in time there will be no delay

End of Prophecy

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