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Word/ Poetry 2023-08-25 When Rome will burn again

Prophetic Word/ Poetry 2023-08-25 17:30

I was in bed with a migraine and the word dropped in little by little over a period of several hours because I had to lay down over and over again.
It was a quiet a painful challenge to write it down.
But by the grace of Adonai I’ve made it.

It is pretty long, and came in a form of a poem with loads of metaphors.
You may realize it bounces back and forth in different times, seasons and subjects.
Some might more literal, others more figurative.
In all complexity and actually as always you should ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you through this prophecy to give you more wisdom and the full understanding of the details and the reading of the words between the lines.

Beginning of Prophecy/ Poetry:

You might be wrong in the expectation of My return.
But some of you may see when Rome again will burn

They attempt to build another wicked glo-ballistic empire
All the Elites under one evil hood and all their hosts as their desire

The reason is nothing more but to slaughter as many as they can
Preferably my true and faithful ones but also ordinary men

Women and children first they surely play and rape
And then to dump them all and cover truth with a big black tape

Voices are to be silenced, all those who dare to speak
And woe to those who try to find the hidden secret leak

Suicides and accidents will become surprisingly so numerous
Only very few who can escape the knife that is so treacherous

The system named control and big surveillance so incredibly advanced
The net with it’s 5 Genocidal tool and conCERNing crafts enhanced

Laws will be established to support their diabolic plot
Attempts to stop it immediately to death be shot

Nothing seem to put an end they think in utter delusion and in pride
But they don’t realize it is the serpent and the loser on their side

Deceived since the beginning by the father of all lies
They think so Smart yet in a tiny box and believe that they are wise

Their foundation made of sand one day be washed away
Because their kingdom is nothing more but iron mixed with clay

Rome and Babylon your moment will come soon
The sun be darkened and to blood will turn the moon

Hiding deep in bunkers built so profound deep underground
But even there they will clearly hear My final trumpet sound

With two fingers I will lift and turn their foxholes upside down
When they will all fall into the pit of eternal flames to drown

In fear and trembling they will beg the rocks and clefts
While their hands still hold on tight to all their cryptic thefts

Hunger it shall be no more they promised in the year whatever so and so
Yet all donation money grabbing it was just a trick their wealth to grow

Never with intentions death by hunger shall depart from earth
The goal is rather, kill as many as they can and reduce all birth

With the launch of AI now they found a brand new way
To divide all people from the truth and lead them all astray

Repentance they don’t want and know in their hearts so wicked
Most of them already booked their infernal one way ticket

I could save them all by grace but most of them reject
A fiery place they all desire but thinking they are the elect

All those who suffer just because of them, listen to My voice
The earthly season is just short My Kingdom a forever choice

When the stock market very soon will ultimately crash
All their fraud and tricks with it will end in trash

Many then will run in desperation to the Judas Iscariot tree
Only a few that will remember granny’s prayers and then find rest in Me

If you don’t think this can happen very very soon
Remember how quick and easy you can pop a big balloon

Right in time to make room for the Beast to rise out of the sea
All moral values then to vanish and righteousness will flee

Nothing will be left that gave this world something to delight
Evil mudslides everywhere no place to be where joy likes to abide

Many won’t believe it is here and try to fight til the very end
For their families, homes and countries, trying to defend

Yet most of them fight without asking Me for wisdom and advice
And at the end they realize it’s way too late and pay the final price

I foretold all things including the way to come to Me the only solution
Yet the masses so deceived with social muck and big illusion

They came to believe My word is fiction or a fairy tale
Even with the evidence of foretold tribulation all lies prevail

I said so clear My word will never pass away
But everything else shall crumble down one day

As the stage is being set for the man of sin to arrive in authority and force
Don’t worry it will last just a little while with the final horse

A source, a root of all evil, they call it money that will be
My ax will chop the tree with a roaring, to repent and come to Me

But nay they cry the louder in their resisting pride against My will
So much I wait for each of them that they would come up to that hill

There I paid it all yet at the cross they still laugh and spit into My face
They continue hammer in all nails in anger but don’t see My grace

All of this was not enough as mocking Me came never to an end
Like as the pharisees so many play a game of holiness as they pretend

Yet I see behind the walls all white washed tombs
The filth they carry in their hearts in all their secret rooms

Porn and pedophilia is just a tiny little portion
Adrenochrome, eugenics, dance with Moloch through abortion

Too much to list it all, many libraries that would be filled
All variations found, and ways how men get killed

I’m sad to say My judgment might look ruthless, infernal and extreme
But righteousness can’t look away much longer and miss the children’s scream

Righteousness and justice remain the foundation of My throne
Where all souls one day will stand before, cause shaking every single bone

How long will you ignore My warning, and do not humble, repent and trust in Me?
Do you not know I can forgive all sins or cast you out to Hell forever there you’ll be

If you would understand My love for each person and their souls
You would return to Me and sin no more as written in My Holy Scrolls

Nothing is impossible if you would truly cling to Me
A place prepared called paradise or heaven where you ought to be

For all eternity there are two places for each of you to go
The one is life for those who love, but the other is death for those who play big brothers show

Continue to ignore My word when one day truth you’ll see
Too late too late it’ll be for you for all eternity

Yet the ones who keep My word even until their final breath
Transformed in Glory they will be with Me where there is no more death

No pain no sorrow but My light and love beyond your wildest dreams
With streets of gold beside the waters crystal clear in lakes and streams

In beauty full of harmony and songs you’ve never heard
Angels and all flowers singing all with you and of course each single bird

A melody not pushed by propaganda mainstream lies
No lyrics the world would like to hear with all it’s diabolic ties

The words in heaven all be pure and full with joy and adoration
More than just some sounds that match a boring decoration

Interwoven melodies like a garment of one piece a precious stone
The worship that will be in unity with focus on the throne

The crowns that will be cast before My feet surely will not jingle
But each of them will sing one song altogether wonderful will mingle

The sounds of many waters all the saints in ONE be unified
To praise the ONE who poured out His blood as he was crucified

The lamb the lion, King of Kings and Lord of all
His song in heaven once for all was finished to reverse the fall

While all the ones who refuse to repent in excruciating agony
Surrounded by the screams in torture is their eternal reality

Stay with Me til I will take you home
Whether you will see or not the final burning Rome

Not much longer and My quiver will be filled
Some til all the end others snatched away and some when they get killed

But all of them before My throne a crown and big reward they will receive
Not because of what they’ve done but they trusted Me in everything and believe

Sheep and goats they will be separated in two directions they will go
The sheep with Me in Glory but those who worshiped Babylon and Rome into the pit below

The wife of Lot gave an example what happens if you love the worldly ways
If you don’t repent and come to Me, hell will be eternally your final place

End of prophecy.

The revived Roman empire is not mentioned or specified by name in scripture, but in this prophecy it serves metaphorically as the ″one world order united nation″ the globalists want to establish.
Maybe this will be the nation of nations that will to one day go against Israel.

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