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Word (Poetry) 2023/07/04 America and Liberty

Prophetic word, received during my sailing journey on 2023-07-04
I have forgotten to write the time but I think this not so important

Please ask the Holy Spirit to guide you through this word to give you the full understanding.

And again in a poetic form the sentences might be grammatically incorrect or appear incomplete.

Just the note when it speaks about Me, My, I or Mine (in capital letters) it’s Yeshua speaking through His Holy Spirit and not the goofball here on the couch.

Beginning of Prophecy:

America, long time ago you wanted to be free – not from men but from Me
And by this you set up a statue called liberty – for all the blind to see

So proud and tall
Yet didn’t see the coming fall

The declaration was announced so loud
With echoed rejoice, a big loud shout – and proud

The world looked at you in awe; to the whore
All eyes stared on the same wealth you adore

As a blessings it was meant to be
To share it with the poor all you find and see

Salvation was the call for you to preach
But slowly turned to blasphemy what you now teach

Forgotten piece by piece My plans for you
To be a precious crown with My great works to do

But you ate your children, Moloch became your friend
Holy games be played so much in churches you attend

Obedience I asked you and to share My truth
Temples built, most with prayer absorbing roof

Some I hear in righteousness, sadly just a few
Prosperity (instead) the message for each person in the pew

Things I’ve never told as you do all day long
Praising men and music bands labeled worship with song

Will you ever come back to Me before your horrible end?
When you stand before Me with nothing to defend?

Your actions, your words all things I see
Repent before it is too late and come to Me

Time is soon be gone then will be no more
My kingdom come for sure as waves all to the shore

One moment soon in time all words of history
Will vanish like a vapor and remain a mystery

America, America, how exceedingly my tears have been
In floods and fires all My warnings can be seen

Yet blind and deaf you walk to hell
While I desired you to be a well

A source of living waters for the world to flow
But you rejected and instead played a destructive show

The last grain of sand are in the clock
And only those will survive who stand on My rock

I wish I could give you a little more time
But it has to be finished with My word and the rhyme

It’s all about souls not of money, silver or gold
Things you can’t buy from Mister Mammon whether new or old

Brace yourself when the impact will arrive
When out of the blue another trial to survive

For those who are My bride I have a special gift
It will come quickly when things start to shift

When liberty of men will be revealed of what it is
Only those who remain in Me nothing they will miss

All has been told from the ancient of days
My truth, My life and all My ways

Even ways have been revealed, higher than your own
Everything declared to you and clearly shown

The modern liberty America is nothing but a lie
Regardless how much you would believe or wonder why

Freedom offered by men is nothing but a joke
Only in Me your burden will be light and not a yoke

If you continue to whore, the price you will pay
Unlike what I paid for you, but what shall I say

A rebellious nation full of abominations and greed
Spoiled from the cradle to the grave a corruptible seed

The love of money, so deep the root below
The harvest is here, the fruit is what the truth will show

Things you planted and I let it grew
Very hard to digest no matter how long you chew

Remember the end, all things I will do
Nothing new under the sun out of the blue

It’s coming, it’s coming it’s already here
Only one thing that saves is to cling on Me and don’t fear

When I look upon the statue you call liberty
The only thing I see is great blasphemy

Many things that have been told to you
It’s all deception, nothing that is and was ever true

She lifts up a fire that is not Mine
Those who set it up knew the true real sign

Contrary My fire shall burn inside you in holy fear
So that My word can reach all those who have an ear to hear

The truth is in My word from beginning without end
When (Miss) liberty will long be no more, in Me you can depend

Forever My word will remain America long be wiped away
As the world shall disappear, all new by Me shall be the great hooray

End of Prophecy

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