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Word/ Poetry 2023-04-09 The cross and great final day

Prophetic Poem, given on 2023-04-08 around 1:00pm (in the kitchen)

Please ask the Holy Spirit prayerfully for guidance, wisdom and understanding.
And especially since this is again a poem, where some sentences appear to be incomplete or grammatically juggled around.

Beginning of Prophecy

The cross is not the Pisa leaning tower
But it’s Yeshua’s blood and it’s cleaning power

Yes, those who carry it in the world they look like fools
but to Me they’re heroes, extraordinary amazing tools

They bring My life in midst of death
Where some accept it, just before their final breath

Others reject the cross right from beginning til the end
but also they, one day have their knees before me bend

Painfully it will be for those who constantly reject
While those who love Me I will eternally protect

The clock strikes full, the final and last hour
Where the wicked again built another tower

They always desire to be much higher than Me
While oppressing other people so they can’t be free
Though what they do is just to shoot into their own knee
When one day try to hide into their bunkers they will flee

Against all others not of love or adoration but in sadistic joy
In brutality abuse the children like a plastic toy

Soon their time comes to an end I guarantee
No more songs you hear of them of blasphemy

Sooner than you think it all will come
Sadly many to destruction, resurrection just for some

If you don’t turn from sin and evil right away today
Tomorrow you may find yourself in a world of dusty gray

No light, no life, no love, nothing delightful anymore
When I take My bride and close the door

The wicked will rejoice when this comes
So they can force all people to the death-beat of their drums

A mark, a sign to number all the people
Yes, many voluntarily signed up, already, the sheeple

The hour is late, the sun now soon will set
And many to be squeezed into a tight corset

Slowly the cross will fade for those who joined the mark
Their minds so blurred for My redemption, entirely deep dark

Come out of here come out of her My people
Babylon once strong and alive will become pure feeble

In one hour she will end like as Damascus rubble
Those who hang on her shall face not only trouble

Death will kiss the ground that once to Me was dedicated
But generations pissed upon, today so utterly is desecrated

I wish they all would turn away, again back to My cross
But they tossed it and made wickedness to be their boss

Not much time is left until you see arise in it, dark smoke
Everything My prophets spoke will come to pass, it’s not a joke

It has to come as foretold and now we’re here
All My words are true I’ll make it very clear

Not one single jot or a little tiny tittle from Torah shall pass away
My will be done where all shall see My great and glorious day

End of Prophecy

Revelation 18
Matthew 7:14
Revelation 13:16-17, 14:9
Jeremiah 51:44-45, Revelation 18:4
Romans 1:28
Isaiah 17:1
2 Samuel 7:28, Revelation 19:9, 21:5
Matthew 5:18
Ezekiel 12:28, Matthew 6:10

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