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Word/ Poetry 2023-01-29 Yeshuas pain

Prophetic Word (poem), given on 2023-01-29 7:00pm

When I received this word I had for a split second a strange pain, where possibly Yeshua let me feel how He feels when he looks upon this world.
Out of this pain He gave me these words.

Please ask the Holy Spirit for insight and understanding as again this is in a poetic form where some sentences are a bit jumbled and incomplete with metaphorical elements included.
Also it flips somehow back and forth in the subjects.

Beginning of Prophecy:

Do you know the pain
When people take My name in vain

I cry, I plead, I pray and mourn
For every child be murdered before it is born

The tears are rolling down from my eyes
As so many do not want to know I paid the price

My word went out from the beginning
But men kept going on in wickedness and sinning

Further and further they are drifting away
From My ways of truth, everything I say

Down, down, deep down into the pit
Not knowing how it is there, not just a little bit

Horror and terror in the great big tribulation
Is not more than a children’s birthday sensation

Compared to the fire of eternal hell below
A place, that expands over and over in it’s glow

Until that day it will cough out some ashes
With the sound of giant’s teeth that gnashes

My heart is broken to watch it all
How sin grew so quickly after Adams fall

But I will not tolerate this much longer
The devil knows that My arm is stronger

Out of My mouth just a gentle breath
Marks the beginning of life and death

Yet My desire to see more people coming to Me
Moved the end of this age by My word, My decree

Breaking, shaking and the end will come
The world is already a filthy slum

Worse today as back in Noachs time
So many places filled with hate and crime

Corruption deep in the hearts of men
Soon you won’t see anymore Big Ben

Rotten the minds of men in all nations
Synchronized by the 5 diabolic stations

The little light of My beloved will soon disappear
And then the rocks will tremble, people in fear

That fear will not turn many in fear to Me
But move their worship for the beast rising out of the sea

Those left behind will not be glad
But they will realize why I was so sad

Year after year I warned them to repent
Of open and hidden sin through My prophets I sent

But tickling of ears was mostly their choice
And listening to a pleasant prosperity voice

The rich young man did not sell for the poor
I heard him later knocking in vain at My door

Too late, too late I said to him
Not only for him, but also for Me it’s a grim

My people, wake up before it’s too late
The harder it gets the longer you wait

If you don’t repent like never before
Your house of sand will be washed away to the shore

The shore of destruction will come very quick
To look at this makes my heart so sick

The wicked already have their ticket signed
But I want you My beloved not to be so foolish and blind

Time is running out, faster and faster
Hold on to Me your Savior and Master

End of Prophecy/ Poetry.

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